Chapter 13

"What??" I asked, wondering what he meant by that, or if he knew what I did back in the hotel.

"Nothing, I know absolutely nothing." I replied, but my worst mistake was the fact that I didn't look shock when I heard Hayden Smith's name.

"You're lying to me Becky."

I could feel his heavy eyes on me as he spoke,

"I have my men watching your every movement, and so it's useless lying to me."

In a matter of seconds, he yanked my hair, pulling me back and grabbing my throat.

"Clark… please stop it." I cried, praying silently that he wouldn't strangle me to death. Fear was an entity in my eyes, and I knew Clark wasn't going to let me go that easily, at least not this time.

"Listen to me Becky." I heard his voice when he leaned closer to me, our eyes just an inch apart from each other, and his hot breath feeling my tensed breath as well

I nodded immediately because I was slowly becoming weak with the intensity of his grip on my neck.

He sneered, "Don't you ever, I mean ever do anything stupi
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