Chapter 07

"What?" I asked Kira, dumbfounded with what I had just heard now.

She smiled at me, nodding her head again to confirm that it was all true.

"How? I don't even understand."

"Mr Hayden gave the order, Mrs Sarah

" Kira replied.

I was still trying to process what I had just heard. Just how powerful was Hayden, and just how mysterious is he. One more important thing, why is he doing all this when he knows absolutely nothing about me.

I watched them all leave one after the other, and that was when I realized my sister was standing just a distance away from me.

The look on her face wasn't pleasing, and I was quick to guess she was quite surprised to see me in a stunning outfit as well as in the same shopping mall with her.

Part of my face was covered with a white handkerchief, and I wore a long black pop sock as well in order to cover part of my bruises, but I was sure Becky recognised me even with all that.

Feeling thankful that I left my crutches back in the car, I let out a smirk, startin
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Elliotte Johnson
Is she Sarah’s stepmom or mom?? SMH
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Tamera Smith
love the story
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yay no errors.

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