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Sharon an Omega had a deal to become a breeder to the ruthless Alpha who doesn't believe in love in exchange for her Dad's freedom, just when she thought she had a deal sealed she got kidnapped by an old high school mate "Lucas" who was jailed for ten years and outcast from her pack due to her false witness. Lucas is back for revenge while she already signed a deal to be a breeder to the ruthless alpha who is an enemy of Lucas, Things changed when she finds out she is mated to both Lucas and the ruthless Alpha Jake. Will Lucas Accept or reject or continue with his revenge? Will Jake accept Sharon and learn to love or will he only let her be his breeder? Will both enemies rival and be mates to Sharon or just leave her and fight each other?

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I step out of the cab after along session of pleading and Bargaining with Alpha Jake, For the sake of my dad, I have to become a breeder to Alpha Jake, some thing more like a surrogate, there is no contract binding me being a breeder but where can I even escape to with a ruthless Alpha like Jake, morever I have to stick to the plan so that my dad doesn’t rotten in jail at least becoming Alpha Jake’s breeder would lessen my dad’s jail term.When I step into our little compound and see every where so quiet, tears began to build up in my eyes but I did my best not to show the weakness in am Omega.Yes, I am an Omega , My name is Sheron Fields. I paused for a bit , I shut my eyes and sigh deeply before finally taking the few steps remaining to the door.I brought out the key from my purse then I put it into the door hole, I was going to open the door when I heard a male voice behind me. I quickly turn around and I was shocked at the face that met with mine.My hands trembled,I took few
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It was an incident that happened three years ago, my mom was dying, I needed lot of money to save her, I went to everyone that I thought could help but none of them was ready to help, I had to take up a bar work, when I explained to my boss, she only offer to help if I agree to have sex with one of her clients in exchange of money. I agreed, the man offered to have sex with me in mask, he would wear a mask while I will wear none, we had sex and he paid me the money. i returned to the hospital to my mom, I paid the money,they tried their best to save her but she still died. “ No , don’t do this to me,I am not what you think I am in that video, I did it to save my dying mom then” I said crying and that moment brought so many sad memories I am trying to forget. Which of the memories should I even think of? The memories of becoming a one night prostitute or the memories of getting pregnant and staying away from my pack or the memories of loosing that child to someone I don’t know which
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ears dripped down my face, I stood up and walk out of the room, he ask his men to give my purse that was taking from me when I was picked up. His guards were going to stop me but he told them to let me go.I walked out of Lucas’s mansion, I didn’t know how long it took me to walk out of the compound because my mind was filled with so many thoughts. I stopped the cab and order it to take me to Alpha Jake’s mansion.When I got out of the cab, my heart hit against my chest because I know how ruthless Jake is, I know he hates being turn down but I have to do this for the sake of my image and I need to save my dad.I walk through the twenty acres of land which Jake’s mansion sited on. When I got to the mansion I was led into his living room where he sat down with cigar in his hand.I stood in front of him shivering, he crossed his leg and puffs out his cigarette.He looked at me from head to toe and licks his lips, he stood up and move closer to me but I took few feet backward. He pauses a
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I slolwy move my hand down to her breast and kiss the mark on her nape, I caress her breast through her dress and a moan escape her lips. I smirk and look into her face, she has her eyes shut, she had her both lips folded into her mouth because she is trying not to moan out. She open her eyes and our eyes met, she quickly look away and tries to struggles herself out of my hand when I tighten my grip around her waist.“you don’t want this but I just made you shut your eyes with just my touch, lick my mark on you and you moan out”I said.“ Moan? Shut my eyes?! that must have just been a mistake, I rejected you and you rejected me which means we can go our separate ways” She said.“ Are you sure you rejected me on your terms or it’s the person who told you to come and reject my offer as my breeders orders?I asked in hush tone.“ That’s none of your business just let me go”she says and tears dripped down her face.I kissed her tears and held her two hands, I raise it above her head , I mo
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Annabel."Who is that? he asked."No one,I have to go" I said and quickly hang the call. I quickly dress up and pick my hand bag, Jake held my hand, he tightens his hand on my grip.“ Tell me the truth who is that? He asked.“ No one”I said.“ You spoke to someone just now on the phone and just after then you became worried, you are my mate, your worries should also be my worries” he said.“I rejected you” I said.“ I claim you and I want you, you have my mark on you already” He said.“That doesn’t compel me to remain your mate! Snapped at him.“I know, any ways my dear mate as from now on , I claim you as mine, you are mine and you remain mine and no one dare to claim you from me” He said. I try to struggle wrist out of his hand but it was too hard on my hand.“You are hurting me”I said struggling my wrist out of his hand. He removes his hand from mine and walks to the door , the next thing I heard is he turning the key at the door hole to lock the door.I rush towards the door, I h
