Bonus Chapter 5

As I walked back down to the barbecue, I felt like I was doing a goddamn walk of shame. After the adventure that shoe shredder of a half dog pulled me into, this sure felt like one of the most embarrassing things I had experienced.

Not to mention the fact that the new Alpha’s son saw me butt naked, so did the Alpha, but at least he didn’t say anything. The little guy, oh yeah, he went full on and pointed at me with his finger just to tell his dad he could see my breasts. I was sure he had already told the story to the entire party, which, by no means, made me feel any better.

Yet, as I joined everyone, Alpha Lee seemed to have forgotten his introduction to the Packhouse. Valerian and his son became quick friends. Way faster than I imagined, but that made me feel a little better about everything.

As I scanned the crowd, I noticed that Taylor and Casey also seemed to get along with Sam pretty well, and the boy didn’t seem to be traumatized by meeting my breasts before he got the chan
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Pamela Oliver
Maybe Ava can be Alpha Lee's second chance mate Valen would have to take that car back because no more babies
goodnovel comment avatar
Raymona Aleck
He should respect that her FEELINGS on having more kids is not her idea! This guys is an ass
goodnovel comment avatar
Raymona Aleck
If I was her I told him , I’m gonna let the kids know I didn’t wanna have them!

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