Bonus Chapter 6

Later that night.

I knew from the beginning that it was a bad idea to agree to Valen’s deal, although I knew without a doubt he would not be letting me get out of it. I had started it myself, of course, by saying I wanted a damn Ferrari if he wanted a baby. I underestimated him and his eagerness. He had laughed at me, and said he would take the puppy. I thought that would be the end of it. Apparently not!

“How about some fish?” I offered and Valen smirked. “Not a chance, you’re paying up!” he purred as he climbed onto the bed. “A guinea pig?” I asked. “Not a chance. You’re not getting out of it.” he growled, nipping at my thighs as he crawled up my body. He pushed my night dress up, then kisses my stomach. “I am filling this womb, a deal is a deal.” he growled, nipping at my flesh.

“You got a Frankie!” I retort. “And now a warm womb to house another pup!” he chuckles.

“That double-dipping!” I snap.

“No, but I don’t mind double-dipping tonight to ensure you a filled with my seed.” he l
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Pamela Oliver
What an awesome and amazing story
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Ashley Gwin
Loved reading more it just sucks you in .
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Brans Mee
I didn’t know there were bonus chapters! I finished this book when it ended. I was so excited! Amazing book!
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