Before Me:Spin off of Billionaire's heart

Before Me:Spin off of Billionaire's heart

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Ireal Isabella Angelis- Young bubbly girl,full of life. The families joy, cherish by her family and friends. Straight A student,never breaks any rules. That is Until she sets her eyes on him. The man of her dreams. Who happened to be her History teacher. A forbidden man. Will her deepest secret be revealed to the world. ........... "Sir What are you doing?"I asked breathlessly. "I don't know Ireal. You make me so crazy. Tell me to stop , please"he mutters but I whimper in response. Before I know it he slams his lips to mine crossing the line we couldn't come back from.

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Love the drama...Just love it.. underrated book. Needs more hype.
2023-11-24 00:50:49
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Chapter 1
I hear the sound of my mom's heels clicking against the floor of my room.I knew she would come here after ignoring he shouts from the hallway.Yesterday's dinner party at my grandma's house wore me out completely. It was also the day of summer vacation.The sun shines bright on my face from my window and I groan.I turned to face the other side, wrapping the duvet of my body.But I was out of luck because my mom pulled it off my body and I whine."You need to get up Ireal. It is your first day of your final year and you don't want to be late"she says with a sigh."I know that but it is going to a normal day as usual. What is so special about senior year?"I whine as I sat up on the bed and rubbed my eyes tiredly."Senior year is fun. It is where you make memories that will last. Also Hunter has been blowing up your phone since morning" she tells me and helps me stand on my feet.She hands me my new iphone and I still throw it on my bed ignoring my best friend."Just ignore him,he is p
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Chapter 2
We entered the Great Hallway of Eastern View High,and it was crowded with students as usual.Although this is a private school,alot of children go here. It's almost as if it was a public school.The freshmen's are in a hurry, trying to locate their various class and homerooms.We walk down the hall and as usual you see all kinds of groups here,First the jocks,they think the own this school just because the play basketball. They are really annoying but my friends and I have to tolerate them since Hunter is part of the team and I used to date the captain. Joe Parker,he is a Jerk and thinks he owns the school.Hunter does their bro thing with them and excused himself as we continued to walk.Well he actually owns it,it belongs to his dad.Then there is the soccer jocks,also hot but not my type but I endure them since Azrael is part of women's soccer them.Then the snobby barbie dolls,lead by Whitney Moore,a snobby politician's daughter. She is full of plastic from head to toe and she
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Chapter 3
I run down the hallway muttering curses at Joe for wasting my time.Thank God Mrs. Perez came to my rescue,she is sweet old lady who works at the school's library.She is very found of me because I usually help her during the weekends after cheer practice.Fuck Joe for making me late.Now Mr. Harrison is going to mad at me. I really pray the rumors aren't true.I hope is a sweet man,who pardons teenagers for being late to Class.I let out a sigh of relief when I got the door of the classroom, only fifteen minutes later.I took a small peek into the room to see everyone's head buried into their ipads and the teacher reading from his.Eastern is modernized school, instead of text books,we use iPads, which has all our books installed on it.So no need to carry heavy textbooks.I let out a breathe,"You can do this Ireal. He is only a teacher,not a monster"I tell myself.With a shaky head I opened the door,the cold air from AC hits my face.All eyes suddenly turns to me including the teac
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Chapter 4
"I can't believe he made you read it Infront of the class. Who does that?"Hunter whispers to me as I pack my pencils into my bag.All I want to do right now is leave this class. I can't stay here,Mr. Harrison is at his desk typing into his lap top and his presence alone makes me nervous."Stop talking Hunter and let's go"Azrael snaps hitting the back of his head and I chuckle.We all have our after school activities to be in, we need to hurry.I grab my bag pack and throw it over my shoulder.We began to walk to door, and on our way we stopped to wish our teacher goodbye.In Eastern View High,it is a must to wish your teacher goodbye before leaving."Have a good evening sir"we all say in unison and waited for his response."Sure. You too"he mutters and glances at us for a second.I roll my eyes at his rudeness. Gosh! What is up his ass?."Miss Angelis,the next time you are in my class you wear stockings. I don't care what the rules says,you have to wear stockings. I am not interested
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Chapter 5
I woke up extra early today because I needed to work out before going to school. Thank God my dad has a home gym where we exercise.But I am always careful when I go there, because the last time I went there unannounced I was met with the most horrifying sight ever.My parents having sex on the floor. I remember passing out from shock. The image still remains in my mind.After working out,I took my shower and got dressed in my usual brown skirt with white shirt and jacket.I added stocking this time round and my black flats. I also packed my cheer uniform for after school.I went downstairs for breakfast,and packed some stuffs to eat when I get to school.I tend to get hungry anytime I get to class even tho I eat breakfast.I kissed my family good bye and got into my car driving away to school.I arrived at school thirty minutes before the bell rings,which gives me more time to eat my meal.I greedily shove the toast into my mouth and sipping my mom's delicious hot coco."Boo!"somebod
