Can't Win Me Back

Can't Win Me Back

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Rufus Carter, a business magnate and Alpha, is reserved, unknown, and discrete. The nightfall pack has been in power for a decade, but no newspaper or magazine has dared to print an image of the young Alpha. Some stated the Alpha was sick, while others claimed the Alpha was crippled.On the day of her wedding, Selena ran into Rufus Carter... And.... It begins with a marriage contract.... It begins with an agreement.... It begins with a fake wedding...

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39 Chapters
Episode 1
Selena's POV"Seli, I have an important task that needs to be dealt with immediately. The wedding... should be rescheduled.""What did you say?"After Williams said this, my mouth opened a little!The biggest banquet hall in Shadow pack was behind us. In just less than an hour, we were supposed to enter the hall together, holding hands, to celebrate our wedding. However, at this very moment, Williams announced his decision to reschedule the ceremony .The initial happiness on my face vanished and turned slightly pale. I put up a facade of composure and spoke."Are you alright? The wedding will begin in less than an hour. No matter what matters you may have, simply wait till the wedding concludes, and then we can address them."Williams quickly glanced at the wedding reception venue situated behind me through the window, his deep eyes fixated on me with a sense of slight urgency. "I can't do it right now as I have a pressing matter at hand. If the wedding rescheduled in two days is n
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Episode 2
Selena's POV I was in a state of panic and my first instinct was to reach out and grab Abigail's arm tightly with both hands.But to my surprise, instead of mocking me, Abigail stepped back when she saw me about to fall. I looked at her with surprise in my eyes as I was about to hit the ground. Suddenly, someone caught me and helped me stand upright.Before I could react, my sister Ava's angry voice filled my ears, "Abigail! Did you really dare to push my sister?"I looked up and saw Ava's eyes were even redder. She seemed to be feeling a mix of anger, sadness, and humiliation all at once.Evelyn turn to Ava who was wearing a black suit, looked at her with a confident expression and said, "Abigail didn't do anything wrong. She just gave her a little push, but she couldn't maintain her balance!""That's right," Abigail chimed in."It's clearly her own fault for not being able to stand properly and falling. It has nothing to do with me!""Oh, it's none of your business, huh?"Ava pu
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Episode 3
Selena POVI felt all eyes on me from every direction on the stage. I could also see my parents' confused expressions from where I stood...Oh no! Is this wedding going to be the biggest mistake of my life? I barely know anything about my soon to be husband...If looks could kill, I'd be dead by now.My heart was racing.There was no turning back.To avoid looking like a five-year-old who just lost her lollipop while staring at Rufus, I lowered my gaze and decided not to look at him again.The wedding ceremony was simplified a lot. There were no elaborate proposals, no heartfelt confessions, no witness speeches, etc.After a simple vow and exchange of rings, the priest took the microphone and said."Groom, you may now kiss your bride."I was taken aback.Was he going to kiss me?But this is my first kiss!My mind was in chaos. The man standing in front of me suddenly leaned in, and his warm hand didn't lift my chin. Instead, he cupped my cheek.The warm palm pressed gently against my
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Episode 4
Writer's POVMs. Habsburg, Mr. Carter doesn't want anyone in his room except for his bedroom and study, so feel free to do whatever you want elsewhere," Rufus Beta informed Selena.Selena realized that Rufus was likely allowing her to stay here because of his sister. He would do anything to see his sister recover from her illness.Selena wasn't bothered by Davies' update. Instead, she nodded happily and said, "Thank you."Davies gave the maid a look. The maid greeted Selena and said, "Please, come with me."Selena followed the maid to the second floor. As she thought of something, she looked back at Davies, who was about to leave, but hesitated to speak."Excuse me..."Davies stopped when he heard her, turned around, looked at the maid first, and replied shortly, "Someone will assist you tomorrow. And the name is Davies...""Oh, right..."Selena nodded without saying anything else.The maid led her to a room with great light on the corners side of the second floor."Are you satisfied
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Episode 5
RUFUS POV I just finished getting ready, then I left the bedroom and went to the study room."Even if you don’t care about me, can’t you at least pity yourself and rest?"My wolf, Eclipse, scoffed in my head."Ugh... Done being mad that I married a weak she-wolf?""Jeez, I never called her weak, Rus. She's not even our mate, bro.""Oh wow, so nice of you to remind me that I can't recognize my mate when I see her...""Jeez, Rus...""Jeez, Eclipse!" I snapped before my wolf could finish what he was going to say and then cut the link off."Your male seeds shall remain unmated. They will never be able to recognize their mate when they see them!!!!"I shut my eyes as those words resounded in my ear and I grabbed the glass of water on the table, gulping down everything."Alpha!"My eyes snapped open at the sound of someone banging on my door. From the scent, I could tell it's Davies."Come in."Davies walked in and handed the information in his hand to me."Alpha, all of Selena's informat
