Ice Hockey Stud and His Best Friend's Sister

Ice Hockey Stud and His Best Friend's Sister

By:  Kerry Kennedy  Completed
Language: English
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Cody is at the top of his game as an ice hockey player. He's rich, smart and successful. He's also a player and likes the girls. He's not interested in settling down. When his best friend's little sister, Imogen comes back home for the winter vacation things start to change. Imogen can't stand the sight of Cody. He's arrogant, conceited and full of himself and he's a serial dater. On top of that her big brother has sworn her off being allowed to date any of his team mates, especially not Cody. When they find themselves forced together the dynamic changes, emotion and feelings burn through them. Will they give in to their feelings for each other? A powerful story of young adult love, hope and happiness.

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Catrina Spertino
So looking forward to book 2
2024-02-06 00:01:51
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Ferencz Biborka
It’s a good story, but I think it needs a good editor. Also there are parts which keeps repeating. I get that they are into eachother, but almost every chapter is about the same complains. It would be nice to see more conversations & actions than complains :). Waiting for the new chaps x
2023-12-04 17:08:27
user avatar
Tina Rose
Okay, Cody...... keep it up, this book is lit
2023-11-20 14:26:38
user avatar
Gail t
I keep trying but the inconsistencies make it hard. Descriptions change, relationships change, back stories change. It needs a good going over.
2024-05-02 08:26:07
user avatar
S Night
I've loved reading this book. I can't wait for the update.
2023-12-30 20:00:21
default avatar
It's a good story, but there's a lot of continuity errors. First, you should look up how a hockey season goes because it does not end after American Thanksgiving nor do they play different teams during the playoffs. they play almost seven games against the same team before moving on to the next team
2024-05-28 13:42:40
133 Chapters
Chapter 1
Cody“What the fuck, man.” I’m not impressed. Atlas is standing in front of me, his bare chest on full display. We’ve just come off the ice and the game was hard, the opposition almost kicked our asses but I managed to score in the last two minutes. Way. To. Go, me.“Don’t be like that, Cody.” Atlas starts drying himself off and pulls on his boxer shorts. Good, because I sure don’t like having a conversation with a man with his tackle on display. “You need someone in to help keep your place in condition and to cook for you. It’s Imogen or someone you don’t know that will be assigned you.”FFS, I don’t need anyone around my place fluffing up damn pillows, cleaning and taking care of me. I’m a frigging adult already. I’m twenty-four, a centre player for the best ice-hockey team here in Minnesota and definitely not someone who needs a wet nurse.“Imogen is just a kid, man. The last time I saw her she had pigtails still.” Okay, maybe she didn’t but that’s how I’ll always remember her. The
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Chapter 2
ImogenI’m not impressed to say the least. Here I am back at my folks home in Minnesota with my mom clucking around me like a mother hen. Anybody would think that I’ve never been back since I left to work in a restaurant in New York City. That didn’t work out too well for me and I set up on my own as a nutrionist to some seriously wealthy people. Er, that didn’t work out too great either. “Oh, my it’s so good to have you home sweetie.” She says wrapping me in her arms and almost suffocating me. I glance over my shoulder and see dad standing behind her with the broadest smile on his face you could possibly imagine. “Good to see you, honey.” He says, naturally waiting his turn to squeeze the living daylights out of me too. This is what happens every time I come home. It’s always the same. They fuss and pamper me like they haven’t seen me for years. Jeez. I come home every Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas and New Year and Easter. I’ll always travel back for their birthdays and I’ve been
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Chapter 3
ImogenWe had a lovely evening despite the fact that I am mad as hell at Atlas for deciding for me, that I was going to be Cody’s nutrionist. Inside I’m all churned up and wanting to get right back on a flight to where I came from. Only, I can’t. There’s no way I can afford to live in New York. At the moment. But, I am hell bent on getting back there at some point. I love the vibrancy of the city, the different quarters and the diversity of people.Don’t get me wrong it’s nice here where I grew up in Minnesota, there’s a bundle of stuff to do and as a kid we’d travel from here into Canada and took trips across to Alaska. That’s another place on my list to roam to and stay for a year or two. I’m young, I can afford to travel some.Mom couldn’t stop fussing around, it was cute. Secretly, I think she’s kind of pleased that I’ll be sticking around a while. My dad certainly is, he couldn’t stop telling me last night how much it meant to him to have his little girl back home. Sure, it would
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Chapter 4
CodyAs I stand leaning against the door frame I’m completely taken back by the woman who is with Atlas as she trails reluctantly behind him. If I didn’t know any better that’s the Imogen of old, the one that sulks, huffs and puffs and can create a drama out of nothing.Only, I’m also not entirely sure it’s the one and same person. This woman is so fucking damn hot that I feel a stir in my pants. Her hips are narrow and taper down to some very fine long legs, encased in those spray on black jeans of hers and damn she isn’t even wearing any heels. An image of them wrapped around my neck flashes in front of my eyes. Shit. I feel blood rushing to my cock. Thank god I’m wearing tight denims that can keep it contained and not my sweat pants that I favour most of the time. Only I thought I’d better make a bit of an impression even though I don’t get along with Atlas’ sister.She comes closer and I notice how luscious and soft her dark hair looks as it hangs down her back and some over her s
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Chapter 5