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Chapter 6
"All of you did very well but unfortunately there is only ten spot available at the moment. The squad has come to a decision so if your name is mentioned please see Hanna for your uniforms" I tell them.They all nod and wait in anticipation, I took the list from Luan and went back to them."The names are, Laurel, Paris, Nicole,Kelly, Madison, Meghan, Katherine,France,Kaycee and Chelsea. You made the squad, please move to the left for your uniforms"I tell the excited girls as they follow Hanna to the bench for their dress.I turn to face the rest of the girls with sullen faces."This isn't the end guys,my co captain and I have decided to not let you go. Rather let you guys train as subs. It isn't compulsory tho,you can choose to leave"I tell them.Three of the girls left and seven of them remain." as subs,you are going to train with us. You'll also get to wear the usual cheer dress but different color. So if you want to it,you can follow me,of not you can joined the others"I
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Chapter 7
Hunter dropped me off at the restaurant and I gave him my duffle bag to give to Azrael when he gets back.He is also meeting his supposed 'girlfriend' who attends North View High,our not so rival school.I checked my outfit one more time before walking to the entrance of the building.I see a man standing near the security guard,he is also wearing a coat so I can't really see the dress he was wearing.When I got a closer view I realized it was Denise.Oh he looks different in person. Not different in a bad way but in a good way.I walked up to him trying to calm down my nervousness."Hi"I say softly and he turns to me with a big smile."Hi"he says back and look at me from head to toe.My nervousness suddenly reached a different level."Gosh,you are more beautiful then I imagined. The picture didn't do you justice"he says and I let out a small chuckle."Shall we?"he asks and I nod taking his hands.We entered the building and the interior is very beautiful,the place is pitch dark and t
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Chapter 8
Monday mornings aren't my favorites, especially after spending my weekend binge watching movies till late in the evening.Mum came to wake me up as usual because I ignored my alarm.This is the second Monday of the week so we are wearing our other uniform.Black pants with blue shirt and blue black sweat shirt. Some wear black vest instead of sweat shirt.I was wearing the sweat shirt because the weather looks foggy today.I put my hair into a messy bun and did some mascara and peach lip gloss.I was good to go.I went downstairs for breakfast,after eating I kissed my family good bye and grabbed my before class meal.I got into my cleaned car and drove out of the house to school.I arrived some minutes before the school bell rings in order to eat my meal.Surprisingly I see Azrael and Hunter also sitting down both eating something in a wrapper.I parked my car in the student lot and walked towards them."Good morning my fellow classmates. How was your weekend"I say with a giggle sit
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Chapter 9
Detention is so boring.I am the only one in the room with my annoying tutor.I was still in my seat, sketching.I love to draw. I do it when I am free at home or during art club.Many of the painting at home belongs to me. My dad even sells some of them for me but I never go for the auction.I also use a different name,my pen name an abbreviation of my name,I.A.My mom says I have potentials and I could have a career in art.But I don't know. I still don't know what I want to do in college."Miss Angelis, please move forward. You are too far off"Mr. Harrison says getting my attention and I raised my head to meet his amazing grey eyes.I blush when he smiled at me. He freaking smiled.Is this man bipolar or something?He has different personalities. I nod,"Oh... okay sir"I stutter.I grabbed my bag from my chair and picked up my sketch pad from the table along with the many pencils and color pencils.I sat at the first seat in the middle row.I looked up again to see Mr. Harrison arr
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Chapter 10
It was time to mingle. I was talking to some of my friends from the football time but it was getting too overwhelming so I excused myself.I went to sit on the bleachers,all myself not far away from crowd tho.A few minutes later I felt a presence beside me and immediately a well know cologne filled my nostrils.I stiffen knowing who It was.What is he doing here?"Why aren't you socializing?"he asks"It was getting too crowded. What about you? You should be talking to teachers"I say looking up to meet his grey eyes again."Social gatherings aren't my thing"he simply answer and I nodded.There was silence which seemingly comfortable and awkward at the same time."You look beautiful by the way"he says and I blush.I have been called beautiful by a lot of people including my mom and dad, especially my dad but it sounds different coming from Mr. Harrison. Butterflies."You also don't look bad your"I tell him confidently and he laughs.Oh my goodness he has dimples.We begun to speak abou
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