Relentless Pursuit of His Lost Love

Relentless Pursuit of His Lost Love

By:  Phoebe Heather  Updated just now
Language: English
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Just as Emerald thought that all her hard work was paying off and Clayton was beginning to reciprocate her love, he made her sign a divorce paper the same day as their wedding anniversary and ordered her to abort their child as he can't wait to be with his first love. To keep her remaining dignity intact, Emerald signed the divorce paper and walked out of his life. The tables were turned when Clayton realized how he loves his ex - wife. A formidable man, a ferocious lion in the business world became a lovesick puppy chasing after his lost love.

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Christine Owings
137 chapters 9/6/23
2023-09-07 04:23:34
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Ilana Linker
Cannot put it down!
2023-08-09 09:19:51
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Delinda Schumacher
86 chapters 8-8-23
2023-08-09 00:25:15
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De’Borah Wright
I’m really enjoying it so far. I have noticed some repeating just a lil bit
2023-09-07 11:23:32
181 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Last Straw that Broke the Camel's Back
"Let's end this, I want a divorce."Clayton Strong threw the divorce paper in front of Emerald Trueman.The ruthlessness of the man was like a sword piercing her heart. Emerald pursed her lips as she suppressed the pain.She foolishly thought he finally warmed up with her as he had set a dinner date with her for the first time.Taking into consideration that he was swamped with work as his father gave the whole reins of the family's huge company to him, Emerald patiently waited for him for three hours. Enduring the scornful gaze thrown her way.Now, he showed up half an hour before the restaurant's closing hour. Then, unapologetically sat down while he threw the divorce paper at her.How cruel could this man be? Throwing divorce paper at her on their first wedding anniversary. "The 500 million dollars alimony after the divorce will allow you to live a life of luxury all through your life," Clayton didn't bat an eye when he wrote this amount of alimony as he only wants to be out of th
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Chapter 2 - Walked Out of His Life
As if he was expecting someone to come in, Clayton who had been working in his study, intermittently look at the door.In the past, Emerald unfailingly brought Clayton coffee whenever he worked in his study though he never appreciated her and treated her as an air. Unknowingly, it became a habit to him that he unconsciously anticipated Emerald to show in his study with a cup of coffee.Clayton sighed and stood up, got out of his study room. He was surprised to find himself in front of Emerald's room. He twisted the knob and pushed the door open. The room was completely dark, an indication that no one was there. He switched on the light and stepped in. He remembered four times he entered this room. Three times he barged into this to confront her about Lizzy. However, she didn't explain to him as he would not listen to any of her explanations because of his prejudice against her.Clayton thought that his father coerced him to marry Emerald under her manipulation.And the fourth time…
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Chapter 3 - A Different Emerald
Emerald emerged onto the runway and rocked a silver strappy plunge long gown with a slit at center of the gown. Emerald exuded an otherworldly beauty as she did her catwalk on the runway. From top to bottom she looked fantastic and stunning. Clayton's irises darkened as he scanned Emerald from her beautiful face, down to her fair and slender neck. His eyes moved to her sexy collarbones and shoulders. The valley between her bosoms was not missed out by his scrutiny as they went down to her tiny waist and further down to her sexy slender thighs and legs. The Emerald in front of him was the exact opposite of the docile and dull wife who waited for him at home. This Emerald before him emanates wildness. Clayton's throat bobbed up and down as he swallowed while his eyes were transfixed at Emerald's bare back showing her fair, flawless and glowing skin. Lizzy who sat next to Clayton was green with envy. She snorted and mumbled, "A country bumpkin will always be a bumpkin no matter wha
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Chapter 4 - Regret and Nostalgia
Simultaneously, admiration and amusement colored his eyes at how she quickly managed to fabricate a story without stammering. He underestimated Emerald. He had seen Emerald twice at his father's mansion before they got married. The imprinted impression in his mind that this woman was timid, boring and dimwit "Alright, let's go now. We'll have dinner before going home," Jim easily believed Emerald. Jim picked Emerald's handbag from the vanity table and held Emerald's hand as they stepped out of the room like there was no one with them. Ignored by Emerald who used to give all her attention to him as if he was the center of her world, Clayton felt like his heart plummeted to the sea of despair, drowning him. Now, she wouldn't even want to have a glimpse of him as if she was afraid to get dirty by simply sparing him a glance. What's more she already moved on with her life and found someone. After that night, Emerald vanished again and Clayton could not find her. Three best private
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Chapter 5 - Bad Tastes in Men
