Chapter 15

Sarah's POV.

"Have a seat Mr Genaro." Hayden said, standing up and walking towards me. I was fuming, annoyed that of all the surprises he had in the world for me, it just had to be bringing Clark right in front of me.

"What is the meaning of this Hayden?" I questioned, when we were both standing outside. He hushed me, looking back again at the door to his office.

"I promise I wouldn't do anything without your permission right Sarah? But, if you knew Clark was coming over, then you wouldn't have the courage to face him." Hayden said.

Though he was right, but that still wasn't enough explanation to me.

"Your revenge starts here Sarah. The earlier you learn to look back at your ex even after the past, then the better for you and I. Now, the Genaro company are up to something, and I can feel it. This might just be the only chance you got." Hayden assured.

I had to take in a deep breath when I was done. I shouldn't be scared, afterall Clark wouldn't dare to hurt me. Even though he acts all
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Ibiso Kuhnlein
A bit Boring, so many scenes in one Chapter...
goodnovel comment avatar
Uerii Hijarunguru
can wait to read feedback
goodnovel comment avatar
still think she should let Hayden know what she overheard #Clark's dirty plans since their company investing together

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