Love Between Us

Love Between Us

By:  Creesey1234  Completed
Language: English
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Jane Anne- Being betrayed by your best friend and Husband doesn't hurt more than Loving a man who doesn't love you back. Grayson - My wife has always been the love of my life but destiny and life was too cruel to me. I love her and only her and will always love her. ........... After being betrayed by her husband and best friend Jane is set out for revenge. But fate has other plans for her. Cover by Navyblueee

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Sakshi Singh
relly bad story i mean how can these two lying cheaters get their happy ending jane was pathetic and selfish so was greyson his poor daughters have suffered the most they didn't deserve to be the main couple really disappointed by the author this time please dont write anything like this again.
2024-05-11 21:26:08
default avatar
Loved this story!
2023-09-15 06:08:17
default avatar
105 chapters 8-26-23
2023-08-26 21:41:24
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Favour Victor
the book is going nice, continueeeeee
2023-08-26 06:26:19
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Cree Say
good book. please continue author
2023-08-12 01:41:35
user avatar
nice story.
2024-01-02 21:54:22
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Camilita Vargas
It had a good start, we connect with the FL for what she has been through. Then she acts the same way her ex-husband, but worst: she starts an affair with her employee, who has a dying wife and 2 kids. That totally ruined the story, and turned the main coulpe into despicable characters.
2024-01-25 00:27:27
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Vivi Tay
She get betrayed by her husband and her Best frend but she herself acted as a whole herself,having sex with her driver who is married and even help his wife who is sick ,disgusting
2023-09-23 22:57:27
106 Chapters
Chapter 1
Jane's P.O.V I opened my eyes to the bright light seeping through my window curtains. I smile as the memories of yesterday came back to me.I slowly sat up straight as I turned to face my sleeping husband. He must have been exhausted from all the activities that went on between us.I scoot closer to him placing a light kiss on his shoulder and tracing the fire tattoo on his arm.I rested my head in the crook of his neck kissing softly over there. I heard him groan and I giggle."Wakey,wakey sunshine"I giggle as he grabs me by the waist pulls me on top of him."hey baby"he whispers in his hot morning voice before kissing me on the lips.I kissed him passionately.I really love my husband so much that I can't get enough of him.He is every woman's dream and I got him. Every time I wake up to see his handsome face, I can't help but feel lucky that he is mine alone. Mine to love and min to keep.I am so over possessive of him and I don't regret it because his mine and mine alone."Oh ba
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Chapter 2
Jane's P.O.V"Thank you Doctor Roberts for everything,my husband will be so happy to hear the news " I tell the middle aged woman."I'm glad I could help you. Just give me a call when you take the test. Don't forget to use the medicine " she says before handing me the prescription. I smile and handed them over to my personal maid Erica who has a faint smile on her face.I'm in a good mood today'. I think to myself.I thank her once more before taking my leave. My maid brings my phone to me as we walk through the parking lot towards my car."Your mom is on the phone ma'am" she says"Thanks"I tell her before taking the phone from her,she looked at me in surprise.What? It isn't the first time I have said something nice to her. I tell her nice things all the time so why is she surprised."Hi mummy"I say cheerfully"Hey baby,how are you? How was the doctors appointment?" she bombards me with questions." I'm fine mummy. Doctor Roberts says everything is fine I just need to buy some medi
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Chapter 3
Jane's P.O.VI immediately went to hug him as he removes his hand from her waist and hugs me back tightly."I miss you so much Anne" he smiles"Well I don't because you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend" I whisper before breaking from the hug and scowling at him."And you must be Esperanza,my brother has said so much about you. You are beautiful"I say and she looked surprised.I pull her into a hug ,which surprised her by the way. We broke from the hug and I couldn't keep my eyes off her, she looks so familiar,like I've seen her somewhere before but I can't put my finger on it.Just then mom,dad and Flynn came behind me."Hey mom and dad,hello Flynn" my brother said hugging our parents and awkwardly waving at Flynn.Jayden isn't really a fun of Flynn,he says he is too perfect to be true but I always brush it off because I'm happy with him."Oh my ,you must be Esperanza. I am Fernanda and this is my husband Gabriel,it is lovely to finally meet you. My son can't stop bragging about yo
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Chapter 4
Jane's P.O.VThree weeks is what it has been since my husband and I started trying for a baby and nothing has happened and I don't see anything. I know it is too early to think other wise but my patience is running thine. Flynn is thinking of IVF'S or we could try surrogacy,but I don't want another woman carrying my child. People might think, Jane you are too young to have children, why the rush. Well Flynn and I have been married for 4 years now and his parents are beginning to ask for grandchildren.I just want to have my children before the press start to get involve in our business.Today daddy and I are going to interview the new chauffeur slash buddy guard. He thinks the present one is getting old and he needs lighter work.Not that I can't drive myself,I can but daddy is just over protective of me.Flynn is away on a business trip in Scotland. The oil factory over there needs supervision and since dad couldn't be there, he is supposed to be there to place him.I walk down th
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Chapter 5