ImogenWow this place is huge, it has vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. The front look onto the gardens which I'm betting Cody has a gardener or two. His Porsche and his black Range Rover are parked out the front. He's standing right behind me, I can feel his breath on me, it makes me tingle. Fuck it, I can't feel like this about him. He's my enemy and I'm really pissed that my body is having some kind of betrayal going on right now.I turn furious at him for being so close and at me for having this reaction. "Do you mind, you're in my fucking space. Back off." Too much? I don't really care, we need boundaries but before I can open my mouth, I hear my brother's voice cutting in. Again."Imogen, stop with the shitty attitude." I pull a face and stick my tongue out. at my brother. "So adult of you." He's clearly not impressed but Cody has a smirk on his face, one I'd like to slap off his face. "You ready to see your room." Cody says as he grabs my bag from my shoulder. I qu
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Chapter 6
Cody Damn it. I walk back to the open plan lounge area all the while running my hands through my hair. My dick has had a life of its own as I stood right behind her inhaling her intoxicating shampoo, coconut. It took all my power not to grab her round the waist and turn her to me and plant kisses on her lips. Fuck this. I can’t be having an attraction to Immi. It’s just not on. My memories of her are a spoilt little brat who got her own way from her daddy and her big brother, my best friend Atlas. I’m blaming her spoiltness directly on those two. He never went anywhere without her and nobody was allowed to date or touch his little princess. It perhaps wasn’t nice of me to have taken the piss out of her so much, but you know we were fucking kids what can I say? Now what’s the problem is that she’s all grown up. Little annoying Immi has grown into a sexy, hot woman and my dick wants to get right inside her and fuck her senseless. This isn’t going to work out, her living here in my hous
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Chapter 7
ImogenHe’s such a jerk sitting there watching television, he hasn’t even turned round once to acknowledge me. I’m cutting up lettuce as if I’m slicing his fingers off one by one. Because how mad I am, I could easily do this to Cody fucking Brannigan.He’s watching a hockey game and I’m trying my damndest not to stare at his broad shoulders and those tattoos that are running down his arm from his white tee. He’s not evening tensing his arms and I can see the form of his bicep muscles, the ones that in between thinking of cutting his fingers off, I want to run my hands down and trace the patterns of. I’m hot and flustered and I feel a warmth rush up from my pussy to my stomach. Holy Fuck. I chop harder. He doesn’t seem to notice or he’s really good at ignoring people.I add some bell tomatoes, feta cheese and red onion to the salad and sprinkle it with basil before drizzling olive oil over it. The chicken I was grilling is finished, I slice it in thick chunks and lay it on his plate be
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Chapter 8
Cody Right, well I wasn’t expecting that. I thought the last thing she’d want to do is come out with a rowdy group of hockey players tonight. Damn it. Now I’m going to watching her all night, I won’t be able to keep my eyes off her. Why the fuck does she have to be so damn hot? I mean HOT. Her eyes are flaming as she smacks my plate down on the counter. I know I’m riling her up and it’s amusing me. It’s childish I know, but I can’t help myself. She’s in my space. I could kill Atlas for putting me in this position. I don’t need a woman around, especially not this one. She’s driving me to distraction and I’ve got a serious game at the weekend. All our games are serious, we are top in the country right now and none of us can let that slide. The practice sessions, the training, the endless drills are hard work. But it’s worth it. I love being there right at the top. It was my dream since I was a kid and knowing my folks have always been right behind me, means that I can’t ever let them d
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Chapter 9
ImogenI’m so angry at him. He honestly thinks that he is some kind of gift to women. Yeah, so what? I have checked his Instagram page. I couldn’t help it. There was a stupid stage I went through when I was about fifteen when I really fancied him. Personally, I blame it on being a teenager and growing up.Even though he constantly took the piss out of me and was always banging on about me reading or having my head in a book and being a goodie-two shoes, I still fancied him. Who wouldn’t with his gorgeous electric blue eyes and that hair that falls ridiculously into his face. His jaw line has always been chiseled and those cheek bones would make a model jealous. Then there are those fat, plump lips. They would drive me insane. Every time he’d be saying something shitty to me, all I could do was watch them and wonder what it’d be like if he kissed me. Of course, Cody was way too busy being a jerk to me and kissing other girls.That man has always been a serial dater. He’s a fucking man-
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Chapter 10
Cody “Change of plan.” Atlas says on the other end of the phone. “We’re going to drive to Half Moon Bay and go to the bar on the ocean front. You still in?” I’d rather have gone to Daisy’s it’s up the road, it’s comfortable and everyone knows us there. The vibe is good but if Atlas wants to go to Half Moon Bay then that is where we’ll end up. He usually get his own way being team captain and all that. “Sure, why not. I’ll drive since I’m not drinking. Our game is at the weekend I don’t want to feel like shit going into it. It’s too important.” “No problem. I’ll not be drinking much either just a couple of beers. But you know for Imogen it’ll be lovely to take her out to the ocean front. Especially having been stuck in New York.” “They have the bay there.” I say not impressed the change of plan is all about Immi. Fuck’s sake. When did she become the most important person to impress? I know she’s Atlas’s sister but really? “It’s not the same bro, you know that. I’ve spoken to the gu
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