Chapter 136


I patiently waited outside while Hayden came to me. As soon as he saw me, he hugged me tight.

"What's wrong?" He questioned, and I sniffled. I was deeply contemplating whether to tell him about Mason or not. How would he feel about it. I didn't know if it would make him feel insecure that I badly wanted to talk to Mason before leaving.

I had told him tomorrow, but if Mason doesn't let him speak to him, then I would not leave.

"I'm fine now."

He touched my cheeks and made me look at his face. "You don't look fine, Sarah, what happened?"

I sniffled. "I need to see Mason before we leave. I can't leave if I don't see him."

He brought his hands down from my cheek, and it made me think my words had an effect on him, or he wasn't happy. "Should I talk to him myself, he just…"

I shook my head in negation. "No, Hayden, you don't need to. Just give me some more time, I'll find a way myself."

He held my hand and nodded. "Let's go."

I followed him into the car. All through the ride, I d
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