Chapter 03

Sarah's POV

As I was walking on the road a car zoomed past me splashing puddle water on my body, then I rushed in after the car yelling loudly and pouring curses on the driver. Just then I heard the horn of a car and my head snapped behind me.

The lights of the car were getting closer and the horn was about to make my ears explode but my legs were not moving a single inch at all.

What was the point?

Suddenly the blinding light turned off like a switch that had flicked, for a moment my whole body was numb then I could suddenly feel everything.

The pain gript my entire being when my eyelid peeled open, the metallic taste of blood was in my mouth and I could not even twitch a finger. The driver that had hit me only parked for a few seconds, then suddenly the door was flung open but then nobody stepped out. Suddenly the door slams shut again and the driver just zoomed past me.

When the hit and run driver abandoned me to my fate, I didn't even curse him... There was no point in my existence anymore, and whoever had been behind that wheel had helped me to finally end it all.

As my eyes were closing up again another car parked in front of me, and as the person was stepping out, my eyelids were too heavy to stay open making me finally closed them.

Now I could rest, instead of facing my problems.

“Honestly I don't think she's going to survive...”

Someone's voice penetrated my ears, is this some kind of dream? Was I still alive?!

“She will,”A firm, deep voice filtered into my ears.

“What makes you so sure sir?"

”Her ey-“

Suddenly his voice froze, then he continued speaking with the same smoothness.

” There's something I forgot at the office, I'll need to go and take care of it."

I heard footsteps that were soon concluded with the slamming of a door, I let out a little sigh of relief as they both le-

“How long are you going to pretend to be sleeping?"

I gasped.

I thought the man with the velvet voice had left, how could he possibly know that I wa-

” I can see your eyes twitching so your act isn't fooling me.“

Reculantly, but steadily I peeled my eyes to see a pair of sharp, icy ones gazing at me.

The owner of those icy blue eyes was a broad shoulder, tall male wearing a suit and a commanding aura around him.

”You've made me wait for quite a while, Sarah Lane.“

That was the moment that I met Hayden Smith.

I had heard about him, he was one the youngest CEOs in the country and also one of the most successful ones. But he had a very mysterious and dark reputation with all sorts of rumors always about him which initially made a lot of people reluctant to work with him, including my family, but yet he had still become a formidable force to deal with.

What interest does such a man have in me? a former heiress that had been tossed away like trash.I had wondered but he told me that he would only tell me what he wanted after I got better.

I had just laughed.

” What's so funny about what I said?"

He asked me in his usual calm confident tone.

“I'm not going to get better...”

“Don't worry about that, the medical facilities in this hospital are one of the best in the cou-”

“That's not what I mean..."

I had said cutting into his words as I turned my head on the pillow and slowly brought my fingers together two fold them on my stomach, my entire body was covered up with bandages.

” The doctors might be able to fix my broken bones and the cuts on my body but they can't heal the pain in my heart... So what's even the point of still living?"

I expected him to break into some kind of motivational speech, telling me that my life was too valuable to throw away or something like that.

“Ok then do you have a way of refunding the medical bills that I already paid for you?"

My eyes widened up like saucepans as I looked at him.

” I never asked you to bring me to the hospital in the first place, that was your choice! So don't blame me for wasting your time and money...“

I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks.

” Even if I sold everything I had now, I wouldn't be able to pay for painkillers, so you're not going to get anything out of helping me... I don't know how you know my name but my family has nothing to do with me anymore...“

My eyes fell to the floor.

” I'm nothing more than a worthless nobody now... nothing, what could I give you?"

He was silent for a while just scrutinizing me then he said.

“Well answering your previous question, you are actually quite more popular than you think, Sarah Lane, and that scandal with your sister and ex fiance has really gone around the business circles, so of course I would know about you...then on to you saying you can't do anything to repay me...”

His voice became lower.

“I'm afraid that isn't true at all... What if I told you there was a deal where you could repay me and get back at all the people who put you in this condition...?”

My curiosity peaked.

“What kind of deal is that?"

I could not help it that he had piqued my curiosity, and I wanted to know.

” It's quite simple actually and it will benefit both of us...“

He began to take slow, steady and powerful steps towards me. The air became thicker as he approached me and said.

”Marry me, Sarah Lane.“

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