Emerald recognized that voice. It belongs to Red, one of her male friends. With a wide and bright smile she turned towards Red, but quickly her smile faded away as soon as she caught sight of the man beside Red. "You did great!" Red raised his hands with thumbs up and he walked near Emerald. "How long have you been here?" Emerald asked, ignoring the man standing next to Red. Clayton wanted to engulf her into his embrace. But held back as he didn't want to make another mistake that would cause her to run away again. Unconcealed adoration and longing danced in Clayton's eyes as he stared at the woman he had been searching for a long time. Last time, he saw her in an evening gown which stunned him. Today, she had the same effect on him even when clad in a race suit. "An hour?" Red said as he looked at his watch. Emerald nodded and acted normal as if she was unbothered with Clayton's presence. "By the way, I would like to treat you for lunch together with my cousin here," Red poin
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Chapter 6 - Undying Love
Emerald didn't slap him when he forcefully kissed her a year ago but what she said was worse than a physical slap.Clayton couldn't say anything to refute her. He had it coming. If he treated her differently. Respected her even though their marriage was an arranged marriage it wouldn't arrive at this point that Emerald would treat him as a scumbag. It was all his fault. "I agree with Shannon, you have a great taste. I remember when we were abroad when I got sick and you took care of me. The food you cooked or bought was superb!" Red had shining eyes as he reminisced about those time he had with Emerald. Bile of jealousy was surging into Clayton's throat from the pit of his stomach when he heard Emerald took care of his cousin. Clayton wanted to shut Red's mouth to stop him from blabbering."Fine, fine, I'm going to order food for you," Emerald chuckled.Red really wanted to gain Clayton's approval and he was confident that Emerald wouldn't fail to leave a good impression on Clayt
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Chapter 7 - Held Responsible
Up close, Red could see Emerald's nervous fidget while seated on the bench outside the emergency room.Self absorbed, Emerald wasn't aware that Red was closely observing her. Unable to hold back, Red opened his mouth to speak out his observation. "It seems that you and my cousin have known each other." Emerald snapped back from her musing, abruptly turned her head so that it hurt her neck a little. "Nonsense, I don't know him," Emerald just hoped Red would believe her and ask no more questions. "The way you called his name felt like he's someone close to you and why did you cry?" Red couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something between Clayton and Emerald. "I was the one who ordered the food. And if he died, who would be held responsible? The time his life ends, so does my career. Do you understand it?" Emerald stood up, feigning anger so as not being interrogated again.Comparing the two cousins, Red and Clayton both are good looking men but Red was inferior when it co
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Chapter 8 - It Wasn't Her Role
Without making a noise she closed the door. She's no longer Clayton's wife so she has no right to make a ruckus. It's Lizzy's role anyway. Speaking of Lizzy, she came as soon as Emerald turned her back. Lizzy didn't notice her as she was busy answering a call while making her way to Clayton's room. Lizzy stood rooted on the floor upon seeing Clayton being hugged by a woman while he slept. "What are you doing here?" Her loud voice woke up Clayton. The antihistamine Clayton took made him sleep soundly and wasn't aware that Shannon came in the middle of the night. Clayton was so shocked that he froze and was unable to push the woman hugging him. Lizzy pulled Shannon's hair making Shannon fall from the bed. Lizzy took advantage of it and sat on Shannon's body while slapping her. "You whore!" Fully awake, Shannon fought back. As a woman who was used to manual work, Shannon was strong and agile, hence she overpowered Lizzy. She flipped Lizzy around and was now on top, reversing the s
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Chapter 9 - A Likable Person
Emerald parked her car and alighted from the vehicle. And then, strolled towards her apartment building. As she was entering the lobby she heard someone calling her. She turned towards the source of voice and saw Red. He was standing beside the guard. "What are you doing here?" Emerald asked as she approached Red. "It's been a while since the last time I saw you," Red said, looking at her with pleading eyes. Considering that Clayton was not with him, Emerald had no reason to refuse him. She only avoided Red because she didn't want to cross paths with Clayon again. What she witnessed in the hospital altered her decision. Initially, she accepted the fact that she and Clayton will eventually meet again because of Red. But seeing how Lizzy went berserk when she saw Shannon lying on the hospital bed with Clayton, she feared that she would be misunderstood by Lizzy and create a scene. She knew Lizzy was not afraid to hurt her as she tried to do it multiple times. She was fortunate
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Chapter 10 - Walked Out of His Life
It was really Clayton and not a product of her imagination. Emerald, however, kept her mouth tightly shut and refused to talk to the man. A glum settled on Clayton's chest as Emerald regarded him as some stranger in the street. As though a large rock was pressed against his chest making him difficult to breathe. Emerald wondered who he was going to see at this time of the day. It was nearly midnight. With a chiming sound, the elevator stopped on the 20th floor and opened. Placing a hand on the elevator, Clayton gestured for Emerald to step out first before him. Raised and taught by her parents to be polite and grateful, Emerald said, "Thank you." Though she said it in a polite tone, it was tinged with distance and alienation. Wistfully, Clayton watched Emerald walk away as in reliving the day she walked away from his life. Why didn't he realize sooner that he fell in love with Emerald? Didn't they say that regret always comes at the end not in the beginning? But Clayton was
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