Chapter 08


Eyes fixed on my laptop, my phone started binging like I was expecting it to.

"Greedy set of fools." I whispered, and picked up my phone.

"It's just like you expected sir, what should we do?"

I remained silent for a few seconds, thinking of what next to do.

"Make it false, and ensure the rest does the same as well." I replied, and hunged up the call immediately.

Staring back at my laptop, I could only think of one person. How was she? And most especially, how did she feel seeing her sister so suddenly.

My hands went to my phone again, but then I dropped it back. I should just concentrate and leave Sarah out of my mind.

But within 2 seconds, I found myself dialing her number.


The call ended immediately, when I pressed the red button, and one way or the other I fell back on the bed roughing my hair.

My eyes closed, it was opened back by the ringtone of my phone.

"Hell no."

I stared at it for a whole minutes before deciding to pick up the call.

Placing it on my ear, I he
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Swi Ty
Nice story
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Evelyn Tongson
nice story hope to read the full story
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how can I take a vote back especially due to basic grammar errors.

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