Chapter 6

I dressed up just like my sister wanted me to. It was a simple lavender gown with embedded stones and jewels that could only be found in the Aiglean land. My high-heeled shoes shined because of the jewels that were embedded on them as well. They glittered whenever the light touched them. I did look good for a change, compared to my usual attire.

My sister, on the other hand, looked like a princess in her gown tonight. Her hair was caught in a high bun, with curly strands that were left hanging, which framed her beautiful face. It was even more pronounced by the dark makeup she had on, which she did on her own. She was pretty adept on that department, unlike me.

She made every Aryan turn his or her head in her direction just to admire her beauty as we walked on. We trudged side by side and were greeted by our fellow guests. There were already the familiar and unfamiliar faces present there. But it was noticeable that there were more unfamiliar faces that stared at us, especially my sister.

The house was more beautiful than any ordinary days. It was decorated with different kinds of twinkling lights that were floating in the air, fresh flowers, and other kinds of decors that were created by Oleifa herself. She was known as the best decorator in the Aiglean land.

Oleifa’s daughter Zulika was just married to Daraton, a being from another tribe called Nazia, in the west. As it was, the Aryan world was originally divided into three tribes: the Aigleana in the east, Indi in the north and south, and Nazia in the west. However, Indi was divided into two because of the King. The north was now composed of the rebels they called themselves as Furezos, members of the Furez tribe. They were fierce warriors, just like the Elite Aryan warriors.

Zulika worked in the palace as a maid. I heard that she stopped going there when my mother died a few months ago. And she met her husband—in the palace while working there—who is a soldier of the Elite Aryan Army. I heard that he was just promoted as a battalion commander. He must have had pleased the King or anyone with influential status at that. Nonetheless, it was not easy to please the warmonger. The politics was quite a bad and dirty game in our world ever since the King sat on the throne. But I tend to join a rank in the army.

For one reason.

Almost all the male Aryans’ dream was to become an elite warrior in the Aryan Army. And ever since my mother passed away, it became my dream to be one of them. I just knew that I’d be one of them once I participated in the Banatan, which wasn’t so far from now. My blood zinged at the near prospect of standing on the ring, with the King as one of the audience.

‘You wait for me, Aryan King. It will not be long and we’ll see each other again.’

It may be unconventional for this upcoming Banatan, as no woman was ever admitted to the Elite Aryan Army in the history of the Aryan world. Well, in reality, it was unheard of that no woman was ever interested in joining the army. But I was determined to do what I planned to do just to catch my mother’s murderer. I already had a suspect in my mind.

At the wedding, different kinds of drinks and different kinds of dishes were served. The fruit wine was superb and the saucy meat from kunijoh was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted! It was just too soft and it melted in my mouth with its sweet and goody aroma.

Everyone appeared to be so happy for the newlyweds. The ceremony was over when we got there, since it was only for the family to witness. That is how solemn Aryan weddings are, unlike the royal ones.

My sister and I had just offered our congratulations and our little gifts for the new couple, a handmade towel for the baby made by my sister and a baby pillow of velvety cloth filled with long-lasting flowers and young leaves that I made. It was a traditional Aiglean gesture that we are used to whenever there is a wedding. All the gifts are for the baby that the couple would have in the near future.

A few dots later, my sister was taken by Zulika who wanted to introduce her to a young being we’d never seen before. So I left them and amused myself by sitting on a bench outside the house, watching the delightful twinkling lights that turned into different colors in every passing moment. One moment they were in alternate blue and red, the next, they were orange and white, then gold and green.

The laughter and chatting seemed far away from me now. It was a happy occasion, so it was naturally a kind of light mood in the atmosphere.

I crossed my legs and ignored Ponpon’s wiggling head that wanted to peer outside my gown. Yes, I always carry him around even though I wear a dress. I heard him groan with frustration when he couldn’t see anything.

“This is unfair!” he grumbled with a hoarse voice. However, I ignored him. As usual. There was no use debating with him. How could I get to show him in this happy occasion? That would mean trouble!

“Enjoying yourself alone out here?” I heard that familiar voice again.

My heart suddenly stopped beating at the sound of his baritone and husky voice. Then it drummed so fast inside my rib cage. It was as if my heart would break my bones to get out. Funny. It was all so weird to me to feel something like this for this stranger.

I slowly turned my head to look behind me, and there he was. He was standing with his hands in his pants’ front pockets. His sexy green eyes looked dark and hazy as he stared at my beautiful bare face.

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