Chapter 140

A Few Days Later


"Do have a seat please." I said, outstretching my hand and pointing it towards one of the seats right in front of my table.

"You're welcome Mr Steven. How may I help you?"

I made an adjustment on my seat and folded my hands on my desk while I watched him clear his throat staring at me. I had it in mind what he wanted, and I wasn't going to easily agree.

"You've changed so much over the years, Sarah Lane." He said.

I guess he knew a lot about my father's dirty past, and he was trying to use it against me, or make me feel scared. He's also a CEO, and my father's rival. I bit my lower lips, and tightened my toes in my heels to feel a little pain.

"It's now Sarah Smith if you don't mind."

He nodded his head in agreement. "Great."

"I don't have all day to waste here. If you don't mind, can you state your reason for being here?"

"For now, my company is facing some real crisis, and I'll be needing your help. With your husband's company, you've been able to stand your
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