Hockey Alphas - Pawns For Pucks

Hockey Alphas - Pawns For Pucks

By:  Eden Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jamie is a lonely girl running from monsters of her nightmares. Desperate, she disguises herself and becomes the only girl in an all-boys boarding school. The problem? in the mysterious and formidable Ironcrest Academy, she is not the only one with a secret identity … but more? Will her true identity be safe, and can Jamie survive the training to uncover the mystery of what killed her family?

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Haven’t started reading it yet
2024-07-03 17:53:43
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Eden Moon
Thank you for reading! much love!
2024-02-13 07:22:56
77 Chapters
1. Interview
This should be the only place that’d keep me safe and would train me to investigate the mystery of what killed my family.IronCrest, an institution renowned for its rigorous training of hunters and athletes. 'Boy' hunters and athletes. The irony didn't escape me. Seated uncomfortably on a stiff plastic chair in the waiting room, my heartbeat thundered in my already constricted chest, resonating with the anxiety and anticipation that had been building in the months leading up to this moment. I remember walking through the bustling corridors of IronCrest Academy, a blur of black and dark blue jerseys and the raucous laughter of students filling the air. As I paused to let a rowdy group of boys pass, I felt their eyes on me. "A new freak in town, lets see how long this one will last." I heard the whisper. Their gazes, curious and probing, sent a wave of anxiety through me. Their laughter a stark contrast to the storm brewing in my mind. "Next... James," a detached, icy voice ca
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2. Double
"You know, I thought this was a single room," I stated, my confusion still evident. "The single rooms are usually reserved for the top three ranked students. That's typically the Head of Grade, the Hockey team Captain, and the top academic achiever. The rest of the single rooms? They're mostly off-limits, something about budget constraints or the like." Alec said. Noticing my hesitation, he said, "No worries if you're a private person. So am I. I hope the double room isn't too much of an issue... for either of us." His tone was friendly, but I couldn't shake off the unease settling in my stomach. "Uhh, I suppose..." I stuttered, my eyes veering to the two beds occupying the room. "I didn't catch your name, by the way." Startled, I turned to face him. "Oh, sorry, I'm James," I replied, sounding as casual as possible. He studied me for a moment, head tilted slightly. "You have quite a strong accent. Where are you from?" "Texas," I answered, thankful that was all he seemed to notic
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3. Shower Scare
I grabbed my towel, shampoo, and soap and braced myself for what lay ahead. The inevitability weighed heavily on me. Avoiding showers for an entire year was simply not an option. A montage of movie scenes played relentlessly in my mind. Stark, open shower rooms from every communal shower scene I'd ever seen. Rows upon rows of showerheads, with absolutely no barriers, where vulnerable figures stood exposed under the relentless cascade of water. The images were vivid, sending involuntary shivers down my spine. "Just be fast, lightning fast," I muttered, trying to suppress the rising dread overtaking my senses.I braced myself as I reached the bathroom door, ready for the worst. But to my surprise, it wasn't the nightmarish scene I'd anticipated.Instead, frosted glass stalls lined the room, offering some semblance of privacy. A wave of relief washed over me. I eyed the last stall, noticing it had an additional partial wall. A small but significant barrier that would provide more of th
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4. Firsts
I approached Alec, who stood like a sentinel by the chaotic mound of my hastily shed clothes. Seeing him so close to my personal belongings sent a wave of unease coursing through me. "Please, don't touch my stuff," I implored as I plucked my underwear from his hand. "I’ve respected your space. It's only fair you respect mine, okay?" There was a plea hidden beneath the surface of my words, a silent call for some semblance of privacy in this new, intrusive environment. If he didn't respect my personal space, I wouldn't be able to stay here for long.He mumbled a half-hearted apology before retreating to his bed. He fell back onto it with a thud, the mattress creaking under his weight. I pulled out my phone and showed him a picture of Riley. "This is my girlfriend back home," I explained, purposely looking a little gushy over her as I showed him. "She gave me these, told me to keep something to remind me of her. You know how it is." He chuckled and said, "Alright, man," then rolled ov
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5. Intermezzo
As Peter and I worked together in Chemistry, he offered some advice with a smile. "Chess isn't too popular here, you know. If you want to fit in, maybe pick a sport. There's a hockey tryout coming up. What do you think about hockey?""Hockey?" I mulled. "Back home in the south, it's not really a thing, but I'm intrigued. Perhaps it is precisely the challenge I am looking for. "Peter's expression darkened. "Just be careful. Those guys can be pretty ruthless on the ice. Trust me, I know firsthand how cruel they can be."His words hit me hard, the bullying incident in the bathroom flashing through my mind. The thought of what might occur on the ice, where aggression is common, was a little more daunting when I thought of it with yesterday's incident clouding my decision. The rest of the day was a blur. My other classes, including a seemingly pointless cooking class and AP Geometry, only frustrated me further. I was growing anxious – this wasn't what I had signed up for. I needed to ac
