Hanging in the balance

Hanging in the balance

By:  Marshelle Knipe  Completed
Language: English
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The book is about a Goddess who visits Earth on a regular basis every five hundred years when a doppelganger emerges in the family bloodline, this also happens to be when the most supernatural crimes take place, so she has a mission to find out who is creating these troubles and killing off supernaturals. She meets a new friend, a young Alpha Wolf whose mate they partially saved but needs further assistance in catching her attacker who is creating death and destruction in the supernatural community, and to find this person they require the knowledge of a long-time friend of the Heroin; Gabriel the Vampire king who she had an affair with in one of her past lives. They soon figure out the demon who had been causing the uproar was sent by someone more powerful than her and her acts were not that of selfish greed for power but rather she is a puppet in a larger story.In the second half of this book FOOL ME ONCE the Heroin Scarlette no longer has the goddess sharing her body she is now just a supernatural Seer or so she thought, who is mated to the vampire king who's Clan is not happy that their king has been mated to a seer but his second in command stands by their king after thousands of years waiting for Scarlette Gabriel is finally rewarded an eternal mate but they face the dangers of his clan giving him the ultimatum to either turn her or reject her as his mate if he does not his clear swears to kill her and make him beg the gods to sculpt a vampire queen for them because they will not bow down to a seer. Little did they know, she was so much more.

