Alpha's Regret

Alpha's Regret

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Falsely accused of a crime she didn't commit, Stephanie is cast out and demoted to a slave by her mate Alpha Damien. the loss of one of her twins is the final straw and Stephanie runs away from the pack with the help of a man who claims to be her father. thrown into the world of CEOs and business, Stephanie must make a name for herself and when she is finally healing from her past, alpha Damien walks into her life and shamelessly pursues her.

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Christine Owings
23 chapters 6/16/24
2024-06-17 02:50:18
24 Chapters
Find your mate and live happily ever after they say.Catching sight of her mate, Alpha Damien, Stephanie felt her heart leap into her throat, and not for good reasons too.Truth be told, she cared about him probably more than she should, considering his horrendous ways with her... but he was her mate, and she was his Luna.He treated her like crap, a mere possession to use and discard as he pleased."Here you are; of what use are you to me" He barked on reaching herStephanie is taken aback by his words, his temper not so much. She would never do right by him no matter how hard she tried."Did you need something? What can I get you?" Stephanie asked in a low voice, pushing away the hurt creeping into her heartAlpha Damien hisses at her, his anger evident in the way he looks at her. He cursed softly at his father for insisting he get married to her. He had wanted another but his father and the moon goddess had other plans, now he had to settle for less.Without another word, he starte
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Stephanie sprawled on the floor as soon as he left. She gave in to the pain that enveloped her, her quiet sobs rocking her small frame.It was moments like this that she wished Alpha Damien had rejected her, it would have been a better fate for her. She felt more alone than ever even though she was married to her mate. In her loneliness, she yearned for a child, an heir for Alpha Damien but it was evident that hedid not want to have a child with her because he pulled out of her each time they had sex, except for today.*************NEXT DAYStephanie wakes up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. It was her favorite meal and somehow she knew the cook was making it especially for her. He seemed to have an intuitive mind of when she was down and needed a mood lift.She tidied up and decided to wear makeup. The bags under her eyes needed to be masked, she had not slept well last night. For some time now she tossed and turned her heart heavy with pain.As soon as the chef saw her he gave
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Sometimes your whole world turns upside down when you least expect it to. Even though I was officially mated and married to Alpha Damien, he continued having an affair with Ava, his girlfriend before we married.First, he kept it a secret after our marriage, But he later threw caution to the wind and showed off their relationship not minding how Stephanie felt. Stephanie being a soft-spoken and gentle-natured girl who wanted no trouble pretended as if she did not notice anything going on between them. The whole situation only made her yearn for a baby, with the hope that a child would bring them together and he might start to love and appreciate her more. But all efforts to get pregnant proved abortive and at worst Alpha Damien seemed not too keen to have a child with her.And now that his father was dead, she knew her fate was about to get worse unless there was a miracle.***************It had been two days since Mr. King died and no one in the pack had seen Alpha Damien, he had le
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"Thank the goddess for Ava," Alpha Damien sneered, his voice dripping with contempt. "I was foolishly blinded by your deceptive innocence, but she opened my eyes to the truth about you. You're nothing more than a gold-digging daughter of silver."Stephanie’s head shut up at Alpha Damien’s word, she should have known that Ava was behind this.Since her marriage to Alpha Damien, Ava has accused her of taking what belonged to her. But it was not Stephanie’s fault that the goddess chose her to be the mate to Alpha Damien and Luna of the Eclipse Pack. even though alpha Damien had prevented her from performing her duties as the Luna and instead appointed others to do tasks she could have easily done, she was still Luna although it was mostly by title.Stephanie wondered now if Ava was behind her not getting her full rights as Luna, if she was capable of making alpha Damien accuse her of killing his father then she must have done worse in the past.Stephanie could feel her fury building up,
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Alpha Damien ran from his office to Stephanie's room. He wanted to ensure that he hurt her more. Disbelief at her acceptance of his rejection while also rejecting him was a big blow to his ego.When he reached her room, he barged in and met Stephanie packing her bags. A part of him was distraught, especially his wolf who was against his rejection of their mate but Alpha Damien was too furious to act on his vulnerable side, he went to her and yanked the clothes off her hand and carelessly flung it across the room.Stephanie was too sad to respond to his behavior, she equally was not expecting him to come to her after his rejection and now he was throwing tantrums. She sighed and asked him if she had done something wrong, only to be met with more nastiness from him."Alpha Damien," Stephanie said, her voice filled with sadness, "did I... do something wrong?""You? Wrong?" he scoffed, his tone dripping with disdain. "You've done everything wrong, Stephanie. You've dared to reject me, to
