By:  A.K.Knight  Ongoing
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Jaylee has finally been accepted to be part of the popular Hot Shot cheerleading team at Effney High. However, there's one thing she has to do to be fully a part of the squad. She has to kiss the first guy she sees. Is Jaylee willing to sacrifice her first kiss, and will one kiss be enough if she does? Read now to find out. The novel embarks on other fascinating characters and the struggles that bring forth their desires.

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Danielle Tyrrell
Have been hooked on this book while it was getting regular updates then bam, nothing. Please update it is such a good read so far.
2024-04-26 18:09:59
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Danielle Tyrrell
Great read so far and a bit different. Easy to follow story line. Hoping for more updates soon.
2024-04-03 05:26:17
user avatar
Yay, new book!
2024-03-13 23:17:33
44 Chapters
Chapter 1: Jaylee
I rise from the bed as the alarm clock goes off, stopping it."It is time." I stretch with an excited smile.I shove the blanket aside and get out of bed.Today is a big day for me. I'll officially be known as a member of the Hot Shot cheerleading team. I've been drafting for it to happen since I started Effney High. However, a few setbacks extended it to five years.Yeah, I wanted to join the team the first year I started, but dolefully, I began to wear glasses. The squad would never accept a four-eye to cheer with them.After pleading desperately with my mom to let me wear eye contact in the eighth grade, she finally decided to let me. I was overjoyed for a short period until I discovered from an appointment with my dentist that I would wear braces for two years. The news hit me like a bolt of lightning. I would never have a chance with the Hot Shot cheerleading squad. Eye contact could hide glasses. What could hide braces? Nothing.I was happy; two years had passed, and my teeth we
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Chapter 2: Nate
As I'm about to put on my glasses, the reflection of my mom, a petite woman with shoulder-length hazel hair, appears in the mirror.She leans onto the open door, and her eyes, which are as dark as mine, gleam with sadness."I'm sorry my life has affected you," her hands fold, and her head drops."Mom, it didn't." Immediately, I go to her.Her head rises. Tears saturate her eyes."You should be at your former school, carrying the title of captain of the swim team, and with your girlfriend and your friends."Tears flow from her eyes. She hastily wipes it away before it can reach her cheeks.I take her hand and look deeply into her eyes to avoid her black eye and the bruise on her right cheek. That is almost healed."I'm right where I belong, here with you." I say.She smiles right before hugging me; my arms envelop her."I don't want to be the reason why you're late." She pulls away."Do you have all the documents?" she asks."Yes."Her hand extends to my glass to remove it, and I hold
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Chapter 3: Jaylee
I never expected to be accepted as one of the Hot Shot members when I applied for senior year. I had the physical ability and the appearance to join, but not the height. I'm 5 feet 2 inches, and I fear it would have hindered me since I wasn't as tall as the members. I'm glad my height didn't ruin my dream.I and seven other girls stand gleefully in the school's gymnasium. Amber, a blonde with blue eyes, sits before us. At each side of the desk stands the co-captain, Sookie, a short-haired blonde, and Katniss, a dark-haired member, holding the uniform.I'm eager to wear my uniform for the first time, but I'm confused why there is only one when there are eight of us. I ignored the thought and tuned into Amber speaking to us."You've all done an amazing job; that's why you're here," Amber says.My face hurts from smiling excessively."I love your outfit," Amber halts to compliment me."Thank you," I giggle.At Effney High, it is a great honor to receive a compliment from Amber or any of
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Chapter 4: Jaylee
"Does a teacher count?" I'm nervous.The chair pulls back, drawing against the brown vinyl floor as Amber stands up."Are you chickening out with such a simple dare, Jaylee?" Amber asks."Or are you too much of a virgin to do so?"Honestly, I am, and I didn't want them to know. A member can never be a virgin in their squad. For them, if you aren't hitting it with anyone, then you're a loser."I'm not a virgin," I fib.They all laugh, not believing."Don't worry, you can't get pregnant by kissing a boy." Amber jeer.I take a deep breath and exhale. "I accept your dare, Amber Frost," I say, attempting to be brave, but my feet shaking exposes me to being afraid."Then do my dare now." Amber's arms fold and her face is sober.I find myself swerving around. What was I doing?My heart thuds while striding from the gymnasium. Amber and his two team members clack against the floor, trailing behind me to ensure I'd done the dare.I push the door open and stand in the corridor. It's empty. I di
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Chapter 5: Jaylee
I'm in the bathroom stall, changing into my cheerleading gear. "Jaylee, you've been in there for more than 5 minutes now. I'm hungry; I need lunch." Samantha hits the stall door. "Give me one more minute. I promise I'll be out very soon," I say, making sure everything is perfect before I leave the bathroom stall. Samantha tuts in annoyance. I came out to see her sitting on the countertop, her back reclined against the wall. Her blase face morphs into astonishment. I'm chuffed by her reaction. Samantha leaps from the countertop and walks over to me. "You look amazing, Jaylee," she compliments. I redden, and both of my hands run down the mini skirt that clings perfectly to my body. My glazed, hair-free, slender leg appears long in my mini skirt. "New sneakers?" Samantha asks. "Yeah." I fixed the tank top. It snaps against my skin, being mostly made of elastic material. My old PE sneaker wasn't white enough to go with my gear. I needed something new. I go to the mirror to tou
