Chapter 138


"Please." Alejandro whispered. I felt his fingers on my face. "Why don't you just get angry and scold me. You're making me feel so bad. You're making me feel I don't deserve someone like you. I feel so horrible already."

I tried to look away from him because I wanted to cry, but his fingers wouldn't let go of my face. Why does he have to be so perfect?

"I need some time to think about this, okay?" I said.

"Take all the time you want, Becky, I'll be waiting, but let's go back home. My daughter misses you so fucking much."

"What about Sarah?" I questioned.

"Ray told me he found her in Spain already."

"Spain? What the hell would she be doing there? Is she alright?"

"Yes, she's fine. She left, but everything's cool now. We're slowly becoming complete once again. It's you left Becky. We all need you back, and without you, it wouldn't be so perfect."

I stared at his eyes. Big cyan eyeballs. "I told you in the past that I need time to stay away from my past…"

I had not finished talk
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