Ghost Lover

Ghost Lover

By:  Uj francis  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Don't look at me" she whispered to him as she slowly unzipped his pants, taking his manhood into her hands. Struggling to fix his gaze on the teacher, he felt his cock buried in the warmness of her mouth and her hands moving up and down in sequence as he fought to keep his composure. Her blue eyes stripped him naked and he could see the satisfaction in it as she saw what she was doing to him. "Please" Austin grabbed the chair as he pleaded and felt his body shiver, but Tasha wouldn't stop. ************************************* Austin was a depressed and naive teenager trying to get through the death of his mother, survive high school and be good at football. But he gets involved with Tasha, a female ghost who couldn't remember how she got into the cemetery but with time only realizes she was in a coma. He tries to avoid her which proved to be a bad decision as she made sure to torture him during school hours, if he doesn't help her. He resolves into helping her but ends up causing more problems in his recent relationship. Austin is trying to find the balance between his normal school teenage life,and having his first relationship but instead he finds himself helping a ghost get back into her body, and wanting the person he wasn't sure he could have, Tasha.

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Mariyam BintuKareem
Dear author where are you? .........
2023-10-04 01:23:34
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Mariyam BintuKareem
when is the next update??????
2023-09-09 22:01:58
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Chidinma Oyemike
Francis never seizes to deliver
2022-10-25 01:49:50
27 Chapters
chapter One
It was the fifth month after his mother's death. Austin was still struggling to stomach the loss of the only woman who had made him feel loved. He saw his father as a chronic cheat, even before her death, they never saw eye to eye on any matter. His twin brother Allen was far away in another school studying due to his rebellious behavior and he wasn't sure how he took the death of their mother because they never spoke, and even as kids they never did anything together."leaving for school already?" Austin's father asked him as he was making his way outside the house. "Yes, Dad," He blurted out reluctantly."Your money for lunch is…" "I took it Already". He replied hastily, almost shutting up his father. Walking out and making sure he slammed the door hard as if to signal to his father that he would never respect him.Staring at the door with his glasses bent over his nose with his hand, his father shook his head in disbelief He was aware that he was never going to make it early for
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chapter Two
"Coach Damian, please can I use the Restroom""Sure"Nala made her way out of the class and Austin hurriedly picked up his bags running after her."Austin!" "I'm sorry coach"Austin ran after her, but her steps only increased in pace. "Nala please wait" He held her bag, which made her stop to look at him. Nala turned, staring at him without saying anything. Austin couldn't mutter a word either as he was busy panting with one hand on his knee and one hand up, gesturing for her to give him a minute."Are you going to say something or not?"Taking her arms into his hands, he just couldn't find the word to say to her. He was terrible with women and hasn't had to apologize or even ask a lady out in his life. In summary, Austin had never experienced anything intense with the opposite gender.Looking up to her face " I miss you Nala""You miss me?" Nala looked confused, " that's what you thought to say, that you missed me Austin?""Okay wait…, urgh, maybe I messed up" She shrugged her a
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Chapter Three
Trying to open her eyes, but she felt the Sunray perfectly directed at her eyes. She adjusted her body and tried to stand up. Everything seemed blurred to her and she almost lost her balance. "Where am I?" She questioned herself. She could see a perfectly dug grave in front of her with no coffin inside or name on it like it was been prepared for someone. Still confused, she looked around and saw no one except different graves with names on them. She still couldn't understand what she was doing there or how she got there. She could remember last night, she and Justin, her boyfriend, were out having fun then."Oh, that bastard" she just remembered they had an issue last night but still couldn't fathom how she got to the cemetery. "You know you shouldn't be speaking to him after everything I told you" Justin grabbed her arm making her squirm in pain"Why are you so insecure?""Why would I be insecure about someone like you?"She stopped abruptly, "what do you mean by that?""Uhh?" Pret
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Chapter Four
Austin couldn't hold the pain in anymore, why did his mum have to leave him in this cruel world? Everything just seemed difficult for him. He never forgot waking up in the hospital after the news. She was everything to him, he never forgot the first toy she got him for passing his exams, regardless of him not being at the top of the class. All he wanted was to make her happy when he was of age but she left.On that fateful day, he could hear his mum telling his dad to come to pick her up from her place of work because she would be running a late shift. She was a Nurse at the only standard hospital they had in the city there."Could you come to pick me up from the hospital at 8 pm" his mum requested while packing up her bags."I'm sorry, I have something to do this evening" his dad shouted back from his room because he was far away from her."Richard, just do this for me. Please" He barely heard her call his dad Richard except when they had one of their regular fights and she was awar
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Chapter Five
