Chapter 15

10 months later

Weeks turned into months, and the Hotel was nearly unrecognizable. It was just four rogue women and three babies doing what I thought was impossible when we started. At times we saw no end in sight, and all of us wanted to give up. Fix one thing, find another issue, yet we managed it. We had four days before the health and safety inspector came out to check our progress, the first time he came out. He gave us a list of issues and snorted his laugh at us when we told him it was only us fixing it up. He shook his head and said it was impossible and that the place should be bulldozed. 

Nearly a year had passed, in that time, we had fixed all the hotel rooms into immaculate rooms that simply matched or surpassed the other Hotels in the City. Macey and I went hotel shopping, as we called it, and sussed out the other Hotels in the City.

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Her dad is evil and for I to act like ur daughter & grandchild don’t exist is a disgrace. And for her own mother or sister not to even try to sneak & call her sometimes is crazy they r just as bad as the dad!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t understand y he can’t figure out that the girl in the fairy suite is his mate cus he have to think of her just to get a hard on
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Jent Stephens
that's cruzy dad need to get over hemself

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