Love Under the Mistletoe

Love Under the Mistletoe

By:  Krista Lakes  Completed
Language: English
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Holly has always loved Christmas, but this year is different. As a school teacher, she’s worried about her students, her dad, and her entire town. All of them are poised for a terrible Christmas, and there’s nothing she can do about it. The only bright spot in her life is the mysterious man she meets at the holiday party. Nathan has always hated Christmas, but this year is different. As a billionaire, he’s excited about his new plans for his company, but as always, it’s all about the money. When he meets the bubbly woman who doesn’t care about his wealth, love blossoms under the mistletoe. It almost seems like magic. But their lives are more intertwined than either of them originally thought. It turns out that Nathan’s plan for the future of his company is the very thing that’s destroying Holly’s community. Holly begins to understand why everyone refers to Nathan as a Scrooge, and she thinks that the wonderful man she shared a passionate weekend with was nothing more than a lie. Will Nathan be able to prove that she saw the real him? Will Christmas magic prevail, or will their love vanish like a kiss under the mistletoe? NYT Bestseller Krista Lakes brings you this brand new heartwarming holiday romance. This standalone novel will convince you that love can make the magic of Christmas real.

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38 Chapters
Chapter One
HollyHolly Jones pulled out a red pen and started grading.“Did you seriously bring your grading with you?” Aliyah asked, turning to look from the road to stare at her friend.“Yes. And pay attention to the road, please,” Holly replied, motioning to the twisting mountain road in front of them. “It’s snowy and this pass is always slippery.”“Yes, Ms. Jones,” Aliyah replied, sounding like one of their second-grade students. “You know this is supposed to be a vacation, right?”“Yes.” Holly circled and marked the writing assignment of her student in front of her. “But, I’ll feel like I’m on vacation when these are done. I only have a couple left.”Aliyah shook her head sadly. “You work too hard.”“You work just as hard as I do,” Holly replied. She slid a finished page back into her folder.“I’m not the one grading papers right now,” Aliyah said, turning on the windshield wipers to brush away the big snowflakes. It was snowing harder the closer they got to the ski resort.“That’s because
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Chapter Two
NathanNathan’s phone buzzed like an angry hornet on the leather seat. Nathan didn’t even glance at it. He kept his eyes on the road. Snow flurries danced in front of his headlights as he sped along the dark road toward the ski resort.The heated seats kept him more than comfortable. The engine hummed with power as he shifted into a lower gear to accelerate up the mountain road. Behind him, two black SUVs struggled to keep pace with his silver all-wheel drive Ferrari.The phone continued to buzz and he continued to ignore it as he focused on speed and taking the turns. He pushed harder, taking the icy turns just a little bit faster. The car slid, but he stayed in control.He was on vacation now and there was no way he was going to let anyone ruin that for him.It had been a rough month. He needed this.He took the corner and the ski resort came into view. It was only then that he stopped driving like a madman. Blue Aspen Resort and Spa was one of his favorite places to ski. He’d skied
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Chapter Three
Holly“Is that your stomach?” Holly asked. A low grumble filled the elevator.Aliyah shifted her feet uncomfortably. “Yeah.”“Are you okay?” Holly asked. Beads of sweat popped out on Aliyah’s forehead and she looked pale. Her beautiful skin was usually a rich milk chocolate, but right now, she looked like she’d been Photoshopped into black and white.“My stomach,” Aliyah whispered. She swallowed hard and stared at the elevator buttons, willing the elevator to get to their floor faster.When the silver doors opened, Aliyah bolted, leaving behind her bags as she sprinted down the hallway. Holly put Aliyah’s bag over her shoulder and followed behind at a much more human pace.“Wow,” Holly said, coming in the front door of their hotel room.It was bigger than her apartment.The style was elegant western. Wood furniture with rustic accents decorated the living room, but the main appeal was the huge windows overlooking the ski slope. It was too dark to see the full view, but Holly could tel
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Chapter Four
HollyHolly stretched out in the soft bed and sighed with contentment. There was something magical about not waking up to the sound of an alarm clock. She snuggled into the fluffy comforter for a moment, enjoying the dark silence of the hotel room.Then she remembered that she was going skiing today. With a grin, she threw back the covers and got out of bed. The floors were heated and she nearly moaned with delight. She’d gotten so used to keeping her apartment cold to keep the heating bill down, she’d forgotten how nice it was to wake up and be warm.In the next bed over, Aliyah slept. She still looked pale, but better than the death-warmed-over look she had last night. The poor thing had spent most of the night in the bathroom dealing with the aftermath of food poisoning.No more gas station sandwiches for either of them.Holly tip-toed to the bathroom and enjoyed the heated tile floors in there. If she ever built a house of her own design, heated tile floors in the bathroom were de
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Chapter Five
