Chapter 145

Everly POV


The two of us had pretty much settled into a routine by this point. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. As a result, the laws against rogues have been removed completely. Though the hotel had a plumbing hiccup, and still wasn’t open. Valen was currently going to deal with that while I was at my dress fitting.

He was meeting me afterward so we could go grocery shopping. We had finally moved into the packhouse, and the extra room was welcomed. Dad and Ava were currently living with us to help with the girls, but today Dad and Kalen were stuck helping Valen today. They were also now head of the council, which was also taking up most of the time during the day.

Clarke pleaded guilty to his charges along with the others, and they were now rotting away in prison cells. Yet we still had no idea where Nixon was, and despite watching his wife, she never left the house, or if she did, she never left her old pack territory.

"Valarian, can you pass Evelyn her dummy?
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goodnovel comment avatar
Woah, was waiting for Nixon to do something stupid…well done Valerian, oh and Amber too
goodnovel comment avatar
Amazing writing! Talent is a delightful surprise every corner!!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Wait for the shop assistant might be involved in the ambush? And wow Amber surprised me! As for Nixon and his wife, they really need to die very slow and very painful deaths grrr

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