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"LOVE IS MAGIC." Not Just any magic, the most powerful magic of all. When we start falling in love, we can't stop ourselves from falling into the depths of Love. The same happens with Levi and Aurora. They weren't fated for each other but their true love for each other change their fate itself. Levi Wood is a Devil blessed with the face of an angel. Driven by a tragedy that has turned him into a very ruthless, dangerous, and unapologetic person. Aurora Bloom is such a kind of supernatural that is a threat to the other supernaturals. Season- 2 THERE IS NO LIMIT IN LOVE, LOVE IS INFINITE. And my love for her is more than wild. I can even sacrifice my life for her love and I can also sacrifice millions of lives to save that love. People can call it madness but I call it love. She's my passion. She belongs to me. She's mine. No one can separate us. For her, I can destroy the whole world. _Liam. LOVE IS THE MOST SACRED WORD IN THIS WORLD. AND COMPLEX TOO. Love is not visible and can't even touch it. Neither does it have a fragrance. It's just a feeling. A feeling that cannot be expressed in words, can only be felt. Loveless life feels like a piece of your heart is missing. And the missing piece of my heart is Liam. What is true love, I have learned from it. _Annastasia. Liam Wood, the powerful hybrid flying wolf, with unique powers. And he comes to know that his mate is none other than The Vampire Princess. Their bitter enemy's daughter. But he doesn't care about the clash between the two realms. What matters to him is that he loves her. But can they be together?

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255 Chapters
I stumbled on the ground, keeping my balance as I ran for my life. I can barely feel my feet since I've been running for a while in the woods. I heard the clamoring sound of those horrendous demons from behind that made my knees powerless.There are lots of demons that are chasing after me. They even hurt me. I'm nothing compared to them. They can slaughter me. My heart starts throbbing three times faster against my ribcage. And I felt short of breath. I need to halt and take a deep breath. But whenever I listen to that uproarious shrieking clamor of horrendous sound, my mind warns me not to stop.Something sharp Pierce the arch of my foot making me yelp in pain. But still, I didn't stop running.I can feel the wetness beneath my foot. And it's hurting. Ignoring my pain I kept running but suddenly I tripped over a branch and fell to the ground hard, hurting my elbow as well. Suddenly I felt someone's presence. Courageously I lifted my gaze and my heart stopped seeing the hideous fa
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AURORAI pass through the school corridor with my best friend, Sianna. Our class has ended and now we are heading back home. My steps halted when I watched my sister being surrounded by lots of boys. Some have come with a love letter. And some with gifts. She's known as a school belle. The perfect definition of beauty with a brain. Her moon shadow black soft wavy hair flowed freely down to her waist. She had an elegant personality. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she smiled brightly at the boys."See Rory, how lucky she is. She's getting so many gifts from the boys." Sianna squealed looking at Amy. "I wish I was like her." She said with a dreamy look."Keep dreaming." I chuckled. And she sends me a glare."You wait here. I'll go and bring her along with me. If it goes like this then we will reach home at night." Saying that I start walking to my sister's way."Amy, let's go. We're getting late. Mum told us to get home quickly today." I drag her holding her arms when
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AURORAI want an answer. Who the hell am I? Am I also a demon-like them? But I was different from him. His wings were black and like normal ones but mine is different. It's crimson red and has blades at the end of each feather. And about my face, it was also changing from one side. I don't know how it was looking. If Amy was conscious then she could have told me. But she was unconscious by then. I don't want to be a demon. A beast. Please tell me that I'm not a Demon. Only my mother can tell me what am I? And why so?"Who am I, Mom?" I asked in a serious tone looking sternly at her. "My daughter." I looked at her dumbly. "I'm serious Mom." Crossing my hands across my chest I spoke dead seriously. "So am i. Do you think I adopted you?" Raising her left brow she asked me."No. I didn't mean that way. It's…..""Ughh! It's so complicated." I rubbed my palms on my face feeling baffled. "You don't know what the hell happened today, Mom." Amy took part in our conversation. And I'm gl
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AURORA"Rory, please save me, Rory. Rory." Her bloodied hand touched my cheek."I want to live. Please save me." Her tear-filled eyes and shaking voice pierced my soul and my heart shattered. I felt suffocated. As if I'm dying.Suddenly everything turned black. Darkness falls all around me. Fear was increasing inside of me. Making me tremble. My whole body shuddered in horror. I tried to light up my palm but it didn't work. All of a sudden, a ray of light fell in front of me. And I noticed a figure in the darkness coming to the flashlight. It was a girl wearing a white gown. But her face was not visible to me until she stood in the middle of the light. It was Sianna. Staring at me with a bright smile. She was looking like an angel. Suddenly her face turned gloomy. Her eyes become moist all of a sudden."Why didn't you come to save me from him, Rory?" Her voice cracked and tears began flooding from her eyes."I hate you, Rory. I hate you." She said with a look of hatred while wee
