Chapter 137


I still went back to the mansion the next day. It was just like yesterday. No one wanted to give me an answer. Hayden had insisted on coming along with me, but I refused to let him come. I wanted to speak with Mason alone and make him understand I was grateful for ever knowing someone like him.

I was allowed in by one of his maids about 3 hours later when it was clear I wasn't going to leave if I didn't see him. I climbed up the stairs and headed straight for his room. The door was opened so I walked in.

It was empty like yesterday. There was no sign of Mason. I walked to the bed and saw another picture of myself on it. I heaved deeply and turned it around when I could feel it was wet.

"Mason, if you're in here, I need to speak with you. Please." I said, touching the bed spread with my second hand. The room was still silent and I guessed he was going to ignore me like he did yesterday. I rose up on my feet and attempted to walk out of the room, but I heard my name.

"Sarah." He
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