Collared by the Valentino twins

Collared by the Valentino twins

By:  Cord3lia  Completed
Language: English
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Cassandra Salvatore never thought herself to be interested in the world of BDSM. She'd heard of it, of course. She'd also seen it in shows, but just didn't find an interest in it. Not until her friend, Jules, drags her to a BDSM club for just one night. There, she encounters the owner of the club, who happens to be a master and is searching for a slave. Will she become his sex slave, despite arguing that she's just a submissive and would be so for just one night? How about when she goes for her interview and realizes there are two of them? The Valentino twins. "You'll refill the forms." He stepped closer to me. "And if I find out you lied about your answers previously, I'll punish the fuck out of you." I didn't know whether to take it as a threat or a promise. On one hand, I was scared because I knew just how brutal his punishments were. On the other hand, I was anticipating it because I'd retake the test and he'd find out that I lied about a lot of things I thought was embarrassing.

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default avatar
Loves every second of this ...
2023-08-28 05:21:32
user avatar
Nikki l Koch
this book is so good. so many twist and turns I loved it!! I could read it over and over again!!
2023-07-04 03:36:56
default avatar
That was a good story. Thoroughly enjoyed it but left me wanting more!!
2023-05-28 20:57:39
default avatar
May Engel
It was a good book - except how it ended.
2023-05-19 02:18:21
user avatar
Abigail Garrison
Really great book highly recommend it can’t wait for a second one with Natasha and Nathaniel that would be so good!
2023-05-16 03:04:54
default avatar
Iyhana Hunt
I’m absolutely in love with this story and can’t wait to see the ending.
2023-05-11 11:57:52
default avatar
Horrible ending
2023-05-06 02:35:42
user avatar
Hi dear readers, this book is coming to an end soon and I was wondering if you would like a spin off of the other Valentino brother? He is a lecturer so it would be a forbidden romance. Would you be interested?
2023-04-17 00:18:52
default avatar
wow, wonderful story..keep the updates coming
2023-04-12 05:05:16
user avatar
Sandra Williams Thacker
Excellent story
2023-04-03 08:53:29
default avatar
Amazing, I can’t wait for the update
2023-03-23 02:28:07
user avatar
Sandhya Jha
why did the book name change? wasn't it Dirty little slave?
2023-03-22 23:25:45
user avatar
Pedro Edebiri
This is a book you should read
2023-03-20 21:27:33
user avatar
Christine Owings
71 chapters 3/14/23
2023-03-15 00:35:36
default avatar
Love this story but where’s the rest of it!!!! I can’t wait to read it all
2023-03-02 13:26:44
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136 Chapters
1. The beginning
Cassandra Salvatore~•~"Hurry the fuck up, Cassie, we'll be late." I rolled my eyes, not bothering to answer her as I continued applying my mascara. I wanted to look like a different person today because I didn't want to be recognized.People were nosy and if I managed to run into anyone I knew, they may report me to my father or my boyfriend."Cassie!" Juliet snapped, poking her head inside her room. I came to her place to get ready because I didn't want my father to get suspicious. It was crazy. I was an adult, but I still stayed at his place because someone needed to keep my siblings safe and I happened to be the oldest of us all."Chill, Jules." I rolled my eyes again. With how much I was rolling my eyes because of my best friend, I was certain I would be cross-eyed in a few years. "There's no time limit. You said it yourself, it goes on all night.""That doesn't mean we should go late and miss out on all the fun."I sighed subtly. I didn't know what interested her about it but sh
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2. Kinky tests
Cassandra Salvatore~•~Entering the club was the hard part. It seemed like Jules herself was suddenly nervous as well, and with both of us unsure, it took a while for us to say fuck it and just go in.When we went in, I was expecting to see naked people walking up and down, people getting tied up, spanked, and flogged, but the first image we met was a reception. The receptionist looked bored as hell and her face literally lit up as she noticed us walking toward her.She wasn't dressed in revealing clothes or lingerie. She was dressed in a black modest dress."Good evening. Welcome to Fantasia."I didn't know whether to reply so I kept shut and let my best friend do the talking, though the only word she said was, "Hi."The receptionist, whose name tag read Aya, stared at us for a couple of seconds and chuckled. "First time, am I right?"I smiled nervously. Were we that obvious? "How did you know?""I can always tell." Aya smiled warmly at us and I finally began to relax. "First timer o
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3. The bracelets
Matteo Valentino~•~I was quite pissed at my brother. The dickhead was meant to be here since we had work to do, but he probably bailed to work for extra hours at our company. He was such a workaholic sometimes, but he cherry-picked his work.He didn't come to the club much recently because he didn't have a slave. Well, we didn't have a slave — we always shared — and hadn't had one for up to three months now.I sighed and left the office where I'd been waiting for him, intending to leave the club entirely. I didn't have much to do here as well if he wasn't here. I would find a woman in a pink bracelet, but I wasn't in the mood for anything sexual.Well, at least, I thought I wasn't. Not until I was about to descend the stairs and saw a petite woman walk in.I stopped in my tracks, hanging by the railing that overlooked the ground floor. She wasn't in the usual lingerie other women around here adorned, but she was clad in white… was it bralette they called it? It pushed up her small b
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4. Embezzling
Rowan Valentino~•~From a young age, I'd always known Matteo was the hotheaded one between us. He was easily irritated and snapped just as fast, but I always found a way to piss him off — intentionally or not.We were a total of six in our family, including our parents. We had an older brother, Damon, and a younger sister, Natasha, who demanded everyone call her Tash, yet Matteo was the easiest to piss off.He tried very hard to control himself, but he just wasn't very successful sometimes. It was so bad to the point that he had to be enrolled in an Anger Management Class which wasn't exactly a class because he was gone for three whole months.We were around fourteen then and not having him around sucked like hell. He must've realized the same thing because even if he wasn't entirely changed when he got back, he tried harder.I knew Matteo would be pissed at me and that was why I placed my phone on silent. I didn't want to know when he was trying to reach me because I would probably