Austin rang the bell on Nala's door hoping to see her get the door so he'd apologize. "Oh, Good day Mr. Ben" The look on his face showed he was surprised to see Nala's dad home. He thought he wasn't going to be home until Christmas. Her father was a contractor and he was never home. He was always moving to different countries trying to close deals for his firm so he barely had time to come home." Austin!" Mr. Ben ushered out his arms to squeeze him for a hug. "Come in, Nala's upstairs."He came in and made sure to greet Mrs. Ben, who was busy in the kitchen. Their house was everything perfect to him, the decorations, the lights, and most importantly the fact they were still together. That was everything he dreamt of. He got to her bedroom and knocked twice."Who's there?" "It's me, Austin"She opened the door halfway, hiding her body and just showing her face, " what are you doing here?""Can you let me in so we'll talk?""No, I'm busy""Come on Nala" He tried to push the door a b
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Chapter Five
Austin Started off the morning with his dad waking him up from his sleep which he found disturbing. He left him with instructions on things he needed to do before leaving for school. His dad had no idea he was suspended and He planned to leave it that way. Right after his dad left, he flew back on the bed.After almost 2hours, he woke up to his phone beeping. NalaRemember the training by 5 pmHe smiled after reading Nala's text and went back right into trying to do what his dad told him to do. He started by trying to fix himself a meal. On opening the Refrigerator, "ugh, not again" he was disappointed at finding just cheese in it again. His dad made sure to leave him with enough pocket money, so he couldn't complain about the meal at home. He reminisced about the wonderful night he had at Ben's, he missed being around happy faces and eating good food. He couldn't stay home till 5 pm, the school was going to dismiss by 4, so he needed to keep himself busy till then. But he had no fri
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Chapter Seven
It's been over 15 minutes and Tasha hasn't moved or let alone breathe like she was alive. Austin was scared and sweating profusely. He looked around but no one came to his aid. Whenever he screams "help" his voice comes running back to him.Confused and not knowing what to do, Tasha was just in his arms, as he sat on the ground, downcast.He suddenly felt her moving with her eyes opening gradually "Tasha!" He shook her aggressively as if he wanted her to be up quickly"What happened," Tasha asked, as she held her head and gradually sat up,then squinted her eyes. She could feel her head banging like a music concert was being held there. She couldn't see clearly, the tree and even Austin's perfectly dark skinned toned face and fairly shaped brows were all blurred. She felt like she was stunned by an aggressive hit from a fist or something harder."You passed out as we came out of the cemetery"She looked back and saw the average iron gate of the cemetery, it was silver in color and the
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Chapter Eight
"You can't be serious!" Austin's Father fumed as he barged into his room. "Get up from there now"Austin used the pillow to cover his head to prevent himself from hearing his father's voice. He felt his father aggressively grab the pillow from him"What is it this time?" Austin reluctantly asked his father with his eyes still shut."I said, get up!"He slowly stood up and sat at the edge of the bed."I know your mother's death has been tough on you""Oh please dad" He interrupted his father immediately, standing up to leave, but his father grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back to the bed."Listen to me! I have condoned your disrespect and every other thing, but so help me God this continues. I'll…""You would what?" He stood up immediately facing his dad with no space left between them. His father was dark as night, his beard rough and hair scattered like he had no time for himself."What would you do that you haven't done before Dad?" His father held his fist and sighed slowly
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Chapter Nine
The school hallways in it's usual moment of silence, Austin made his way Inside and was glad the Principal didn't see him This time. He couldn't go to the class because he was sure there would a teacher and not too many of them liked him. He made his way into the school cafeteria, it was in modern form with different benches and wide tables in different rolls where students come with their cliques to eat. Different cliques and different kinds of people, the popular rich kids, the footballers and cheerleaders. He always ate alone and surprisingly for him, no one had noticed him enough for them to disturb his lunch break.He went into the cafeteria and met it empty with no one there at the time. He looked outside the window and saw the school field, he immediately remembered the incident where he punched jade and chuckled. He couldn't believe he actually did that, well there was a good side to him getting angry. Now he has to live with the consequences and dealing with Jade throughout h
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Chapter Ten
Tasha found the streets of Boston to be quiet or was It Austin who stayed in the Rural area of Boston? She thought to question him when he got back. Back in Brooklyn, she was used to fast-moving trains, Cars always honking and Roadside singers blazing with their instruments trying to make money. What a place of fun, she thought. She couldn't wait for Austin to get back so she could go home, she anticipated it like it was Christmas. She wasn't used to staying away from school, her friends, and Justin. She walked around, waving to people around but no one acted as if they saw her."Are they this rude" she muttered in silence and concluded she wasn't going to try to greet anyone again. She walked until she got to Austin's house and sat across the road, waiting for him patiently. A car pulled up in front of her and a dark-looking, tall boy with braids made with his natural hair and with a side cut came out carrying some luggage. She wondered who that was. He came down, carried his luggag
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