Chapter 141


Hayden and I were still in bed.

"Aren't you going to the company?" I questioned him, but he just hummed, and turned around. I rubbed my eyes. "Hayden, don't be a lazy ass."

"I need to be at the company now."

I tried to stand on my feet, but Hayden pinned me to the bed again. I had only wanted him to look at me and stop closing his eyes.

"Stay with me today." He said, holding my waist so tight. I couldn't move even and inch forward. "Let go, Hayden, I got to go to work." I yelled, but he still wouldn't let go of me. Once I stop struggling, he grip around my waist loosened, and I heaved deeply turning around to face him.

"You wanna stare at my face all day?"

"I want you to be healthy Sarah, for our baby, and for me. You've been working too hard since you returned."

"The company needs me, Hayden."

"And so do I. The baby needs to stay healthy too."

"Are you more worried about the baby?"

"Both." He replied and I chuckled.

I suddenly stared at the ring on my finger. "You said you
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