Chapter 17

Becky's POV..

A resounding slap landed on my face, and I fell down on my knees the next second.

My face turned as white as snow, and my tears dampened the corner of my eyes.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't disown you and blacklist your name from the family's registrar? Tell me once good reason why I shouldn't seize every property under your name?" My father asked.

Tears rolled down my eyes,

"I'm sorry father, please forgive me. It was a stupid mistake, and I should never have trusted them. I really thought it would help our company grow higher."

My mother who was behind him also had tears in her eyes. Just like me, she was pleading with my father to spare me this once.

"What the hell were you thinking Becky? Just a week with the company under your watch and you got duped of 10 billion dollars." My father yelled.

He took down his glasses, pacing to and fro. As I watched him, I was more worried about his health than what he was saying.

"Take it easy honey, you might get
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