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85 Chapters
I am standing in a room that is dark, lit with candles on chandeliers, I do not understand, where the hell am I? This looks like a scene in the series Reign, I am standing in what looks like a throne room, how am I standing here if I have never set foot in this place but I can smell the air in here smells like this place has been around for centuries, the temperature is bearable and that is saying a lot, I'm a Scottish lass so I can handle the cold but this? How are the candles still lit?Out of nowhere two people, or not people, since they have wings, one has black wings that look like they have spikes on the end which are red and the other has a white wing with a very shiny crown on her head, she is beating the devil out of that lad, I can tell you that much.Are those blackout curtains? It seemed so dark in here but when they flew in I saw a glimpse of light and I was definitely not in France.The white-winged one looks directly at me standing not too far from where the pair entered
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I was better prepared for a dream this time; It was not as pleasant as the one I had previously, no this time was more gruesome.A shadow followed a beautiful woman, with dark curly hair, it looked very natural, With the greenest orbs I have ever seen they would make any emerald shy. and a cheerleader body, she was wearing tennis shoes and a bottle green cardigan that was unbuttoned with a white vest, and a pair of straight-cut light wash blue jeans. She was running from it in a sweat, her heart racing in fear. she knew the shadow was following her, she could not have been older than 16. Before she could reach her destination the shadow caught up with her own shadow. It seemed as if the two shadows were wrestling and then the girl just slumped down, face ashen as if she had died weeks ago.I knew this was New Orleans because there was loud Jazz music, the way the streets were set up with that homey feeling, and the culture was so engulfing, I went to look up when the New Orleans Jazz f
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"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking; We have reached our destination. We now ask that you please fasten your seatbelts for landing, thank you for flying with Delta Airlines. I stretch out of my sleep and fasten my seatbelt. I had a cup of coffee and some crisps on the first flight and got a Mega McMuffin on the Atlanta layover, I am not sure if it was hunger from all the walking or boredom from all the waiting because I had waffles and berries on the flight from Amsterdam with another coffee and two bottles of Fiji water. Any hoots, 16 hours later, I am jetlagged AF, a bit famished from that six-hour second flight, waiting for my duffel bag to make its way to me, I did order a taxi service but I am wondering if I shouldn't just make my own life easier and rent a car? lord knows how long I will have to be in the States. I think I will make up my mind after proper sleep so I can go to the hotel and the rest can be sorted when my brain works. I have rented a condo throug
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Walking into Swig and Swine Barbecue I can tell that I will not be walking out of there anytime soon. The vibe is all there, and everyone is friendly.I walk straight up to the bar which is manned by the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She has the palest skin, like someone who does not enjoy the sun, and her hair is as white as snow. But her eye, oh her eyes are what draws me, it is the strangest shade of blue I have ever seen, it's pale blue but more like silver than blue, and she is built like a runner.It is rather loud, and since the guy at the car rental place had difficulties understanding me because of my Highlander accent, I taped on my phone to ask if it is okay to have Tom in here and hand the phone to her, she nods her head looks at me then starts typing on my phone with a smirk she hands it back.: "Cat got your tongue?" I burst out laughing,"You're a funny one! A few people had a hard time understanding me due to my accent! I'm Scarlette!" I yell over the music and
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I must have fallen asleep during one of the books, which month is beyond me. At some point Tom must have snuck out, to my memory I left no door or window open. Another mystery. I think a day out in nature should do me wonders. So I heat up my last cup of Joe, and finish off my leftovers. I must jump into another shower even though I will just be sweating in the sun again. My hike through…… is unbelievably beautiful, the view doesn’t compare to home in the slightest but it brings me closer to nature and calms my soul, as I sit on the wooden planks with my feet hanging off into the lake I hear footsteps behind me but I feel no fear so I am unbothered. “What is a beautiful woman doing all by herself in the woods?” “Good day to you too lad, I thought it was a hiking trail? It brought me here. If this is private property you should better label it so.” I say still soaking up the sun with my eyes closed and my face angled to the sun. The man scoffs, “Not at all the property is state o
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When I got home, I unpacked my shopping bags to make sure none of my newley purchased frozen goods goes off. I planned to chase after Lydia but the food in my boot made me prioritize accordingly. As Soon as I was done though, I went back to the pub, but no Lydia. Instead there was a young man he looks around 32 years of age, brown hair hazel brown eyes, if that even is a color! He built like a boxer. He is from what I gather around 6 feet 3 if I had to compare him I would say that he reminds me of Marcel from The Originals. “Hi, I am looking for Lydia?” He looks up from rubbing down the bar with a white cloth “If you find her please tell her that I will not give her another chance to fuck me over, whenever it gets busy the bitch disappears.” very angry vampire manager, oi this girl has gotten herself into a but load of trouble today. “Alright lad, calm down. I take it you’re the owner of this lovely establishment? The food is amazing. I bumped into Lydia at Urban Outfitters earli
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Since I was still facing Jackson when it happened he noticed very fast that something was not right. I see his mouth moving but I do not hear anything. Soon Markus's face is hovering over my now laid-down body."Markus gets here quickly, I need help." In a zoom, Markus appears before me, "He's been my best friend for as long as I have lived Mark has had the same face, when I run into trouble he is always there to help, when I am in a pickle he is always there to help me figure it out" Jackson explains "You've met Scarlette have ya? What happened?"I look at him with a frown on my face, but then continue on to explain "One moment I was laughing at her for not knowing who the hell Ed Sheeran is the next she is frozen in place. Then she told me about a vision she had and asked me to lead her to the place." "So why did you not follow Scarlette's instruction? Let's go Jax the lady said it was urgent. I will explain why we blindly follow her commands later. " My first vision while I am awa
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After Jackson introduces his Luna to his pack and they all go for a run, we sit in the pack dining room and feast together to celebrate their new Luna. His pack has many questions and I answer all of them, one of the asked me why I smell like a mixture of supernaturals he cannot seem to place my sent. Another asks me if I am the mother of vampires as that is all she can scent off me. Another answers the pups question with "No, Lilith is the mother of Vampires pup. stop bothering the moon goddess all of you let her feast with us." I choose to answer the pup though and correct the elder at the same time: "Haha, whoever said Lilith was the mother of vampires had quite the imagination on them. She was just a woman scorned by rejection and driven by anger because Adam moved on with Eve. But Lilly is not as bad as many may think, the lass has been through quite an ordeal, things I would not wish upon anyone, these things had lead her to make some choice decisions like following Lucifer
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After eating all the food I purchased, I did get us some slushies, and coffee, Jackson does not do coffee, more for me! Two of everything, we talking about; BBQ Bacon cheeseburger rolls, Big bite hot dogs, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken strips, and here begins the list of things my mouth has never tasted Glazed cheesy bbq meatballs, Hot honey boneless wings, Mini Tacos, Nachos I did also get us 2 Cheese Pizzas and 2 pepperoni pizzas. It's best to stick to the classics I've been told. If we get hungry again we can dig into the leftovers because we did not finish everything and then ofcause there are the snacks Jackson has been hiding from me. “I would like to if you don’t mind, pick up where Sasha left off. Who are you? Or rather what are you?” Puffing out a breath of air….. hmmm I should have expected nothing less, there is a reason they are soulmates. “FINE! Since you are being so relentless, you can share with your mate or hit record on your phone cause I will not be
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"What is happening now, Gabe? Do we wait for Scarlette to wake up and hope that it's your girlfriend?"Gabe looks at me with exasperation written all over his face. I can see I am testing his patience, but I do not care. At this point, Scarlette has grown on me and I do not wish any harm to fall upon her."No Jackson, if she wakes up by herself she will be your friend, not mine, nor ours. I will have to utter the words Mary taught me to awaken her soul and we will take it from there."Magic words? What in the hell have I gotten myself into? At that moment, Gabe gets on one knee and whispers to Scarlette:Foillsich naomhachd thu fein dhomh, guidheam ort. -“Holiness reveal yourself to me, I beseech you.” Scarlett's eyes glowed the brightest of gold. Jackson looks at me as if he is going to explode with questions. At that very moment, Scarlette reveals herself. SCARLETTE'S POV“Gabriel, it’s been too long. How are you, young one?” Bowing down, Gabe replies “I am very well holiness, how
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