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The day CARL BRADFORD offered me the contract: "These are the laid-down rules; Rule Number One: You are not allowed to fall in love with me. Rule Number Two: You are not allowed to kiss or hug me, except if I want to, just to convince my father, which I wish will never happen." He didn't bother to hide the disgust on his face when he made the last statement. "Rule Number Three: No one is allowed to know about this contract, not even my brother. This is strictly between I, you, and my P.A. Is that clear?" I nodded nervously, wondering if it was the right decision as I clutched my stomach. This guy was unbelievable, and so full of himself, like he rules the world, and could destroy it with the snap of his finger. "You will get paid monthly as long as we don't get caught, for a year. If you want to ever opt out from this, get ready to pay me back." He said firmly. How on earth am I going to survive with this menace for 365 days? I inhaled deeply, and forced a smile at him. "I should get back to my boss, Daniel". His face twisted into a frown when I mentioned his brother's name. No one needed to tell me, that they were sworn enemies who will forever hate each other until one step downs, or preferable, dies.

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I felt the whole world crumbled at my feet when Nurse Kim walked up to me with the news of my pregnancy.The smile she had earlier on her face was all gone and her face looked so pale.I braced myself for the worst news when I saw her approach me but yet, I wasn't prepared for it."Khloe, the result is out and it's positive" her eyes looked red and scary.The room was rotating, my vision became blur. I pinched my right arm hoping to wake up from this nightmare.I am just fucking 19! still living with my mum.My mum always worked her ass off inorder to send me to the best college. Mum wanted me to be a surgeon, a great lady that no man will ever treat badly like the way dad treated her.How am I going to face her?My hands were so shaky. I stared at my legs and watched how sweaty they were despite how cold the room was.I couldn't even look at Nurse Kim, who was clearly disappointed in me.She was my bestfriend despite the age difference. Mum gave birth to me in the hospital Nurse Kim
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"Didn't your nurse just check up on me few minutes ago? Don't you guys share reports?" I replied in a rude way, getting pissed.Surprisingly, the doctor didn't respond in the same manner. Instead he was more gentle. Why was everyone acting so nice to me here? strange!"The young man who brought you asked me to give you this card. His phone number is written right there."Doctor Bryan handed a white card over to me. I took it and stared at it. it was actually a simple card with just a phone number written. Something baffled me."Why is everything white here?" I asked doctor Bryan.To be honest, I have never seen a hospital this white and sparkling, maybe because of the local hospitals I have been used to. I could swear this hospital was for only the elite group.Doctor Bryan had a bright smile on his face, just like his nurse."Because it's the color"Wow, he replied. That was meant to be a rhetorical question. Maybe everyone here, is just nice.I tried to recall the last face I saw be
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Carl Bradford stood in front of his dressing mirror with his personal wardrobe assistant, Nate by his side. Nate was dressed in a white shirt, a collar tie placed around her neck region, and a skimpy pencil skirt. Her outfit was well tailored and ironed. On her wrist, was a golden wristwatch, gifted to her by her boss, Mr. Carl. She had on a Brazilian hair, well brushed. Her nails were polished white, and her black leather shoe, glittered."How do I look Nate?" Carl asked his P.W.A"You look perfectly gorgeous. This outfit matches the occasion. My lady will definitely trip over you once she sights you."Carl, being in his mid 20's and his p. w. a, in her early 30's. Ever since she started working with him, he never saw her once as a worker but as a friend. She knew pretty well things happening in his life.Carl was dressed in a well tailored white suit, with a crisp white shirt, well stuck in. He touched his white silk tie, trying to adjust it properly. He wore an oxford leather shoe
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"Daphne, your daughter is too young for an abortion." "She is too young? When she was opening her legs for whoever, she didn't know that she is young? The same way she opened her legs, that's the same way, she will do that abortion. My words are final!" Mrs. Daphne said with tears."If you won't do it for her, I will find someone else." she addedAunt Kim was perplexed."Maybe you guys need a break from each other. I will take her with me." Kim said to her friend.***Aunt Kim walked up to me."You will have to stay with me for the meantime. Your mum isn't happy with you, and your presence here, won't help.""Wh..at ab..ou....t my ba..by" I stammered.Aunt Kim gave me a deep stare. it felt like, she welded a sharp knife right into my heart. I saw the burning rage in her eyes, and the broken trust.I really do hate myself at this moment."We'll keep it. Pack your things and let's leave"I didn't make a move and she understood."Stay put. I will do it for you."Aunt Kim understood me i