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CHAPTER FOURLEVII squirm in my chair as my father, the Alpha King, tells me that I can't participate in the Alpha King battle if I can not find my Luna.WHAT THE HELL!!!"Dad, is this my fault that I haven't found my mate yet?" Getting up from my chair I yell in frustration."I know. I know, it's not your fault. But it's the rule. And I can't do anything about it." I sigh deeply. Yes, I know he can't do anything about it. But, what about me? Won't I get my mate ever? Now I wonder, has the moon goddess made my pair or not?"I think you should put more effort to find your mate. Or else there will be no chance for you to participate in the battle." Saying that he makes his way out of my office leaving me boiling in rage.I mind linking with my beta Rafael calling him to my office and he appears within two minutes."What's the matter, Levi?" I look over at him with my anger-filled eyes. I'm offended he would even ask that, does not he know why I called him at this late hour?Still, I
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CHAPTER FIVELEVI"Though you're good-looking, you're a beast. I can't be with you." She says, shaking her head innocently."Look, I'm only a mere human and don't have any power. What if someone tries to harm me." She gets worried and Anxiety is written all over her face. "I don't want to die so early. I'm just eighteen now. I didn't get my first kiss yet." She mumbles with her curled lips under her breath in a sad tone while looking down at her feet. However, because of my super-hearing power, I heard what she said.She looks up at me through her lashes."Please don't take me with you." She requests meekly while pouting.I find myself curious about her, and every now and then, I catch myself staring at her lips.I badly want to grab her and kiss her endlessly.No, no, no. I can't do this to her. I need to get a hold of me."Don't worry, I'll protect you. I won't let any harm come near to you and won't let anything happen to you." I watch how her face lights up in amusement."You…..
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CHAPTER -6 Why he's so romantic?
CHAPTER-SIXAURORAI watch his expression very keenly. When I ask him, does he also love Ella?Because I'm curious. I don't know whether he was involved in an affair or not. So I must go deep into this matter.A complete surprise was written all over his face, I think he didn't expect this from me.Well, sorry for that."Umm, I think you're not com……" His answers stop me from saying further."No, I have no feelings for her. I only consider her as my sister and best friend. Nothing else. There is nothing for you to worry about."I feel a wave of relief wash over me as he concedes that he doesn't love her. Still, it's a headache that I have a rival here.From her fake hospitality, I can certainly say that she doesn't like me at all. Notwithstanding, she holds up a fake appearance in front of him.Sly girl. She will be a tough competitor."That's good. Then, shall we start our discussion? You promised me, remember?" He lets out an exasperated sigh before sitting on the edge of the bed.
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CHAPTER-7 Greek God mate
CHAPTER-7AURORA"Who are you?" The condition of the girl gives a chill feeling all over my body.Because her situation is not very good. She looks badly injured. Her body is bruised, red, and blue. Blood is visible near her lips and her clothes are shredded. Her body is hanging with silver chains. When she looks up I notice tear marks on her face. There are some bruises visible on her face. That signifies how badly they have abused her.But why they are torturing her like this. What has she committed to receiving this type of punishment?"What are you?" Her voice shakes when she asks about me."It does not matter what I'm, what matters is why are you here in this situation?" I ask in a serious tone. "Please leave. If someone sees you here with me then you might get yourself in trouble. They will also capture you and torture you like me." Her voice cracks."They can not do anything to me. And don't worry I'll escort you from here." I say in an assuring way but she shakes her head ri
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CHAPTER -8 Exposed
AURORA BLOOMI only have one sibling. I'm their second child. And an unwanted child. My parents had me when Amy was only one year. They didn't plan to have me. When my Mom was pregnant with me, her husband, who is my father, abandoned us. And never come back. And I really hate him for that.I was raised solely by my Mom. Despite my father leaving us. My Mom had never spoken Ill of him. I never understood why he abandoned us? Because of me? But Mom loves him unconditionally. I had asked numerous times why Dad leaves us. But she never tells me the truth. Sometimes it makes me wonder what the reason behind his disappearance is? Why is he so mysterious?Why am I so cold right now? Am I dead? I sit straight up on the bed and open my eyes. I'm too confused right now, so I keep my head completely still and slowly move my eyes around the big master room. My gaze falls on a particular person who's sleeping on the couch in a very uncomfortable way.Then everything begins to clear to me how a
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CHAPTER-9 Predesigned Mate
AURORA BLOOM"Mate bond is the most important and sacred bond in the werewolf realm. All the Alpha have to obey the rule. They can't choose any other she-wolf or any other creature as their mate, rejecting their own mate." The middle lady who seems a very dangerous and evil type of person explains looking at me. Is this woman doubting me?"He can only be mated with the person whom Moon Goddess has chosen for him." The other lady who is seated on the right side speaks with a small smile. Panic bloomed in my chest and my muscles stiffen.Suddenly, Two people appear and stand beside us. One person is holding a strange thing and he places that thing on the table. It looks kinda fantasy and weird too."This is a sincerity stone. You both have to pass this test." The third one explains."What kind of test?" I could not stop myself anymore from asking her. "You both just need to drop your blood on this sincerity stone." The third lady gives my answer."If both of you are really the fated
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