Chapter 12

I swallowed hard. I did not want to accept my father’s words. But I knew that I had to, whether I liked it or not.

The stranger’s face unexpectedly appeared in my reverie all of a sudden. My brows furrowed. It was because my father could see him in my thoughts, too. Everything from reality to my deepest dreams and desires, my father could see it. Nothing could be hidden from him.

And I wasn’t wrong. My father smiled knowingly at me. His blue lips were torn from ear to ear. He was giving me that teasing look now, which made my cheeks go red.

“Now, that unique being is quite interesting, my daughter,” he remarked.

“Oh, Father! He just annoys me…” I frowned at him. Frustration was written all over my face.

“You’re still in self-denial but I understand.” He smiled at me knowingly, still. I hated that smile of his. I couldn’t wipe it off from his face!

Yes, I really I hated it when he does that. It was so unfair! My father knew everything that I didn

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