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The Wellingtons' escorted Carl Bradford and his father to the limousine, waiting outside. Bella leaned closer, and planted a kiss on Carl's cheek. Mr. Wellington, and Mr. Bradford exchanged glances, and communicated with their eyes."Look at them, love birds" Mr. Bradford commented with a huge smile.Carl couldn't remember when last his dad grinned this wild. Definitely making the old man proud this time around, he muttered to himself, while maintaining his smile. Carl's skin was so flawless, and his face was more than perfect.Still leaning on Carl, Bella whispered "I forgot to mention, you're really pretty. I know it's girly but I must use that phrase" She smiled. Her perfect dentition was appalling. The natural light radiated her beauty even more, which made Carl forget he was pissed at her few minutes ago."Thanks. I will see you soon" he bowed politely.Just then, Nate walked up to him, "Sir, you got a call." "Okay. Engage the person on the phone. I will be with you soon." Carl
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"It is obvious you don't want to say much about your date." Nate said to her boss, while neatly folding his suit, and placing them in the laundry box. Carl's face was blank, and frightening. "The laundromat will soon be here." Nate shivered, there was a different aura surrounding the atmosphere. It made her develop cold feet."That information wasn't needed. it's obviously not my business." he replied with a cold tone.Nate was taken aback, "please, excuse me." she bowed, and left.One thing Carl hated was scaring her. He didn't want to ever make her scared of him, but most times, he couldn't stop himself from emitting a demonic, and cold aura. He stood in front of his dressing mirror, and stared at his reflection. Carl reached up for his face, which looked pale, and burning red, yet still super cute. Sometimes, he wondered who he got his look from.He wasn't ready to get married, and even though he was, Bella would never be his choice. He needed more than just the physical appearanc
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The next day, Carl paid his father a visit in his room after having a sleepless night. His eyes were red, and barely out."Goodmorning, Dad""Hey, son. Come over." Mr. Williams gestured towards a chair. He slowly sipped his coffee, and poured some for his son."Take" his dad said, while handing the coffee mug over."Thanks, sir" Carl replied, as he reached out for the mug. He held it in his hands for minutes, staring blankly at it."Is something wrong? Why aren't you drinking up?" Mr. Williams asked."I don't like my coffee with cream" Carl replied with a smile. Mr. Williams didn't have much childhood memory with him, like Daniel. He knew zero to nothing things about his youngest son, and here he was, trying to know everything about him. He felt ashamed for a second, then smiled "I could ask them to add cream." He reached out to the bell alarm beside his table. "No, dad. You don't have to bother. I will have some, when I get to my room. I just came here to discuss something with you.
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"Weird. Why does he always act this way?" Collette said, immediately Mike left. "Maybe you guys need a day together to get used to each other." Royce chuckled, knowing fully well she won't buy that."I had rather slit my wrist than spend a day with him" she spluttered."Chill. it was just a harmless joke." He said. Royce's hands were placed on her thighs, and he moved them in a rhythmic pattern."Did you get so hot overnight?" he teased her, while smacking his lips."Let's say, I got this hot because of you" She traced her middle finger up to his chest, while biting her lower lips. "Oh, wow." he replied. Collette had a coy smile on her lips. She leaned in closer, and he could feel the pressure of her boobs on him."You know, I always wanted you, Royce" She said with a mischievous grin while twirling a strand of her hair. He wanted to say something, but it felt like her words got his tongue tied."I don't want you to date me. I just want a good sex from you." She said, still biting h
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"There is an opening, Khloe" Aunt Kim said excitingly, immediately she got home from work, and saw me sitting on the couch, with a plate of rice in-between my thighs, and a remote on my left hand. My gaze was fixed on the TV screen."Interesting" I mouthed, adjusting my position, in a way I could be directly focus on her direction."So, I got this call when I was at work, concerning an opening for the Bradfords' family.""Okay, what do they need?" I asked curiously."A personal assistant to the first son, Daniel!" Aunt Kim screamed in excitement."Who is this Bradford?""Wait, What? You haven't heard about the Bradfords'? Are you even living in this country?" Aunt Kim was obviously shocked. She hasn't met anyone who doesn't know about the Bradfords' family. "They are the richest, and most powerful family that holds a part of this country's wealth.""Interesting" I replied unhinged. Aunt Kim expected me to be happy, and eager to take the job. Everyone will kill to get a sight of the fa
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I arrived at the Bradfords' mansion, and was first received by a man, which I later found out his name. He stretched out his right hand for a shake. I couldn't help but notice his finely trimmed nails."My name is Stoner." He said, when I took his hand for the shake. Stoner smiled at me with a wild grin, and his scattered dentition. I didn't like anything about his physiques, starting from his way too big head, his tiny neck, which could snap at anytime, due to the load, he calls a head. His shoulders well oddly broad, and he could pass for an amoeba. I noticed his suit, the diamond pendant on his chain, and the name tag that read, 'Mr. Stoner Stephen. P.A to Mr. Williams Bradford.' To be honest, that was the only thing that made him look pleasant."...I have served this family for years now. I once served as the Chauffeur here, and presently...." I didn't notice he has being speaking since because I was focused on his shapeless features. His nose was another problem, so broad, big an
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