Craving My Ex Luna

Craving My Ex Luna

By:  Violet Smart  Updated just now
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“Please Erica, give me the chance to prove that I love you.” Dante begged. A mate was the best thing all Lycan’s got from the moon Goddess but it wasn't the same for Erica. Erica had been married to Dante for four years and in these four years she had endured all the pain of her childless and pain-filled marriage to her mate. Erica wasn’t a high ranked werewolf like Dante had always wanted but she loved him and wished she’d be happy with him but Erica’s wish seems to never come true as she’s divorced, rejected and thrown away from his pack. Being divorced was one thing but being divorced with his child was another. Six years later, Erica Returns with her five years old triplets. Will Erica fight the mate bond which seems to grow stronger with her possessive ex mate, or will she choose to love the man who is ready to set the world ablaze for her?

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The Tigress 🐯
There are a lot of twists in this book. I can't wait to see what happens next...! Please more updates. Thank you author
2024-05-19 14:44:05
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Erica: “You? Show up as my Luna? No way, I don’t want people identifying me as the Lycan King who got married and still has nothing to show.” Dante’s words pierced my heart so hard that they made tears build up in the corner of my eyes immediately. I held the shirt I was folding tightly. I fixed my eyes on Dante, my husband. He was seated on his work table in his room and he had a file in his hand.Dante is a very tall man and his looks were to die for, he looked like those huge tall basketballers, only he was bigger and a slap from him would probably kill me. I was the exact opposite of him, I was very tiny, and could barely stand for myself. While I was a useless Luna who couldn’t bear a child, Dante was a strong Lycan king, who wanted a child badly. “Dante.” I tried to speak but he shut me up immediately. He probably knew what I wanted to say, I wanted to tell him that his words had hurt me but he was tired of me saying that to him. “If you are tired of me telling you this,
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DanteI hadn’t expected to see my room door fling open, the worst was when Erica stood in front of the door with her expression giving nothing else but shock. Her jaw dropped and her eyes were wide open.“Dante, you disgust me.” With just these words, she stormed out of the doorway.I wasn’t bothered about what she had seen and I didn’t want to give explains to someone that wasn’t worth it.Erica wasn't worth the waste of time and she knew that for a fact. I had only gotten married to her because I wanted my mate to give me children but here she was barren.Laura isn't my cousin, I wasn't a mad person to sleep with my cousin and Laura is the woman that I want. The woman who is stronger than the weakling I am married to and I would do anything for Laura.Laura didn't want Erica to attend the party because Erica always stole the show. After all, she is my Luna and a very pretty Luna at that and the only way to make her stay behind was punishing her for stealing the necklace. Erica didn
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Erica:No, I had heard wrong, he did not just say he wanted a divorce.“Dante, you didn’t just say that. You’re not leaving me for Laura .” My thinking was disorganized like I was. I was trembling, he had hurt me a lot but this was too much. “I’m serious, Erica. I want you to leave my pack, I want you to leave me. Our marriage is over.” As he said this I held my chest tight, his words hit me hard like an arrow had pierced me straight at my heart and it was painful.“Dante..” hot tears streamed down my eyes.“There’s no need for you to be here, Erica. I had gotten married to you because I wanted a child from my mate, but you haven’t even given me a child, not even a miscarriage. You know you are not the type of woman I want. You are a pathetic worthless wolf, Erica. Leave. Sign the papers and leave.” He picked up the file he had left back on my Vanity table and handed it to me.“So you mean you are leaving your mate for someone you’ve been sleeping around with? Please, Dante, we can f
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Erica:I wanted someone to pull me out of this hell. I wasn’t ready to lose myself, I wasn’t ready to die, not yet.My eyes flickered open, and white shining light penetrated my eyes, I was on a soft bed and my body didn’t hurt anymore. I looked around the room, the sun shining from outside the room penetrated the room. I was In the hospital room. I was saved? My head banged a little as I lay on the bed trying to understand how I had gotten here, the door of the room was pushed open and a man in a white coat walked in, it was the doctor.“Hello, I’m glad you're awake now.” As he said this he went ahead to touch me on my head, used his light on my eyes, and did some other tests.“How do you feel?” He asked and I tried to give a smile but I quivered and I broke down.“I don’t feel so hurt like I did before.” As I said this, I had flashbacks of events that had happened, the pain I felt in my chest, the one in my tummy, the one in my vagina. The baby I felt I was losing.“I’m glad to he
