Chapter 17

A week later,

Alpha Kalen, Valarie’s mate, stood across from me as we watched her get lowered into the ground at the rogue cemetery. Zoe and Macey stood beside me, and Macey’s mother watched our kids at the Hotel for us. Four people and the tow truck driver were the only people who attended and her lawyer. I tried my best not to look at the man responsible for her death. 

We all spoke, sharing our stories with Valarie; her mate said nothing and remained silent. I wondered what he was thinking. Did he hate himself as much as I hated him? To do this to such a wonderful woman angered me. The coroner said she died from organ failure caused by the mate bond; there were no other health issues or any explanations.

 It pissed me off that he was healthy and alive because he was an Alpha an


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Good story and content
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Ziyanda Zee Hela
love and enjoy the book
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Kimberly Hammer Hosack
I couldn’t put it down. Just want her to find and be with Valen.

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