Chapter 142


Hayden and I heard a loud scream. I instantly knew it was Becky and since we were still standing outside, I twisted the knob and opened the door only to meet Alejandro trying his best to calm her down.

"What happened?".

"You're lying! Tell me it's a fucking big lie! Tell me!" Becky repeatedly kept yelling and Alejandro wouldn't listen to me. Two nurses rushed in.

I was worried sick and scared at the same time. Something definitely must have happened for Becky to have acted this way.

About 5 minutes more of struggling, she slowly fell asleep after she was given sedatives, and it made me calm a bit. Alejandro refused to take an inch away from her.

"Tell me what happened to Becky." I demanded from him. His face was covered in tears already. I touched his shoulders.

"I told her the truth. I shouldn't have but I just thought she deserves to know. I thought it was the right time. Fuck!" He yelled.

"Calm down and talk to me."

"Your mother, she's dead." He said.

I felt my heart race wh
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