Bride In Blue

Bride In Blue

By:Β Β shreeΒ Β Ongoing
Language:Β English
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[ 𝐀 π‘π¨π¦πšπ§π­π’πœ 𝐓𝐑𝐫𝐒π₯π₯𝐞𝐫 ] An impulsive decision along with a sinister idea was enough to create a mess. The mess was big enough to turn the life of the person involved upside down. But an immutable decision was taken that tangled two people in the chaos, one who was not at fault and the other who was oblivious of everything. How will the two deal with the situation they got stuck in? To know more peek inside the romantic-thriller journey of our protagonists named "Bride In Blue".

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Jasmine Jeon
where's second part???
2024-05-25 00:10:50
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Iqra Akbar
where is the second part I didn't find it
2024-02-16 02:20:40
43 Chapters
Scene 1 "Dad, I can't. This is wrong.""You don't have a choice son. This is our time to pay the debt.""Do you even know what you are talking about?""I am very well aware of that, and if your final answer is No then fine, don't forget you are not my only son."And that's where I gave in.*************************************Scene 2"Mom, you can't do this.""I can and I am doing it."
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CH 1 || Forbidden Question
14 August 2010Anvi It’s Saturday. Yayyy! Weekends are best; no school, no studies and you can sleep for as many hours as you want.“Anvi, wake up. It’s 7 in the morning.” Mom shouted.Ok!! You can ignore the last part of what I said. It is just an illusion that you can sleep according to your wish. But somehow I will manage to sleep in the afternoon.Sssshhhh! Please don’t tell Mom.“Anvi, you want me to come over.”Mom shouted.I need to go, otherwise, my furious mother will wake up the whole town.“I am already up, Mom.”“Good, now better be at the breakfast table in 15 minutes.”'Shit!' I cursed under my breath, if mom could listen to these curse words, I am so dead.I completed the morning routine and ran down the stairs but bumped into my elder brother.“So, the princes
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CH 2 || Red Journal
16 August 2010Anvi****** “Anvi, don’t forget to invite Sara to Arpit’s birthday.”“Okay, Aunty,” I replied and sat in the car. Arpit was sitting at the front seat, while Bhaiya sat beside me. Oh! I forgot to tell you, we are going to school and I will meet Sara, She came back yesterday.Adhyan Bhaiya was busy in studies even in the car while I looked out of the window to enjoy the lovely weather and my sweet little brother was busy solving Rubik's cube. My mind dragged me to the conversation I had with Bhaiya two days ago about The Red Journal.He said he doesn’t know anything about it but his expressions gave in. It was evident that he lied but I didn’t dare to ask him as he clearly warned me not to talk about it and also not to eavesdrop, but that was just unintentional.Anyways, Bhaiya has been acting very weird since
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CH 3 || Wish
21 August 2010Anvi****** “The Red Journal”‘Just Be You,And The One You Adore So Much will Come To See You.’Ah! Why can’t I decipher the meaning of it?It was so frustrating to solve the riddle. I pulled my hair in frustration and the passer-by gave me weird looks. Composing myself, I behaved normally and smiled at them which only made them look at me with pity, as if I am insane. Of course, they will think of me like that, otherwise which sane person pulls his/her hair in a public park.I have read The Red Journal and to be honest, I didn’t find anything to be worried about, but it feels like jumbled words to me and I hate solving riddles.If I get the chance then I will go back in time to stop the person from inventing this weird thing.Who plays with words?Anyways, I got to know that this journal bel
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CH 4 || Destroying The Root cause
23 August 2010Anvi****** “And then she listened to everything. I wish things would remain the same.” I said to my cousin, I meant Annapurna Maasi’s daughter Vidya. She is the one I adore the most.Oh! Did I forget to tell you that the riddle was solved?'Just Be YouAnd The One You Adore So Much Will Come To See You.'I didn’t get what it meant until I was asked to participate in a drama competition at school.I had been given two choices, either to play the role of my friend or myself. And that’s when it struck, I chose to be myself and when I came home I found Vidya who had come to stay with us for a few days as Maasi had gone to Mumbai for work.Is this Red Journal mystical? Who cares, I was happy that I got to meet my favourite cousin after so long.“Di,” Vidya called me.“Yes?”
