After Divorce, I Became A Top Streamer!

After Divorce, I Became A Top Streamer!

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“How could you…” ah! My words dissolved into sobs, cruelly racking out of my throat. I was crumbling like a sandhill right before both of them. “HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT!? YOU LOVE ME, LOGAN! YOU LOVE ME!” “Where's it, Mother?” His voice was ice cold, sharp at the edges as he darted his gaze towards her. Where's what? “Right here!” She chimed. “I remembered to pick it up.” After which she immediately handed him a file in an envelope. “Here!” Logan slapped the document on the table before me with a loud bang that caused me to jump. “Sign it. And leave!” *** From the ashes of heartbreak, a new queen rises. Alaina Bloodrose, a victim of a brutal divorce by the only man she's wholeheartedly loved, kickstarts her streaming career. Concealed behind a mask and alias, she builds a new life as Queen of Dawn, determined to make the world bow to her feet after all the bullying she withstands for being a lowly Omega, cursed to bring only woe and ill-luck! Alaina navigates her newfound fame and the attention of her enigmatic boss, the Icy Alpha, she must confront the demons of her past and her ex husband, who reappears, unforgiven and relentless. But he isn't the only one who wants her back! Will she emerge victorious, or will the shadows of her double identity consume her?

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30 Chapters
001: The Night Of Nights.
ALAINA‘Please, moon goddess. Let this night be different!’ I cried desperately as I waited in the dark, softly sniffing the bottle of wine I'd prepared to complete this perfect mood. The scent danced into my nose and I felt it in my throat.The corners of my lips coiled up into a coy smile and I continued to gaze through the floor-to-ceiling window, at the exceptionally ripe moon. The perfect anniversary night! Life wasn't easy for a lowly wolf like me, especially one with such an awful past who ended up marrying the pack's Beta. Tonight was all I needed to make it count.The loud, earsplitting bang against the door was all I needed to know that tonight wasn't my night. Never was going to be. What was I thinking? I jumped to my feet with my heart leaped to my throat, thundering as though I'd seen a ghost.I hadn't seen one. My husband's arrival was enough terror!His arrival at nights like this was more than sufficient to drain all the blood from my body. Like clockwork, the bo
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002: Cracked From Within!
ALAINAAnother bang! Another hit!I just couldn't get enough today, could I? Fear made me trip over my feet as I rushed in the direction of the door. My mother-in-law was known for her lack of patience but this was very different, more aggressive and malicious and I knew seeing her would birth nothing but trouble. This was Logan's family house and I'd lived with her from day one of our marriage. I knew a lot of calamity was about to go down. I raced to the door with my heart in my mouth, scared to shit of what manners of insult those few minutes of stalling would earn me, but to my utmost surprise when I unlocked and pulled the door open my mother-in-law wasn't the only person standing there.Esmeralda?!My mouth fell open, forming a faltering ‘o’ and my chest ached like it was being squeezed by a pair of ice-cold arms. Why was she here?!Who brought her here? What-“Took you long enough!” My mother-in-law hissed as she snatched the door handle from me and pushed past me without c
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003: Suddenly A Divorcee: Sign. Restart.
ALAINA Sign it? “Sign the papers, Alaina, and leave my house immediately after!” His harsh voice caught me off guard. “I have to move on. We had a good run.” “A good run?” I repeated, choking on the bile in my throat. “Is that what it was to you? A good run?! Really?” How was he so cruel!? Was this really him? The man I married…? I was breaking apart before him, getting smitten to death by the memories of the past few years. The laughter! The tears! But he remained unfazed. “How could you, Logan!?” Esmeralda continued to snicker, as she clung closer to his side, while my mother-in-law sat on the couch and gawked like my pain was a TV show. Logan sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “Don't make this any more complicated! I do not love you so sign the papers and leave!” “BUT YOU MARRIED ME!” I screeched from the depth of my throat as I picked up the file and waved it in his face! “You married me!” “Because I could!” “What…?” Logan scoffed, his eyes darkening as he clos
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004: Becoming A Streamer.
ALAINA*ONE WEEK LATER*9:30 am.I woke up like a mummified corpse from a casket. Pretty sure I looked like one, too. My lids felt pretty heavy as I barely got any sleep. Today was my first ever live stream and the thought of it was etched in my head all night long! Even right now.With a swift movement, I was up steady on my feet. I tried to ignore the glimpse of my bird nest of hair in the mirror and pushed myself into Lorraine's room. Today was D-Day!The excitement pumped into my veins endlessly. I knocked once and let myself in. “Lorrie!” She was still coiled under her blanket like a fetus when I playfully yanked it off her. “Wake up, silly! It's timeee!”She stealthily stood up, yawning and stretching. “The day you become famous!” She screeched, though her voice was groggy and she instantly shuffled out of bed. I giggled because I didn't know whose hair looked worse. “It's a big day, my little celebrity.”That could be farfetched. I scrunched my nose. “All I'm trying to do is
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005: The Rise Of Dawn
