Chapter 11


I was really sure Clark heard it too, and because of that, he gave me a hard stare once his eyes caught Hayden.

"Let's see what you can do now." I said, boldly staring into his deep brown eyes this time.

"Listen to me Sarah." He whispered

"I really don't know how you got to know a man so powerful, but if any word spills out from your damn lips, then consider your sister dead the next second. I'm not the same Clark I used to be Sarah, right now I'm a big bad wolf who'll come after your entire family if you spill out anything."

My heart returned back to beating harder, and as he spoke, my words were caught in my throat.

"Good girl." He said to me, at the same time, patting my shoulders before walking away.

As I turned to stare at him walking away, I also saw Hayden walk past him.

Today definitely is the worst day of my life.

"Sarah, are you alright." I heard Hayden's voice as I tried coming back to my senses.

"Did he hurt you?" He said again

"Get your hands off me, and stay away f
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Linda le Roux
Awesome great book.

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