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CH 5 || Be A Brat
25 August 2010Anvi****** “Oh come on, Anvi. I know you very well and don’t forget that I am your best friend.”“I know Ms. Sara Ahmed.”“If you know then tell me what’s bothering you. It’s written all over your face that you are not fine.”Sara pestered me with her questions but I didn’t want to tell her what happened. I will tell her after all she is my best friend, but not now when I am not sure if I have completely got rid of the journal or not.“You again zoned out. See if you will not tell me then I will ask your Mom.”No, that’s not happening. Mom will surely get to know about the journal and what if something happens to her. So, I decided to lie as I knew my best friend won’t stop till she gets an answer.“Vidya got into an accident.”“Vidya
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CH 6 || Last Breath
29 August 2010Anvi******That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I need to tell everyone what’s going on with me. I can’t keep things to myself, at least not now when my best friend got punished. Yes, the second punishment was given to Sara. She had an accident while cycling and the irony is she is a district-level cycling champion.I had cried when I saw her lying in the hospital bed. Her injuries were way more serious than Vidya’s. The doctors are not sure whether she will be able to walk anytime soon or not. Her parents had decided not to let her become an athlete, which was her dream and this was all because of me.“Will you stop crying or should I smack you on your head?” Sara asked angrily. I had been crying ever since I had come to the hospital.“Damn girl! I am alive and yet you are crying as if I have died.” I hugged her tightly th
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CH 1 || Carpet Of Thorns
Author's Note: The second part of the book starts from this chapter onwards, that's why I had started the serial number from 1 instead of continuing after 6.******Anvi******The hairdresser was busy doing my hair while the beautician was dolling me up for something I was not ready for. After they were done all of them left saying I was looking like a princess.I chuckled thinking a princess is never treated as a slave. Standing in front of the mirror I looked at my reflection.Indeed, I was looking like a princess. I couldn't even recognize myself. Is that really me I thought.My fingers touched the mirror to check if it was my reflection or just another illusion.I wish it was. I wish it was all an illusion, a dreadful nightmare, but it wasn't. To my satisfaction, I tried closing and opening my eyes numerous times thinking I might wake up but it only brought disappointment.
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CH 2 || Tickets To Give Away Freedom
Nikhil*******I was standing on the stage like a dummy waiting for my bride. I was getting married and was made aware of this fact just a few minutes ago.Isn't it quite astonishing?I guess the decision of attending my friend's wedding was the worst I have made till now.I didn't come back to India for this. If I would have known I would be tangled in someone's mess without any fault of mine I would have never come back. I had no idea my decision of coming back will cost me my life, my freedom.I wish I would have not picked up that call that day.****FLASHBACK SEQUENCE STARTS******Such lovely weather it is I thought. Wearing my leather jacket I drove towards my cafe. I am Nikhil Arora owner of the chain of Keepers Cafe in London.Life has been very grateful to me but not always. There was a time when everyone thought I was useless and
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CH 3 || The Mistake
Anvi******"It's time, Anvi." I heard Adhyayan Bhaiya as he extended his hand towards me smiling sadly at the pathetic state of his sister.Holding his hand I made my way out with him where Arpit was waiting for us. My two brothers were escorting me to the stage where someone who decided to show some mercy on a pathetic, useless soul like me was already waiting.My grip on Adhyayan Bhaiya's hand tightened when the distance between me and that decorated stage lessened. My heart beats fastened up its pace and the sensations in my body due to anxiety were not helping at all.I thought I would faint anytime but I don't know how I was holding up myself.Bhaiya and Arpit had stopped in their tracks, and when I noticed, I found we reached the starting point of my doom.I was not ready to leave their hands and with the utmost difficulty, Bhaiya took out his hand from the iron grip hold of mine.Lookin
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