Chapter 138

Kalen POV

"What did he say?" I ask Marcus as he hangs up the phone. I start unraveling the new map we bought from the gas station on the hood of the car.

"He is sending scouts and is on his way," Marcus tells me as we look over the maps with only a flashlight for light. We were trying to find some trails. We knew roughly where she was, but the forest was so dense that navigating through unfamiliar terrain even for us could end up with us becoming lost or walking straight past her without seeing her.

The signal was only weak and kept blinking out. So while we waited for Valen to send some men, we searched over different maps trying to find any sort of trail. John was walking along the forest edge, trying to pick up any tracks or scents, so we were at a standstill for now. We needed help.

No doubt my son would be furious with us, yet we were hoping to have found and brought her back before he found out. Yet when the hours ticked by and we found nothing and the day came and gone and

Those asking why Macey story is through it and when it will get back to Everly, there is only a couple of chapters left before it goes back to Valen and Everly, Macey's story is essential for what happens with Nixon! I can't very well bring Nixon back randomly, it's so you get what is going with the forsaken, Nixon, etc. There is a reason for it. Also no I am not glazing over the children either for those asking, I won't be time jumping to them grown so you will get to see Valen be a father, etc. Also the reopening of the hotel and their wedding etc. New chapter tomorrow.

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Kara Jones-Muir
I've loved this the fact each character is explored more, would not be as great if directed entirely at everly and valen. can't wait to carry on reading x
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Also you have no explaining to do I love how you care about your readers but your an amazing author and if people are willing to read your book they have to trust you as an artist that everything is for a reason and if they are this far in they should know by now everything is connected !! Xx
goodnovel comment avatar
I love this book not been able to put it down since I started 24 hours ago it’s amazing and I love how there is so much going on it takes a lot for a book to keep me interested but it’s never boring I love the plot twists and the constant suspension! ......I don’t care how much money it’s costed x

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