Chapter 14

Our eyes didn't stop staring at each other when he broke the kiss. Not only I was stunned, but even I could see the shocked look on his face.

I guess he reacted without even realizing it, and maybe it was because he saw me in a frightened state. Our hands were still together, and we both ignore the gasps as well as the murmurs coming out from the mouth of those watching us.

I fluttered my brows, and let out a smile which I did regret giving because that brought back his attention. I wished we could remain that way for eternity, and that those eyes he had used to look out me would never vanish.

I love the racing of my heartbeat, it gave me joy to feel that little butterfly happily playing around my stomach. When I turned to face the press, I was no longer afraid. I no longer had that fear in my eyes and I could feel my legs so stern and rooted firmly to the ground.

Once Hayden and I were done with the press, we both turned to walk into the company. There were many reporters who wanted
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