Chapter 16

Hayden's POV

"Now the second stage of your plan is finally drawing closer, congratulations man." Ray said to me.

I didn't look up at him or acknowledge his words, but I was indeed quite happy with the achievement I've made so far. I was getting closer to what I wanted, and that was the most important thing.

"But Hayden, don't you think you'll forever be hurting that lady if you do this?" Ray asked.

His question caught my attention, and made me look up at him,

"What do you mean Ray? You know how hard I've worked to come to this stage"

He adjusted properly on his seat,

"I know man, but don't you think with the trust she has for you, you'll be hitting her hard when the truth comes out, or when you no longer have use for her?"

I sighed, caring less for what he was saying.

"That's the purpose of a contract Ray. She's only needed till a certain stage, and besides she becomes a nobody to me the moment I help her with what she wants"

"But..." Ray wanted to speak further, but I stopped him.

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Nonny Wise
I love this story, super interesting

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