Innocent or Not

Innocent or Not

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Lia Andrews was a mystery to most. Growing up with Lung cancer definitely can't be easy for a royal. When Lia attends a public school for the first time in ages , she meets Ace Romano the schools trouble maker but there's always reasons as to why we do the things we do. When Ace lands his eyes on Lia , he can't help himself but feel a possessive side of her. Wanting to protecting her and love her forever. Cherish her as if she was gold . When troubles erupt , Lia has no choice but to crumble and the fear of being alone again drowns her... Could Lia ever have the normal life all teenagers should have?

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Karaliene Dronning
So interesting!
2021-07-28 18:21:13
28 Chapters
Lia contemplated on whether she was gonna wear her pink necklace or her black beaded necklace. She rested a hand on her hip casually as she eyed the necklaces. However, as she was supposed to choose? It was to be her first day in a public school and to say the least, she was nervous. Nonetheless, she was also happy that she was cancer-free meaning she didn't need to spend her long boring days in a hospital bed. "Dear hurry up! The car will be leaving soon!" Her mother yells but Lia was oblivious to her mother's calls.Lia rose her buttoned nose in the air, proudly. She would have to go with her pink necklace because she loved pink. She decided on that and successfully put it on. She beamed as she did a few twirls. "Lia!" Her mother yells and she squeals as she grabs her green backpack and raced downstairs.Her mother stood her suit on and her hair wrapped in a bun. Her sweet lavender scent lingering off of her making Lia giggle. She loves the way he
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Ms.Gowan continued her lesson about the new inventions and Lia was dying to leave. With Ace constantly staring at her she felt small and uncomfortable. Lia grazed her finger on her paper and a small paper cut formed. Lia hissed and watched the little blood pour out. "Here let me see," Ace asked but it was more of an order making Lia confused as ever. She slowly showed Ace her paper cut and he simply used tissue and covered it. Then he gave her kisses over her little finger making Lia blush uncontrollably. "U-um Ace?" She whispers making Ace look up at her. "I-I think it's all good now." She smiles softly as she snatched her finger out of his grasp. That only made Ace mad but he couldn't say anything. The bell ranged shortly and Lia smiled as she hoped she would make a friend in her next class. "Wait." Ace calls out for her making her confused but she did as he said and waited. "Can I walk you to your next class?" Ace ask
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It was gym class. A class Lia so desired. Watching tv shows she always liked gym. She liked to have fun and to always smile. When she was younger and not so sick with cancer , she was the messiest little girl ever. But ... Lia officially hated gym to this day when a ball can flying at her and hit right on her noes. Blood oozing out of her . "You okay new girl? Oh bloody hell someone get the nurse!" The coach , Coach Kay , says while pulling the girl off the ground.Lia was in soft tears as she hiccuped a little , shaking her head while doing so. "I-It hurts."  She choked out as she felt someone come behind her. Soft hands grabbed her hand and she was faced to Aces eyes.He frowned slightly before his eyes flashes with angry. "Who did this Lia?" He coos but Lia only cried not being able to say anything. "Let's get you to the nurse." He sa
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"Princess , would you like something to eat?" Jane , a maid of hers says with a soft smile. Lia was on her bed with a smile on her face as she did her homework."Yes thank you! Can I have pancakes please?" She asked nicely . Jane only smiled as she nodded her head.Jane has always been her maid ever since she was five. Too her Jane was like her second mother she could depend on. Her phone buzzed and she looked at it confusingly. Hey . Can I come over ? She totally forgot she gave her number to Ace yesterday.Lia felt her heartbeat rise and she grabbed her phone , almost falling off the bed at that . Yes ! Let's have a sleepover ! She texted back with a couple of emojis.It's a school night . You need your sleep silly . Text me your address. He replied back making Lia saddened but she understood. She gave him her address and got up from her bed waltzing over to her closet. She pulled out a yellow summer dress and she