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Chapter 006 “Here you are, sorry excuse of a woman. Little wonder the alpha kicked you out, you are all beauty, no character, and no worth. Useless, totally useless.” Stephanie had decided to take a break after working all morning. Since being demoted as a slave she has worked round the clock with little amount of food and more work. “You are a slave, slaves work and they have no choice.” the head of the omegas had told her when she complained of the back-breaking work she had to do. “It is women like you that cause so many problems for other women, you knew the Alpha and Ava were a couple but you had to break them up. Karma only paid you according to your deeds.” she scowled at Stephanie “I..” Stephanie tried to defend herself but stopped it was of no use trying to explain to someone whose mind was made up about you. “You can't even defend yourself because you know you are as guilty as sin, you appear innocent but you are as evil as they come.” she gave her a mean look and le
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Chapter 007 “The instruction is to make her as uncomfortable and as unwelcome as possible” Madam informed Liza and Kate, her proteges. Her voice was malicious as she spoke “I hate her guts and holier-than-thou attitude, I will ensure she never gets rest,” Lisa says, her face crumbling into a frown. "She is so lazy and clumsy, she thinks acting the way she does makes her graceful” Kate replies. “I just can't tolerate her” Madam smiles happy to have them do her bidding, personally, she had no problems with Stephanie and thought that her problems were a result of the jealousy others felt towards her, her proteges included. “Get going girls and remember no one must know about this,” she warned “I swear by my mother the secret is safe with me” Kate vowed "same here "Lisa added “For your sake and that of your family, you better not out me. You won't live to tell the story of the nemesis that would befall you all.” Madam sneers are eyes sending daggers that chilled the girls to t
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CHAPTER 008 “Thank you for everything Zita, I am forever indebted to you". Stephanie wraps her arms around her friend, her eyes tearing up as she speaks. Zita returned the hug, holding on to her a little longer. She knew behind the brave face was a woman shattered and broken."You're not alone, Stephanie. Remember that," Zita whispered back, silently cursing Alpha Damian for the pain he had inflicted. “I have to leave now,” Stephanie said and walks out of the hospital. She had spent a little longer than she expected and she knew Madam would be mad at her. But Stephanie was too overwhelmed with the feeling inside her. A baby was growing in her womb, something she had always wanted for so long, but yet her feelings were mixed, joy at the pregnancy, a sense of deep sadness for the rejection and the false accusations meted upon her by Alpha Damien. Lost in her thoughts, Stephanie found herself wandering towards the Alpha's mansion. Her steps faltered as she reached the familiar gate
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009Ava laughed hysterically as she watched Stephanie leave the mansion. Ignoring the sad looks from the maids, she made her way upstairs her heels echoing the floor."What happened?" Alpha Damien said as she entered the room "I heard shouting. Is everything alright?"Ava's eyes flickered with guilt, but she quickly composed herself, "Oh, it was nothing," she replied dismissively. "Just a clumsy maid who needed to be put in her place. I handled it, Alpha." A cunning smile curved her lips as she repliedAlpha Damien's brow furrowed. Deep down, he sensed that something was wrong, that Ava was not telling the truth. However, he was not in the mood to delve deeper.He sighed, choosing to believe Ava's words for the sake of his own peace of mind. "Alright, as long as it's taken care of," he murmured, a weariness creeping into his voice.Ava approached him, her movements were calculated and deliberate. She sat beside him on the bed, her fingers gently caressing his arm. "Don't worry, Alpha.
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Stephanie was confused and started panicking when she felt cramps and a slimy liquid around her vulva. As it slipped down her legs she noticed it was blood.“Blood.” She murmured. Something was definitely wrong and she had to go to the hospital. Without a second thought she started her journey to the hospital, all her concern for the baby growing in her womb. **********“Twins.” Dr Zita said to the shocked mother. “You are pregnant with twins Stephanie” she beamed as she moved the transducer over her stomach. “Look at the screen; those tiny things here are the legs of twin one and the other is for twin two, here is the hard and the fingers. Let me check the gender..oo, it's a boy. Twin one is a boy and the girl.” Excitement bubbled in the Doctor’s voice.Stephanie lay in the bed dumbfounded and scared “Twins.” Her mind screamed, “I will be a mother to twins.” she managed to say after she recovered from the initial shock. She shook her head in amazement from being scare
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