*FLASHBACK* Alaina, Alpha Alexander wants you to clean up his room,” The head maid said to me as though she'd been dying to have the words drop and my heart leaped to my heart. I blinked repeatedly, my grip around the broom I was holding tightening as I looked up at her to ask, “Me?” “Do I need to tell you this in sign language?” She hissed. I knew any more defiance would cause a strike to my face so I retreated, skittering away from her and her fiery eyes as it replayed over and over again in my head that the Alpha wanted me to clean his room. Again! When does the torture end? I sighed, trying to embody the pain that gnawed my chest as I daintily made my way through the large, dark corridors, hoping I would bump into either him or Esmeralda. I wasn't even his personal maid so why was he being so cruel to me? Arriving at the door, I sucked my breath and lifted my hands to know. My knuckles rattled on the door, once but was met with silence. Today might be my lucky day. If
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006: "Pick A Bride, Xander!"
ALEXANDERThe laptop folded back into place after a gentle tap and the borders in my mind finally crashed down, resisting conformity. Now, I had to face it.I had to face my feelings. No one should think this way of a woman married to one's Beta and best friend, but I could help it, could I? Alaina. I tasted her name on my tongue and my mind relentlessly worked up vivid pictures of her.I see her in everything. “Oh shit!” This was exactly why I hadn't bothered to reach out, or even go to the wedding that second I witnessed Logan's proposal to her.That day was my hell, my personal unbecoming and I lost air, lost grasp of time when she jumped into his arms and accepted to be his bride. My confession might as well go to hell. Now, I'd see her again and those feelings, the ones I thought I'd successfully grown out of, were just buried.Her eyes were as vibrant as ever, the liveliest of greens with a kick of darkness in them, like she could pierce one's soul, and when she looked up at me
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ALAINA “Do you think Mr Pigsty would be watching today?” Lorraine cooed from behind me and I averted my gaze from the mirror, sparing her a quick glance before carefully placing the mascara back on the ceramic table. “Way to conclude they're a man,” I rolled my eyes, patting her hair before absentmindedly running a brush through it again. It couldn't possibly be a man, right? Though it might be, it shouldn't mean anything but chivalry. They were just nice enough to have gifted me that. And it was no big deal. Right? The corner of Lorraine's lips pulled upward in a smile and mischief reflected in her eyes. “Isn't that much obvious? Would you rather it's a woman then? I fear there's no fun in that.” My eyes flicked to the ticking clock on the wall, right above the borders of the window. I had ten minutes to be live. I smacked my lips, squinting a little. “What do you mean would I rather it's a woman? It's not different to me. Whoever they are, I'm just grateful for them an
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008: Call My Bluff
ALAINA What the hell? Gulping hard, I pulled closer to the laptop to see the digit and it stared right back at me. One zero. Then two zeros. Then three. Then- My eyes were heavy from being widened for too long and I tried to yell Lorraine's name, but the term, ‘cat got your tongue?’ had never been truer for me. Everything I wanted to say, or could say turned into dust in my headspace, and dollar notes might as well be ingrained in my pupils. “Pig…sty?” I called out absentmindedly though I was already off my channel. Was this…some kind of scheme? Was I going to get kidnapped soon? Trafficked!? I propped to my feet and yanked off the apron, spinning out of the room and in the direction of Lorraine's. She might have answers! That was a lot of money. TOO MUCH MONEY. Mr Anonymous had done it again and what the hell had I done to deserve eight fucking thousand bucks from someone who knew nothing about me? As much as I wanted to enjoy the moment, the terror had started to
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009: Change In Plans
The chill air surrounded me as I stepped into the lobby, my eyes scanned the area for Logan or Esmeralda. I'd left this division in his care a while ago, and because he'd already rejected Esmeralda, I didn't see a reason why their working together could be a problem.Until yesterday when I was informed that she was carrying his child! What madness was that? The receptionist leapt to her feet at the sight of me and her smile started to falter at the edges.“G-Good day, Alpha Alex-xander,” She stuttered, staring like she'd seen a ghost. Usually, the entirety of the staff was informed whenever I planned to visit.I'd never once made an impromptu appearance like this one, and if a secretary could react this way, I wonder what expressions I'd be reading off Logan. With a curt nod, I stepped into the elevator and found my way up to Logan's office.The hallway was quiet, unusually quiet for a manufacturing branch and one could almost hear a pin drop. I flicked my eyes to either side of the
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010: "You got the job."
ALAINA*TWELVE HOURS EARLIER*I looked like a completely homeless bum sitting before my computer with my feet endlessly tapping the edge of the table as I scanned through the website.My thumb was in my mouth and I'd nearly chewed off the entirety of my fingernail. The frustration was enough to turn my hair into spikes and I might just disappear into thin air at any moment.The realization glared at me in the eyes. I NEEDED TO FIND A JOB! “Why did you have to say that!?” I groaned, grabbing my face and patting little slaps to my lips since no one would do it for me.I ran my fingers through my hair as I remembered my conversation with the Pack's radio. It was nearly time for the Pack's monthly moonlight meeting, a feast for the elderlies, and undoubtedly, I'd be a trending topic!Ugh! That vain old woman. I was quite sure the moon goddess didn't want her quite yet, that was why she still roamed the corners of…. like a vengeful ghost!But that wasn't the point, was it?! I was the one
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