Bound by Moonlight: The Rejected Mate

Bound by Moonlight: The Rejected Mate

By:  Lily  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world where the line between human and werewolf blurs, Cza Georgianne Lewiston, a spirited and kind-hearted half-breed woman, finds herself entangled in the mystifying legacy of her werewolf family. Raised in privilege, her life takes an unexpected turn when a financial crisis threatens her family's real estate business. To save their livelihood, her father strikes an unthinkable deal with his werewolf best friend, Jackson – a marriage between Cza and Jackson's enigmatic and cold-hearted son, Conri Maximo Montenegro. Forced into this arranged union, Cza must navigate a tumultuous relationship with a man who denies their fated bond. As their world collides with vampires and a web of supernatural intrigue, Cza discovers her hidden werewolf abilities, unlocking a destiny she never imagined. Amidst secrets, rivalries, and a heartbreaking loss, she finds solace in Zeeb, Maximo's half-brother, whose kindness opens her heart to new possibilities. In the end, whose sides Cza's heart will beat? Now that she is already carrying Maximo's kid?

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6 Chapters
Chapter One
The pulsating music and flashing lights engulfed me as I danced with Heart inside the vibrant bar. Yet, beneath the façade of revelry, my heart remained heavy with the burden of an arranged marriage I never wanted. Maximo's rejection of our bond and his constant anger whenever I was near had left me disappointed and drained. I tried to please him, but it seemed like an insurmountable task."Cza, can you believe this night? It's like the universe conspired to give us the best party ever!"I suddenly giggled at what my best friend have told me while we are in the middle of the crowd. I brush my hand through my hair. "I know, right? What about we do this more often?" I kidded when I know to myself that the idea seem impossible. Tonight is just my impulsive escape from the new world I am currently in. Tomorrow, I will wake up with a heavy heart again, having no choice but to go home where my husband is. To where Maximo is. What could he be doing tonight? Probably he's home again, but cu
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Chapter Two
As the car pulled into the driveway, a heavy silence filled the air between Maximo and me. The ride back home had given me time to gather my thoughts and summon the courage to confront Maximo about this fucked up and strained relationship. I heavily sigh while looking in front of our dark porch and closed door. It's now or suffers forever, Cza. I face my husband but before I could even utter a word, he swiftly exited the car, slamming the door shut—leaving me speechless with my jaw dropped to the ground. What the hell?!He has the audacity to be the one to be angry? For what reason? I was the one being belittled by him, rejected and neglected, and now he's acting I have done something worst!I hurriedly get out of the car and called after him, but he paid me no heed, striding towards the house with determined steps."Maximo, let's talk!" I exclaimed, following closely behind, while my heart is pounding in my chest, unsure of how this conversation would unfold. Maximo never lay a
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Chapter Three
The knock on my door jolted me awake from my restless slumber. Groggily, I stumbled towards the door, my mind still fuzzy from the few hours of sleep I had managed to get. I slept almost four in the morning, sulking and crying and whoever the person behind the door was, I would surely break the leg.I am sure as hell that this could not be Maximo. That man hasn't been in my place.I am yawning while opening the door and met with the sight of Maximo standing there, dressed impeccably in his white suit, ready to face the day.My still sleepy and obviously puffy eyes grew big because of his sudden presence outside my room.And at this early hour?!Why are you excited, Cza Georgianne? A voice inside my head intervened which lead me back to my senses."Can you prepare breakfast?" That was a cold one, phew, but I am giving it to him.It's new! He doesn't ask me to cook for him. Why the sudden change of mood? Did he realize that he went overboard last night?Although his words were curt and
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Chapter Four
My heart raced as Maximo's voice from the other line seem to echo through the living room. Despite my trembling hands, I remain my composure to answer while my voice quivered as I called his name. His words were sharp, his tone colder than ever. It was clear he was angry, but I couldn't bring myself to care anymore. I had endured enough pain from the previous night, not to mention the indifference he have shown towards me earlier. I cooked for my husband and his mistress! Any person who is in the right mind would not do such a thing. How could they? "I said, where are you?" his question is demanding, his voice cutting through the silence between the lines. My eyes look around unable to answer him. I hesitated, unsure of how to respond. My mind raced, a million thoughts colliding, but I found myself unable to form a coherent sentence. If I tell him where I am, he will go ballistic, I am certain. He could not know that I am inside Heart's place. He may cause huge trouble and I c
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Chapter Five
Maximo's arrival was like a storm ripping through the tranquility of Heart and Heath's place. I don't know how or when it happened, but the calmness of the place was disrupted when he suddenly arrived at the place. The force of his werewolf strength shattered the gate and splintered the wooden door, leaving chaos in his wake.I ran headed to the living room and saw him on the threshold, his eyes blazed with a fierce golden fire, his rage palpable and uncontainable. I felt a chill race down my spine, my heart pounding in a mixture of fear and dread."Maximo!" I called out, looking back at the shred of wood on the ground.I was in the kitchen, talking to Heath but Maximo's sudden entrance froze me in my tracks. My heart clenched as I saw his eyes locked onto mine, his anger a tempest that threatened to consume everything in its path.Instinctively, I take a few steps, my fingers trembling, desperate to intervene before Maximo's fury escalated. But on my third step, Heath moved faster,
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Chapter Six
The woods stretched ahead, a labyrinth of towering trees and dappled sunlight. I tread cautiously, my heart pounding with each step. Maximo and Felix's hurried departure fueled my curiosity and worry. Something was amiss, and I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to find out.Who is the Rivertide Pack? What happened to them? I wanted to know! I could not live like this knowing that I married a next-in-line Alpha and I have no clue about how his world works! I may be a human but I am also a wolf. I still have a place in his world. Despite the tension and crying I had earlier, my curiosity weighs heavy. Since I drove with Maximo back home, my car is left at Heart and Heath's place. I booked an Uber and the driver dropped me off at the edge of the woods, and I pressed on, determination lending strength to my legs. The forest floor was a carpet of fallen leaves, muffling my steps. His car is also outside this forest so I am sure he's just around here. As I ventured deeper, an ee
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