Grayson's P.O.V"Honey is that you"I hear my wife's weak voice say from the hall.I hang my coat on the rack and walk inside to find her lying on the couch tiredly.I walk and sat beside her,I helped her sit down and took her hands into mine."So how did it go?Did you get the job?"she asks tiredly with hope in her eyes. I kiss her hands and hair before smiling."Yes. I got the job!"I say excitedly."Oh. Thank God. I was so worried because you were late and it was because of the kids" she says with a content sigh."Yeah. I was lucky, the personal assistant had to intervene on my behalf " I tell her."Aww God bless her for that. I wish I had the strength to bake to for her as an appreciation" she smiles weakly."Yeah,I have to start on Monday and she was generous enough to give our children a scholarship in their school. Now we can hire the nurse for you" I tell her "No,no,I told you I can handle myself and the kids. I don't want to be weak" she reasons."You are not weak. You are a st
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Chapter 6
"Ma'am the new driver is here"Erica says."Okay tell him wait for me,I'll be down shortly and prepare a room for him in the east wing"I tell her she nods before leaving.I need to finalize these shipment papers before tomorrow but now it has to wait.Today my hair was in a ponytail and I was wearing a white short dress which has been tied on the shoulder with some brown heels.I packed my papers back into the file and head out of the study.I walk to my large and spacious living room to see Mr. Dolan standing there with his duffle back strapped against him wearing a very cute leather jacket which makes him look so hot.Keep your shit together Jane! "Welcome Mr. Dolan, hope you are fine?"I asked with a smile. Today my makeup was a little more than usual because I had a zit on my right cheek."Thank you once again Ma'am for giving me this job"he says in a grateful tone and I nodded."Please have a seat,I have something little to discuss with you. Well my dad said it was necessary and
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Chapter 7
Flynn is coming back today and I'm so happy. I haven't seen him in a month,he had to extend his stay since the entire process took longer than I expected.Mira came back a week ago looking more radiant.The house has been more interesting than ever. Grayson and I have established a good working relationship, even tho he still makes me blush every time he talks to me.Like when he decided to cook for us because Erica came down with a cold and Miss Flores retired. He even helped me in finding her replacement. We still eat dinner together along with Erica. He helped me take care of Erica, because I would have killed her... I don't know my way around the kitchen.Erica is now fine and active again,that is why she helping me sort out my design tab. My dad's company annual gala is coming up and I have to be ready for it. This gala had been held in my family for years. It upholds the Jones family name, it also a take over day. It is when the new successor or heir will be introduced to t
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Chapter 8
Three weeks has passed since Flynn and I argument and I haven't spoken to him since.After I stormed out of the house and went to my parents, pouring out my heart to my mom,who consoled me afterwards and baked me some cookies just like old times,I went back home.Everywhere was silent and things got awkward between Grayson and I. I was embarrassed he had to witness my husband and I arguing over him.Flynn tried to apologize on so many occasions but I didn't give him the time of the day. I was stubborn and I wouldn't let it slide easily.I don't sleep in the same room as him. I always leave the house before he is awake and I take breakfast to work.Mira hasn't spoken anything about me being dull at work although she suspect something had happened but she hasn't said a thing and I'm grateful.Grayson still takes me to work and bring back home. We don't talk when we are in the car alone and he started calling me 'Ma'am'. I guess he trying to respect my marriage.I have been spending mor
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Chapter 9
The party has been going on for hours and it is getting boring each passing second.I left Flynn side when my dad came and started talking business with him and I haven't seen him since. I keep walking around greeting the guests with fake smiles.I'm honestly really tired,I wish I could go home and sleep just like my brother did.He only gave the excuse of Esperanza being sick to go home. Probably to F*CK her.I then spot Grayson and Erica standing behind the piano talking.I walk towards them hastily to avoid talking to anyone else."Why aren't you guys socializing?" I asked looking between the two."Oh we are actually fine here. Erica was actually giving me a quality time telling me about her experience in Ohio" Grayson says with a smile and somehow I feel hurt and disappointed and jealous.I wanted to be the one he has quality time with not my help/friend.I think Erica sense the mood I was in so she immediately cleared things up."He is just joking..I was only telling him about
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Chapter 10
Saturday mornings are my favorite, because I basically do nothing at all. Most of the time I go to the spa to relax.Sometimes Flynn and I go to my parents retort beach to spend the weekend.But today is not one of those days. Today I am going to learn how to cook. I have always wanted to be one those pretty girls who cook for their husbands and bring them homemade lunch at work. My mom is an example of those women,I think it is part of the reasons my dad loves her so much.I didn't learn how to cook because I was invested in my education and didn't want to miss out on my teenage years. That is why today I asked Erica to be my teacher. Her meals are pretty good and she was willing to teach me.Well I bribed her with this new Chanel bag she has been wanting for ages and it was completely sold out."Okay so today we are going to start with some basic break fast. Scrambled eggs and sausage with bacon. Plus pancakes" she says showing me her ingredients.Flynn is out with his friends an
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