Forbidden: My Brothers best friend

Forbidden: My Brothers best friend

By:  HaileyMarie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Olivia Holton used to have a secret crush on her brothers bestfriend, that is until he changed. Once they had gotten into high-school his entire personality changed. He forgot that he used to wear braces, and was a nerd before working out two summers ago constantly. He worked out until he was built like a god, got rid of the braces and suddenly popular girls were falling at his feet. It also doesn't hurt when he wears that black leather jacket, has brown shaggy hair and dark green hazel eyes. Jesus the boy is gorgeous but she couldn't can't stand him now. Her secret crushed faded when she realized it was never going to happen with Sean Walker. She gave up on getting her brothers best friend to notice her a long time ago and she wants to move on. She needs to move on but as soon as she started dating a boy, Sean had problems with it.

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teela gutierrez
need an update ...
2024-01-03 18:07:57
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Is this updated regularly?
2023-12-07 02:47:52
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Catrina Spertino
Enjoying this so far
2023-12-05 09:14:31
11 Chapters
Chapter 1
Olivia's P.O.VI'm sitting in my bedroom on a Friday night trying my hardest to ignore the loud music blasting through the speakers from outside our home. I told my brother we shouldn't throw a party, well he shouldn't throw it because our parents actually trust us to behave while they are away visiting my moms sister for the weekend.I told my brother I needed to study, and I couldn't seem to focus on the words because the music was just too loud. I don't even know how the neighbors haven't called the cops for disturbing the peace yet, I can't even hear myself talk.Sighing loudly, rubbing my tired eyes and slamming my history book shut, I walked towards the window. I peeked through my bedroom window blind. I watched as the students from our school laughing and drinking around the bonfire, my brother Jason and his best friend Sean had started before the party animals started to arrive. As I'm looking through the blinds, I noticed all my brothers friends having a good time, empty be
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Chapter 2
Sean's P.O.VWhile Heather was sitting on my lap and kissing on my neck, I felt Olivia's eyes on me and quickly brought my head up towards her bedroom. Even through the half closed blind I could see her cheeks blazing red as she realized I had caught her staring at me. I thought she needed to study. That was the reason she decided to march outside, basically demanding that we and the music shut the hell up. She probably just wants my dick like the rest of the girls here, not like that would actually ever happen. She is such a goody two shoes that she isn't anywhere near my type. She really is a bore, I wasn't lying when I said that. She doesn't do anything her brother and I consider to be fun. She has never even gotten in trouble at school or at home. She always just does as she is told and it annoys the fuck out of me.The only thing she got going on for her is that she is beautiful as hell. I'm not even joking one night she woke me up from off the living room floor where I had pas
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Chapter 3
Sean's P.O.VThe next morning, I opened my eyes and realized I passed out in the guest bedroom, and thank goodness Heather was not still lying next to me. My head was pounding as I reached across the bed towards the nightstand, lightly tapping against the surface looking for my phone. My fingers finally brushed against it. I picked it up and brought it to my phone. The brightness made me blink my eyes several times before I noticed it's nine am and that I had one text message.Sighing in annoyance, I swiped my finger, opening up the text message, and already knew it's from Heather without even looking. Every time I sleep with a bitch, they always feel the need to text me in the morning. 'Last night was amazing. You know how to work that dick, baby. Maybe next time you can show me what that tongue can do,' she texted.Yeah, that will not happen, not going to be a next time and I don't eat pussy. It's not that I find eating pussy nasty, it's just I don't want my tongue on a bitch's cu
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Chapter 4
Olivia's P.O.V“Girl, your asshole brother just asked me if I wanted to help them clean up the beer and cups that's lying around the house,” my best friend Megan huffed, walked into my bedroom and tossed her purse onto my bed. “I wasn't even invited, and he had the balls to ask me if I wanted to help clean up after it.”“Oh Megan,” I sighed and sat on my bed. “Last night was horrible.” “What happened?” she urged, and immediately rushed to my bed and sat beside me. “Tell me,” she ordered gently.“I was trying to study last night, but they had the music so fucking loud that I kept having to reread the words in my history textbook. I got so frustrated that I stormed outside and asked Jason to turn the music lower.”“And what did your brother do?”“He told me to drink something instead of trying to ruin his party and then Sean added to the already embarrassing situation and called me a bore, and I stupidly looked at his lap and he caught me,” I whispered embarrassed, but my best friend k
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Chapter 5