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6. Guide
The moment Professor Sherman opened the file handed to him by the admin lady, his demeanor shifted noticeably. He skimmed through the contents with an intensity that made the atmosphere in the room grow tense. When he suddenly looked up at me, his gaze was piercing, almost unnerving. "Professor Marlen Cooper's personal recommendation, eh? That's... curious." The mention of this Professor Cooper's name seemed to electrify the air. Everyone in the room visibly tensed, their postures straightening.I found myself agreeing silently. It was curious. I had no clue who Professor Cooper was, yet his name seemed to command a weighty respect. Sitting across from me, the twins nodded in unison at this revelation. Nick, beside me, just grunted, shifting uncomfortably in his seat."Well, as good a time as any for a quick review," Professor Sherman announced, making everyone groan. His sharp gaze silenced them instantly.He moved to the bookcase, retrieved a thick old book, and handed it to me. His
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7. Hideout
As I stood in Professor Sherman's office, my mind raced, trying desperately to regain some level of composure. The haunting images of Cameron in the bathroom surged back. The Professor's voice cut through my thoughts. "You're early, Mr. StClaire. I specifically said 15 minutes," he remarked, his frown deepening with stern disapproval. Standing all nonchalant, Cameron appeared utterly indifferent to the Professor scolding him. His focus was solely on intimidating me, making me almost shiver involuntarily. My stomach churned uneasily at the thought of being under his 'guidance.' Like during that distressing encounter in the shower, he was impeccably dressed. He had on black slacks that were perfectly pressed and crisp. Clinging to his muscular frame, he wore a midnight blue silk button-down shirt neatly tucked in. His hair was styled with precision, not a strand out of place. Among the sea of students who typically roamed the halls in their uniforms or athletic jerseys, Cam stoo
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8. No Amateur
As I sat across from Adrien, the chessboard forming a battleground between us, I couldn't shake my skepticism about his alleged lack of experience. The beads of sweat forming on my forehead were a testament to the unexpectedly intense challenge he posed. His gameplay bore the hallmarks of someone beyond a beginner. Far beyond. Adrien's opening move was my first hint that he was no amateur. I countered by developing my pieces, trying to control the center of the board, but he quickly evaded, moving his bishop into a strong position. It was clear that every move he made was calculated and informed, strategy you'd expect from a seasoned chess player. Each exchange was like a carefully choreographed dance, his moves leading the way. I found myself on the defensive, constantly reacting to his aggressive yet controlled play. The way he trapped my bishop, leaving me no choice but to sacrifice it, was a move of someone who had spent considerable time mastering the intricacies of the game.
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9. Skating
I spent the rest of the day in various classes and ensuring every corner of the dorm room was immaculate. I couldn't risk giving Alec any reason to rummage through my belongings. I tried to distract myself, but no matter what I did, I grappled with a looming sense of panic. Skating. The very thought made me cringe. My experience with skating was limited at best, restricted to a handful of childhood attempts on roller skates across a wooden floor. The memory of my one and only disastrous incident with inline skates, resulting in my body covered in bruises and a missed day of school, did little to bolster my confidence.But, like with everything else in my life these days, I couldn't just wallow. Determined to face my fears head-on, I decided to scope out the hockey practice.Sneaking into the auditorium, I found a discreet spot in the stands, my heart racing with anticipation and dread. Adrien's words earlier that day echoed in my mind. If I could figure out how to survive the hocke
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10. Shirt or Skin
The morning light filtered through the dorm room curtains as I stirred awake. Across the room, Alec was already up, immersed in a book with a cup of coffee in hand. He glanced up, offering a simple nod as he noticed me waking up. There was something about Alec that struck a balance between being present and giving space. His quiet respect for boundaries made sharing a room with him less daunting than I had initially feared.Living with a boy, a notion that once filled me with apprehension, now seemed surprisingly manageable. In fact, Alec's presence, far from being overwhelming, had quickly become a comforting constant. His meticulous nature, something I had pegged as potentially problematic, was turning out to be a trait I appreciated more each day.I realized I was adopting some of his cleanliness habits. Sharing a space with someone so orderly was positively influencing me – a side effect I hadn't anticipated.As I prepared for the day, I was thankful I remembered to wear a shirt
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