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Ace looked at her with a soft smile before interlocking his hands with hers. "I just got into a little fight with my sister." Lia frowned slightly but nodded her head. She didn't know much about his family , maybe they were crazy. "Okay! Well guess what Ace , I asked my mom to buy you something." She lets his hands go and she pulled a white box out of her bag. "Open it quickly." She demands as she she smiles up at him.Ace was hesitant before he opened it and saw a gold necklace. "Now we're matching see." She pulled out her necklace and showed it to him. The necklace hand a heart on it making Ace smile . He kissed her cheek and she blushed like always ."Thank you Lia." He said sincerely . He was too cherish this necklace to the day he dies. He puts the necklace on and then they start walking around the hallways.Ace had to tell Lia something important . He wasn't goi
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The next day came along. It went well where Lia went to all her classes. Even though Ace hasn't arrived yet , she managed to get to her places. That all stopped until a skinny tall girl with brunette hair walks up to Lia with a killer look. "Like... what's your deal?" Lia stares at the tall girl with a confused look . "I-I'm sorry what?" The brunette laughed as she looked at her friends before looking back at Lia. "Ace. Yeah stay away from him. He's my boyfriend." Lia blushes as looks down. She felt this pain in her chest because he didn't tell her that he was dating someone as beautiful as her. "Oh? Okay then I'll stay away if that's what you." Lia felt that maybe the brunette which her name was Bethany thought that Lia was clingy . Bethany smirked as she walks away with her tall friends and Lia's smile soon fades as she starts walking to her next class. "Hey... 
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Ace noticed the girl sleeping and he smiled down at her. He picked her up with ease and she instantly clanged onto him tightly. His phone ranged slightly disturbing him but he picked it up. "What?" He says rudely in the phone. "River wants to chat. Something about you killing his son or something?" His closes friend , Noah , exclaims. Ace smirked at the thought and he told him that he would be there in a hour. "Mm.. too loud shh." Lia mumbles as she holds onto his neck tighter. He smiled softly as he rubbed her back and they finally made it too his car. He was about to pull her to the passenger's seat when she groaned and shook her head. "You don't want to sit in the seat Lia?" He asks softly and she nodded her head softly . "My lap then?" She has a bright smile on her face and nodded. Her cheeks flushed but she didn't mind it much. Luckily he brought his really big car so they would be able to fit.
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Ace look at Bethany from afar and was truly disgusted by her. She sits there with her friends and laugh about nothing important; it only ticked Ace off more. "So you want this girl beaten because she messed with your girlfriend?" Noah says with a cocky grin. Ace scowls at him and sends him a glare. "Oh you're serious! Well then I might have to meet this girlfriend of yours."  Ace only smiled sarcastically at his friend. Though he didn't want any male to met Lia , he was okay with just Noah meeting her. "Look I don't want her dead. I'm no murder." Noah smirked at that and Ace only shook his head. "I just want to teach her a lesson to not mess with Lia or there will be consequences."  "Oh ... oh so her name is Lia . That seems like a cute name." Noah smiles as he sparkles his eyes to Ace. He only looked at his friend with disgus
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Ace. What's their to say about him? He was a psychopath or murderer or just a boy with a broken heart. Though he's been called worse , one thing he hasn't been called was bunny. That's until Lia calls him one. "A bunny? How?" He laughs as he takes a sip of his water.  Right now the two were at a small cafe talking nonstop about anything . Never getting bored. "Yes a bunny! Your noes is really cute and ... and you're always frowning and bunnies frown so..." she trails off as she picks at her cake. Ace smiled at her before lifting her chin . "Alright then if you're gonna call me bunny then you have to let me call you princess." Lia looks up at him with a frown . Like before she didn't like to be called princess. "I-I don't like it." She mumbles as she takes a spoon of cake into her mouth . Ace brought her it.  "Why not ?"
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Lia frowned as she saw her grandmother appear. She didn't like her grandmother from her father's side because she always made Lia do things she didn't want to. Lilith, Lia's grandmother , always cared for Lia. After the kidnapping , Lilith made sure that she had bodyguards with her twenty four seven. But that's not the only reason why she disliked her . It was simply because she was mean and rude.  "Oh my baby!" Lilith cries out as she walks over to Lia with her arms out. Cradling Lia , the familiar perfume smell drowned her nose making Lia want to run away. "Grandmother." She spat out as she hugged her and then soon departed. Once they did Lilith grabbed her chin roughly and forced her to look at her. "Are you having fun at school?" Lia blushed as she shifted on her feet and she simply nodded her head. "Yes grandmother."  
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