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I called my men to follow me , I am not going to wait another minute before my enemy have anything to do with my mate.Quickly, I and my men pick our guns then we entered into the convoy then I tell one of my men to drive a machine that could pull down the gate and building, I don’t care what I have to go through to bring back my mate., I ordered them to drive straight to Lucas’s house. I kept blaming myself to have let her go. I held my hand in a fist till our car got in front of Lucas’s mansion.I ordered the machine to pull down wherever it could pull down maybe the walls or the gate and I ordered them to bring out their gun and shoot at his gate,I know this will alert him and he will come out to me even though he is fully guarded. The Machine pulled down part of the wall before his men could think of anything, the wall has been pulled down. My men started shooting, his men also began to shoot, there was Chaos and confusion, I walked through their midst shooting till I could get i
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“ I guess it’s your magic and not you” He said.“ it’s not your fault, all that matters now is how to control your dark magic” Jake says.“I just want to be alone,I just want to go,please help me save my father, I want you to help me get justice for my dad, I want to go away, I don’t want to hurt anyone” I said.“ Listen you won’t hurt anyone, let’s talk about helping you control your magic” he said.We were still talking about protecting my magic when some people burst into the mansion. They had gun in their hands, my mates brings out their guns,they didn’t leave my side while their men faces my mates men.” I said.Lucas quickly held my hand and take me into his office, he open a place on the floor of his office, I look down and there was staircase, he quickly went down and he stretched out his hand for me to come down, I look back to Jake, he nods his head that I should follow him, he help me down and Jake also came along, he pulls the cover over us. I looked at Jake who was about t
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I looked to my side and I forced to peel his hand of my laps but forced his hand to stay on my laps.“ I am so sorry” he says, I looked into his eyes and hissed.I tuck my fists under my armpits and scowl.Maybe I wanted a fight. But as I lean back in the leather seat, its cushions welcoming to my sore back and legs, exhaustion sets in. I don’t have the energy to fight. Maybe… maybe I just wanted to feel in control for a little while.You're okay," he says, his voice gentle.Jake reaches over and pats my thigh, and even that minimal touch does things to me, quiets the fight in me. I feel my wolf padding around within, settling like a dog against the arm of a couch. An undeniable connection binds us together now. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I'm too tired to parse the emotions.Unable to help myself, I glance in the rearview mirror and see that Asher has his gazes locked onto Jake and Lucas’s hand on my thigh. I feel my nipples harden, and draw in a shaky breath. I don’t kno
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LUCASI fall silent in his shadow. He knows, there’s no use hiding the fact. Tears prick my eyes as I struggle to bite back my emotions. “Tell me something, Lucas. How could you commit such wicked act to me and have peace?“ You made me loose my position? You made me an outcast?I tried to explain to you but you weren’t going to listen to me,I never assaulted that girl? She lied.I search her eyes and find a bud of empathy. “I am so sorry, I just wanted to save the girl, I found out when you were sentenced to ten years imprisonment that she only help to get the pack to your brother.”entry.” His lip curls. “And that includes staying away from the nerd.”He closes the space between us, and his lips find mine. It’s incredible how hard his lips are. How they seem to dominate me with so little effort. And how much I enjoy everything about them.This man makes me want dirty things” Do you know I searched for you but never find you” he said and pull me into his arms and said he is sorry, at
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Asher.Despite having woken up moments prior, Asha looks radiant beside the truck. Her platinum blonde hair captures the sun, like a crown of light. Her lithe figure draws one’s attention to its subtle and sultry curves, while the honey-brown eyes bewitch. At a distance, through the diner’s dirty window, these traits unite in the portrait of a beautiful young woman. Crass and casual, a smokescreen for a deeper emotional intelligence.It takes all my willpower to drag my gaze away from her, but I have a rare moment alone with Jake I don’t want to squander. As the controller of my fate, it behooves me to learn the way his mind thinks. He sits square-shouldered in the booth, alert, despite little hints of exhaustion peeking through. For example, the way he blinks with such intention, refusing his eyelids the opportunity to remind him how splendid a moment’s rest would feel.“Where are we headed?” I ask.His eyes snap to mine, and in them I find my answer. Confidential. Need-to-know basis
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