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Chapter 6: Jaylee
In the last class, I hurriedly left and texted Samantha that I had a late practice.I'm afraid to tell her I can't be seen with her. Amber words. She'd ask me to choose between her and being a Hot Shot member. I love Samantha, but I always dreamed of being a part of the team, and now I am. I can't drop it so easily.Amber is a devoted cheerleader and, as a nerd, obsessed with receiving high grades in every subject. Practice goes on for 4 hours. I was breathless on the gymnasium floor when we were finally through."You did great." Amber extended a hand to help me up.I smiled while taking it.We take a quick shower in the girl's locker room and arrange to meet again at the same time tomorrow.The place is almost dark when I go outside.Without asking if I needed a ride, everyone got into a car with their partner and drove off, leaving me alone.I try calling my mom, but it goes straight to voicemail.I guess I'd have to take a taxi. I go from the school compound to the bank of the road
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Chapter 7: Nate
I park the car in the garage and remove my glasses before heading inside.When I entered the house, Mom was in the living room watching television, a favorite drama series of hers."You're late; what happened?" she asked, worried."My car broke down, and I had to repair it two times before coming home," I say.A sad look appears on her face."I'm sorry, I cannot get you a new car like your dad can," she says disappointedly."Mom, it's okay." I go to hug her."Let's not speak about him while you're here. Remember, we came here for a new start, away from him," I tell her.In my arms, her forehead gently hits my chest as she nods."I know you want an ordinary life and to focus on your studies, but I think you should try out for the swimming team at your new school. Right now, it's your only hope to go to college." Her arms leave me."Mom, I can't.""I understand, Nate, that you feel you'll betray your team by competing against them with their opponent. But you have to. No one wants a nur
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Chapter 8: Jaylee
Dear new cheerleaders out there, when given your first gear, ask for another; one is not enough.I had to wash my cheerleading uniform before going to bed last night."You're finally a Hot Shot cheerleader. I'm happy for you." I meet Mom in the kitchen.I smile.She breathes in relief. "You have no idea how much torture it was to hear you go on and on about wanting to be one. It's such a joy that it's over."My smile disappears, and I roll my eyes.She giggles.I grab a banana. "Can you take me to school, mom?" I ask."I thought you never wanted me to drive to school anymore and wanted Samantha to only," she says."Please, mom," I beg."Okay.""Now," I say."So early?""Yeah, mom, I'm a cheerleader now. I have to be at school early to meet with the other." I fib.I was only eager to leave because I didn't want to ride with Samantha after what Amber said.While I waited for my mom, I texted Samantha.Already at school; see you around.I edited the message before sending GM. I'm already
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Chapter 9: Jaylee
Amber wants us to meet up at the gym during our free session.I go in to see everyone who is already there.They sat down while Amber stood before them next to a small whiteboard with a red marker in her hand."You're late," Amber says, disappointed."I'm sorry, Ms. Dwinkle wanted to talk before class," I explain."Try to let us know when you're running late again," Amber says.I nod and go to sit at the back.What's written in the marker on the whiteboard intrigues me. Nate Skylar.Amber sees the bemused expression on my face and, therefore, gives me a brief on what I've missed out on so far. I'm startled that at the first session, they managed to find out who Nate is already. Did they even bother to go to class?I'm informed that Nate is from Canada and is an excellent swimmer. He was the captain of his swimming team, and his former school is the one that keeps winning our school in the swimming competition.I wasn't surprised that he's athletic; his sculpted body says so."You were
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Chapter 10: Nate
As I've depicted. It would be a piece of cake to get on the Effney High swim team.The moment I entered Mr. Brimworth's office, the swim team coach. He recognized me, and I was asked to be a part of his team without having to ask.He is on cloud nine to have me; any school would."My sole desire to be a part of your team is to receive a scholarship." Soberly, I say."And you will receive that scholarship in full if you bring me home that trophy this year," Brimworth says wildly, with a pounce behind his desk.It's hard to control his excitement; gaining the one he's confident in will take his team to victory.Brimworth scurries from his desk to stand at my side. One of his hands touched my right shoulder while bursting with joy, telling me how glad he was that I was part of his team.I wasn't.I'm oblivious to whatever else he's saying, lost in my thoughts. I was only there to secure a college scholarship."Your former team is coming in second place this year." No longer absent-minded
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