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5. Submissive
Cassandra Salvatore~•~"God," I blinked when the first scene we walked into was a man spanking a woman and not with his hand. "So this stuff happens in real life?""Fascinating right?" Jules was quick to reply and I shifted uncomfortably on my feet as I tried to take in everything at once."More like life-threatening."I didn't have to look far for my eyes to land on another scene. The light in the club was dim and if I looked to my left, I would see a bar situated there while the rest of the place was just an open space with several stages. A woman was on her knees and she was literally being manhandled by her partner as he quite literally fucked her mouth. There was a small gathering of people around them watching and they didn't seem to mind.Instead, from where we stood, I could hear her moan as he pinched her nipple, the hum making him falter in his control for a moment. "You look like you're enjoying what you're seeing.""What? Hell no." I denied it immediately. Even if my th
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6. A reality
Cassandra Salvatore~•~I marveled at his boldness. I thought I just told him I didn't want all the things he just listed. Most importantly, "I have a boyfriend."I had thought that would deter him, but I was wrong. Instead, it seemed like he took it as a challenge as he stepped closer to me. "Does your 'boyfriend' know you're here?" The way he said the word, boyfriend, showed that he didn't believe I had one. He most likely thought I was just grasping at straws to escape him. I mean, I was.I faltered. What did I think would happen if I went to a sex club? Of course, men were going to hit on me. They probably thought I came here for pleasure as did everyone else."Cara," he warned."It's Cassie," I corrected him. He didn't care about the correction. All he wanted was an answer. "No, he doesn't.""Exactly," he smirked, making him look even more handsome than he already was. I glared at him. "Did you only ask that to prove a point?""You could say that," he shrugged nonchalantly. He w
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7. Little one
Matteo Valentino ~•~I was fascinated by the little angel before me. I wanted to figure out her thought process. I wanted to know what was going on in her head. I wanted to know what she was thinking about as she came to the realization that she may be interested in BDSM after all.I had an early morning tomorrow, but I just couldn't resist her even if she wasn't doing anything. Her innocence was coming off her in waves and it was doing sinful things to my dick. I wanted to taint her. I wanted to mark her as mine. I was sure my brother would like her as well. Hopefully, she would be open to the idea of both of us.It was a rare kink we had; sharing our sexual partners and not everyone was welcoming to it, which made it hard to find a perfect slave.I stared at her. She stared at me. I tapped my feet in impatience. I was known to be a lot of things, but a patient man was not one of them. "Cara," I called out, getting ticked off by her silence. "What did I tell you about answering my q
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8. Rafael's rage
Cassandra Salvatore~•~That night, I slept with a smile on my face. I also made extensive research on BDSM and all my possible kinks. I watched some videos that I had to keep on a low volume if I didn't want to wake Jules up and have her know what I was up to.The videos had me touching myself and for the first time, I had an orgasm. It also happened to be the first time I was touching myself because Rafael found it disgusting. In the video, the man was sitting in front of the lady and was instructing her on what to do with her body. I followed those instructions as well.When I finally slept, I was on a different kind of high. I felt satisfied. But my morning was a great counter to that.I woke up to shouting and loud banging that made my head spin. I let out a yawn, turning around to see that Jules was no longer on the bed and she wasn't a morning person. I checked the digital clock on the nightstand by the bed and it was only a few minutes past six.I wasted no time in standing up
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9. The Interview
Cassandra Salvatore~•~"How do I look?" I asked when Jules had finished covering up the bruise on my face with makeup. I had an interview today. I couldn't let Rafael's antics mess up my chance of a job when it was hard to find one."Not like you were just beaten by your boyfriend, that's for sure."I shook my head softly. "Not now, Jules. You can scold me when I'm back."I assessed my face in the mirror and it looked good. As Jules said, there was no sign of a bruise. I didn't even want to think about it as I knew going home to my father would result in a bigger bruise. I didn't have any choice but to go though because if I didn't, he would transfer the aggression to my younger siblings. I had three siblings and none of us were biologically related. We were all under foster care by our foster father. Well, at least, I was until I turned eighteen and left for college, but I couldn't leave my siblings alone with that monster of a man. They were too young to be getting abused. There
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10. Cover for me
Rowan Valentino~•~Matteo can be annoying at times.Usually, he was an early bird and always came to work before me, but when I reached the office this morning, his was empty."Has my brother come in?" I asked the secretary."No, sir." He shook his head, a scared look on his face. I didn't know why he was so scared of us. Sure we were strict and quite ruthless when it came to business, but that didn't mean we went around, snapping at anyone we come across.I nodded and made my way into my office, dialing Matteo's number. At first, he didn't answer, but after I called the second time, he answered on the first ring. "Why are you calling me?"I ignored his question. "Did you fuck the girl last night?" He was brutal when it came to sex and if he was fucking a girl, there was a possibility that it could take all night.Matteo immediately knew who I was talking about. "No, I didn't, although I wish I did."That was a first. While it was hard to find a long-term slave, it was easy to get la
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