Sean's P.O.VAfter my sixth shot, I started to feel good. Really fucking good. The situation involving Olivia forgotten at the moment. Jason and I are both busy trying to win a game of beer pong and with each throw, I notice my aim getting worse and worse. That's just annoying, being I'm the mother fucking quarterback for our team and I have the best aim in the state.It's hot as hell in here. The leather jacket I'm wearing is sticking to my skin, and I noticed Heather leaning against the wall in front of me, smiling. Yeah, I just may say fuck it and maybe go for a round two tonight. I need to get Olivia out of my head, and Heather has a nice cunt.“Oh fuck here bro,” Jason coughed and passed me the blunt. “Sorry, I'm high, I forgot to pass it.”“It's okay. I'm high too and forgot you had it,” I laughed and slapped him on the back before taking a long, deep hit. A random song is blasting through the speakers and it's so crowded in here I can barely move. Between the smoke, the girl
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Chapter 6
Olivia's P.O.V.Why can't Sean just leave me alone? I'm struggling to have fun. I'm working to not be the familiar Olivia, but he is making it strangely tough. I showed up to this party tonight with Megan to demonstrate something, and that something was that stuffy little pure Olivia could have fun, too.I genuinely didn't wish to wear this dress. I was utterly and unfortunately uncomfortable in it. My breasts were exploding out, and my backside cheeks, if I leaned a little too much over, would be on display to all the party animals here. I have had a few shots with Megan when we first showed up, and if I'm being honest, I'm thoroughly buzzed. The nerves in my body seemed like they were being overwhelmed with electricity. That also could just be because Sean Walker was squatting beside me.I don't see why he is demanding on playing a game that he possibly has played several times. I actually never took part in a spin the bottle game before, but I watched chick flicks that involved
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Chapter 7
“Put your dress back on now,” he growled, and turned around, his back facing me. “No,” I growled right back. He is the one who called me a whore. I have not done a single thing at this party, hell in my whole life, to deserve to be called that. “I said, put the damn dress back on,” he demanded.“And I said no,” I shrugged and leaned back against the wall. Maybe it was the alcohol coursing through my bloodstream, but I felt very brave, and I wanted to have a little fun. Nothing seems more fun to me right now than to mess with Sean. “You are the one who followed me in here Sean,” I reminded him, biting my bottom lip, feeling my body buzzing with excitement. “You should have let Jeremy come in here with me.”“So he could take advantage of you?” Sean spit, still not turning around, but I watched as his shoulder grew tight and his breathing becoming rapid.“Maybe I would have taken advantage of him,” I whispered, and grinned. Megan would be proud of me right now.“You don't even know
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Chapter 8
I continued resting against the wall and gradually put my dress and panties back on. I waited a few minutes after Sean to step out of the small closet. I didn't need anybody, specifically my brother, to see me drunkenly stumbling out, my cheeks washed, and my body trembling. “That was not a full seven minutes,” one girl sitting in the circle giggled. “I knew she wouldn't be able to please Sean. He is too wild for sweet little Olivia.” Those words halted my movements for a second, scared that one of them would slip and tell my brother about it Monday at school, but then I remembered they were all drunk. Jason would never believe them over Sean and me. I may not be happy with what just went down between Sean and me, but that doesn't mean I'd choose to cause issues between them. I never wish to come between their friendship. Her words lit a fire inside my chest, and I had to press my lips shut not to make a stupid remark back to her. Sean wanted to touch me, and then because of my id
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Chapter 9
Sean's P.O.V. I need to get Olivia out of my head. I should not have these thoughts about her. She is forbidden. What just happened should not have happened. Jason would lose his shit if he found out what just went down inside that closet, all because of that stupid, childish game. I told Olivia that drunken boys would try to take advantage of her, and I ended up doing just that. Sure, she wanted it, but that was just the alcohol talking. She had never gotten drunk before, and it was causing her to act like that. I was already hard and honey because of her. But when her panties hit against my back, I craved nothing more than to forget who her brother was to me, and fuck her against the wall. Her body begging me to touch it, her beautiful moans demanding her pleasure. It made me lose my mind. Suck it the fuck-up Sean. She is off limits. She is fucking forbidden delicious fruit that I can't savor, no matter how much I want to. As I'm leaning against the bar, swallowing shot after
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Chapter 10
I walked out of my bedroom and heard Jason calling my name.“Coming,” I hollered back, slipped on my fuzzy slippers, and headed towards the living room.“You shouted?” I announced when I stepped into the living room.I see Jason and Sean sitting on the couch, junk food and beer littering the coffee table, and playing a video game.Boy's."Sean informed me about your conversation earlier,” Jason said, without taking his eyes off the TV.What?“Yeah, I told him everything. I hope you don't mind,” Sean shrugged, shoving a handful of chips into this month before playfully punching Sean. “You suck.”What an asshole.I can't believe he would do that.I know I shouldn't have done what I did, but him tattling to my brother? Come on.“Jason mentioned you wanted to chill with us more. He said, "You let it slip that you were feeling lonely -”I choked as soon as Sean mentioned
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