Chapter 137

Valen POV

I had Zoe drop Valarian to the hospital. I smile when I see her car pull into the parking lot. While she parks the car, I make my way over to her before opening the back door. Unclipping his seatbelt, he hops out of the car excitedly, wanting to see his sisters. He brought the plushies he helped pick out with him. Yet as I glanced in the car, Taylor and Casey were both in their car seats which I thought was a little odd. It was pretty late at night.

"Where are Marcus and Macey? Also, have you heard from my father?" I ask Zoe, who chews her lip nervously.

Zoe glances in the back at the girls before climbing out of the car and ushering me to the rear of the vehicle. Valarian climbs up onto the hood of the car and waits for me while clutching the blue and green plushies; Zoe glances at him as if to make sure he is out of earshot.

"John returned home with Ava," Zoe whispers, and I blink at her dumbfounded because nobody told me Ava was found or handed back. Why had no one told
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Mary Quackenbush
Tatum absolutely loves her
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shena deering
they are dogs they age faster just like the way she feeds and cuddles her babies. they have dog like habits but subhuman forms
goodnovel comment avatar
Jazzy Goat
yes..thought same..also all was stated only male decedent's have amber eyes as well

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