Chapter 18

Sarah's POV

I stood at another corner, staring at nowhere in particular. I had taken another glass of wine when I left mine back on my table.

I despise myself for not retaliating to those annoying words of Clark, but again I felt it wasn't necessary to waste my saliva on him.

Still looking around, my eyes caught Hayden, and Mr Hidalgo still in a conversation, and I could tell Hayden was getting bored of his endless praises.

He had used those lips of his in sweet talking my father into favouring him, and now that my father's company was facing some difficulties, he wanted to divert to somewhere else.

Just when I wanted to divert my gaze to somewhere else, I saw a lady walk up to Hayden.

"Natasha." That's her name.

The arrogant daughter of Mr Hidalgo. They're practically the same people- green snakes.

My blood was boiling when I saw her smile in front of Hayden, and I could feel my head spinning as well.

I tried to comport myself not to act so foolish because I had no right to tell Hayd
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CHARMSTIDJA this FL have to be such a wet blanket? So tiresome for my taste can't stand weakling femmes

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