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Episode 6
Selena's POVAs I left the office, someone unexpectedly jumped on me with excitement."Surprise!"I was taken aback and looked up to see Louisa, my friend who had been away for a while.My shock quickly turned into surprise, "Louisa, when did you come back?"Louisa was one of the few who went for pack training, so I didn't expect her sudden return."Wow, girl! What's this I'm hearing? That jerk left you hanging on your engagement."Upon hearing Louisa's words, a wave of hidden sadness washed over me, and my smile faded slightly.Louisa hugged my shoulders and reassured me, "Okay! Don't be sad. It's his loss."I pursed my lips and replied, "I'm not sad. Maybe it's for the best, you know."Louisa rolled her eyes at me and said, "You don't have to pretend to be strong in front of me, I know you still love Williams." Louisa paused, looked at me, and added, "You know what? You're coming with me...""Coming with you? Where to?""The bar, of course... Williams is now in your past, okay!""Hu
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Episode 7
Selena's POV I clutched the dead cellphone in my hand, feeling a surge of anxiety wash over me. I turned to one of the pack cop officers in the group and mustered up the courage to speak, "Excuse me, sir. I assure you, I'm an adult. I'm actually 20 years old and I work in the Eco industry. I just happened to forget my ID card." The cop man glanced at me skeptically and retorted, "You may be 20, but your face looks like that of a 17-year-old. It's people like you who cause trouble and disrupt the peace of the pack after drinking. You're coming with us, and your parents will have to pick you up at the station." "I really am 20!" I protested, but the cop man was too preoccupied with checking the identities of others to pay attention to my explanation. Louisa couldn't contain her laughter beside me. She burst out laughing uncontrollably. I shot her an angry glare and snapped, "Why are you laughing? It's not funny." This was my first time at a bar, and now I was on the verge of being
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Episode 8
Writer's POV "Hmmm... chicken kebab! Want some?" Selena quickly asked, trying to divert the conversation. She didn't want him to ask why she hadn't slept, so she quickly changed the subject. She abruptly shifted the topic, but Rufus didn't seem bothered and responded calmly, "No! I'm going for a morning jog." *Not a good idea, man... You should never say no to a lady when it comes to food... The aroma is so tempting,* Rufus' wolf, Eclipse, chimed in. Rufus closed his eyes, ignoring his wolf's comment. "Oh," Selena replied, her lips flattening. She couldn't express her disappointment, but she had hoped he would say yes. "Ummm... maybe when I'm back, I'll have some," Rufus suggested. Upon hearing Rufus' words, Selena's lowered eyes suddenly lifted, and when she looked at him, it was as if stars were twinkling. She smiled and said, "Okay!" Rufus turned around and left the kitchen to go for his morning run. Selena had spent the entire night without sleep. Her arms were sore and h
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Episode 9
Selena's POVIt was exactly 4:00 pm and I found myself alone in the office. All of my colleagues had already left for the day. I sat there, surrounded by paperwork, trying to finish everything before I could leave.Finally, I completed the last task and began packing up my belongings. As I made my way towards the office gate, my phone beeped, indicating a new message. It was from Louisa, asking if I had finished my work for the day. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her timing. After leaving me with the cop at the bar the other night, now she wanted to hang out?I replied to her message "You are so dead" with a laughing emoji and increased my pace, hoping to find Louisa soon."Seli," a familiar voice called out from nearby.I clenched my hand tightly around my dress, feeling a rush of emotions flood back.*That son of a bitch* I could feel my wolf Meeka boiling inside. Taking a deep breath, I composed myself and turned around. There, I saw Williams stepping out of a red car and
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Episode 10
Writer's POVSelena could feel the excruciating pain in her arm, as if it was on the verge of breaking. She scowled and said unhappily, "You're hurting me, let me go..."Not only did Williams refuse to release his grip, but he even tightened it further.There were bloodshot eyes beneath his tired gaze, and his expression was filled with gloom."Seli, I understand that you have every right to be angry with me for leaving you at the wedding, and I get it. I'm willing to make it up to you. Besides me, who else could you possibly marry in this lifetime?"He paused for a moment, lowered his head, and leaned in closer, his gloomy voice laced with a hint of sarcasm. "After all, you've had feelings for me for so many years. How do you plan on surviving if you reject me?"Selena struggled for a moment, looking at him with a sense of unfamiliarity in her clear eyes.She couldn't believe that such words were coming from the mouth of someone she once called mate, someone she had liked fo
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