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Erica:Six Years Later“Will you marry me, Erica?” Lorenzo was on his knees, stretching his hands, he showed me the little box that had the most beautiful ring in it.“I want to make you the happiest woman, Erica, give me the chance to make you mine.” “Will you marry me?” Why was I giving this a thought? I had agreed to get married to him, and I had told my parents I would get married to Alpha Lorenzo for the sake of my children so why was I finding it hard to say yes? I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and I nodded. It was just the both of us in the open field.“Yes Lorenzo, I will marry you.”’I smiled, I am happy that I am doing this for my children.“Thank you.” Lorenzo grinned from ear to ear, he put the ring on my finger then stood from his knelt position, and cupped my face gently.“Thank you for making me the happiest Alpha alive.” He kissed me on the lips and I kissed him back.“I’ll scream to the world and tell them that Erica is mine.” I laughed. It was all f
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Erica:I felt my world crumble in front of me, I couldn’t tell my father I didn’t want to go there, I couldn’t make excuses. Alpha’s don’t make excuses. My pack needs me now, I can't tell my father that I cannot help because of Dante.My father knows about my past with Dante but he calls it a past and tells me that I have a better future ahead. I know I have a better future ahead but I do not want to see him.Dante caused me so much harm.“We will go there,” Lorenzo said to my father who had his eyes locked on me, I was in a state of shock. Lorenzo had no idea who the father of my children was. The day he asked, I told him that I never wanted to talk about him and he never asked about my past again.“Yes.” I nodded firmly, we will go there. We are doing this for our packs and not for anyone else.Pack affairs should be treated first. “We will leave tomorrow,” Lorenzo added.“Lorenzo, you should look after your pack, send your Beta instead. As an Alpha, you need to be there for your
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Erica:I walked softly to the bed, I placed my hand on Elma’s forehead to check if she had a fever.“She doesn’t,” I replied after a minute of observing.“She just cried for too long.” Cassie, my children’s nanny nodded.“Cassie. pack their bags, we will be leaving the pack for a while. Pack a lot.” “I want you to come along with me, I will never be able to cope with the work I have to do and the kids.” She smiled, even in situations like this Cassie would smile, she is such a wonderful soul.Cassie left my room to pack things that Elma, Elsa, and Ethan would need while I stayed back in my room.I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t look anything like the lady Dante had abandoned six years ago. He will not recognize. I tried to convince myself I had recently cut my brown hair short and I had dyed it black.I needed no one to tell me that I had become better and stronger, I have raised my children all on my own and Dante was not there and even when I go to his pack I will never
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Erica;“It’s been years and you still crave me, my dear Ex-Wife. You want me don’t you Erica?” He pulled me with just one hand and I was sitting on his lap.“I can smell your arousal, you want me.” Dante lifted my face so our gaze could meet, I sat comfortably on his lap as though it was a chair.“I’ve missed you Erica, where have you been all this while.” My heart was beating faster than it had ever done. My head was blank, all that filled it was knowing how his lips tasted again.Like he read my mind, he grabbed my lips and he kissed me hard, like he had been starved for years.“Only you, it’s only you that I want. I crave you, Erica, I want you.” I kissed him back and I wrapped my hands around his neck. I should stop. I should not let him hold me this way but I cannot help it.“Dante…”‘I moaned.“Just the way you’ve always done.” He pulled away from me, arranging myself on his lap. “Why do you act like you do not know me?” I realized I was still on his lap and I hurriedly got down
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Erica:I was not going to the party alone after what Dante had done to me on the first day we met. I want him to know that he has no place in my life since I'd be getting married to Lorenzo who has treated me better than no one else.“Are you ready?” I arranged the collar of his shirt and he nodded.Lorenzo was clad in a black tuxedo and looked so handsome, he had his black hair brushed back and his green eyes were sparkling. On the other hand, I was dressed in a purple dress with my black hair packed in an uptight messy bond with some strands of hair out, I had little makeup and looked so cute. I and Lorenzo’s dressed to match each other because he wore a purple tie to match my dress. “Ready when you are my love.” I chuckled, Lorenzo held me as we walked into the ballroom which was filled with a lot of werewolves. Different werewolves scent emitted from the ballroom. I clung to Lorenzo like we were glued together.I had called Lorenzo and told him about the ball the moment I left t
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DanteSeeing her at the airport as the Alpha I wanted to pick up was very shocking, how she had turned out to be the daughter of an Alpha was very confusing because the Erica I knew was an orphan but a lot had changed about her. She had this demeanor that expressed agility.It was shocking seeing her again but what was more shocking was seeing her being affiliated with Lorenzo, my friend from school; they were even engaged to get married. I watched her have physical contact with him and it got me so pissed.When Laura walked up to me, I saw the change of expression on Erica’s face and I was glad that Laura acted like she didn’t know Erica. If Erica wants to play this game I will most definitely make her enjoy it.I took Laura away from there and introduced her to a few people. I watched the both of them dance so romantically, they were happy to have each other and I was not happy about it.The mate bond with Erica was never broken and I just found out, because why the hell did it st
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