MerryweatherThings were going well, Merryweather thought to herself. She busied herself behind the Ski Shoppe counter, making sure things were just so. She liked it when things were how they were supposed to be.She looked out and watched as the man found his way to the lift.The smile between them told Merryweather she was on the right track, but that they needed more time.Well, that just meant that Merryweather had to use some magic. She'd start small.Something to keep them talking. Something to give them the time they needed to find the love within them.HollyHolly turned to see the man from last night. Or at least, she was pretty sure it was him. It was hard to be sure with the dark sunglasses over his eyes.Either way her stomach did an excited flip-flop. The guy was cute.“Sure.” Together they glided out after a ski chair and waited for the next one to pick them up. Holly was grateful she managed to sit down on the chairlift seat gracefully. She only clattered her poles a li
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Chapter Six
NathanHe wasn’t quite sure why he invited her to ski with him.Maybe it was her smile. Maybe it was how easy it was to talk to her. Maybe he was lonely. Maybe it was the fact that she rocked the snow-bunny look.Whatever the reason, he was glad he’d asked her.They did three more runs, taking Lovely Lady twice and then Dragon Tamer. She kept pace with him easily. He was a decent skier and had taken lessons from some of the top names in the sport, yet she moved with an effortless grace that he admired.Plus, the conversation on the lifts was the best he’d had in weeks. She didn’t talk about mergers and expense reports. There was no mention of board members and equity payments.Instead, they talked about books. Her tastes were wonderfully eclectic, ranging from romance to science fiction and then to political thrillers. It seemed there wasn’t a book she hadn’t read. They talked about plots and stories. They connected on characters and laughed about things they’d read.It was one of the
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Chapter Seven
NathanThe snow was falling hard enough that the restaurant didn’t have many patrons. It was on the top of a mountain. The only way to get to it was by chair-lift or a snowmobile. As such, they practically had the place to themselves.“Just wait until you try their hot chocolate. It’s amazing,” Nathan told her. “You’ll love it.”“I can’t wait,” she replied with a grin. “I love hot chocolate. It’s one of my favorite drinks in the whole world.”They left their skis outside and hung their jackets on a wooden peg inside the heavy front door. Warmth from multiple fireplaces made the room comfortable after the cold outside. Yet another Christmas tree sat in a position of honor. Nathan ignored it.The restaurant was styled like an old log cabin. The furniture inside was rustic, but the windows were huge. The hostess sat them at a small table in front of the main window overlooking the ski basin.“Wow,” Holly whispered. She sat staring out the window at the incoming storm over the craggy peak
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Chapter Eight
HollyLunch was amazing. And not just because of the food.While the food was delicious, it was the company that made it spectacular. Holly found herself laughing and smiling while she ate. She couldn’t seem to stop smiling.If this were a first date, she’d be inviting him up to her room for a drink.“I’m really sorry to bother you,” the waitress said, standing at their table. “But, we need to close. The snow’s coming down too hard for us to stay open much longer.”Holly glanced outside through the huge window. White, fluffy flakes floated down and swirled around like the inside of a snow-globe. Already it looked like there was several inches of fresh powder.“Of course,” Nathan replied. He looked over at Holly. “You interested in doing a couple more runs? Or we could go to the hot-spring. I have a private pool reserved for the weekend.”“That sounds tempting.” Holly bit her lower lip. A hot spring with Nathan? Nathan in a swimsuit? She wanted it.“We could skip the skiing,” Nathan of
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Chapter Nine
Holly“There you are,” Merryweather said as soon as Holly walked in. “I was afraid you were going to be late.”“For returning my gear?” Holly asked, handing the skis, poles, and helmet off to Merryweather.“No for your hair appointment,” Merryweather replied. “I’m managing a couple of stations today. The snow has us a little short-handed.”“Oh.” Holly nodded as she sat down on a small wooden bench and took off her boots. She groaned with pleasure at the sensation of loosening the boots. They fit perfectly, but they were still ski boots and made to keep her ankles immobilized. It felt good to move them again.“Come with me,” Merryweather said, motioning Holly to just leave the boots on the floor. “I’ll take you up.”Holly slid on her regular snow boots from the small storage area and followed Merryweather into the lobby. They went past the check-in desk and up a wide staircase. The hotel was quiet.“What do you think of the snow?” Merryweather asked as they walked. “The weatherman is s
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Chapter Ten
MerryweatherThey were perfect for one another. Merryweather could see the strands of love starting to bind them together. The magic of love mixed with the magic of Christmas, making a heady combo for Merryweather to work with.She rubbed her hands together once again, excited at the possibilities before her.Love like this didn’t happen every day. This was where magic came from.Holly“Hot damn, girl!” Aliyah whistled when Holly walked into the bedroom of their suite to grab her shoes. “Where did you get that dress?”“It was from the hotel. Kind of a fluke thing,” Holly replied. “You like it?”“Like it? I love it. It’s perfect. It’s like it was made for you,” Aliyah told her. “You look like a freaking princess.”Holly looked over at her friend, taking her in. Aliyah was still in bed, a big silver bowl in the bed with her. There were saltines and ginger ale on the nightstand.“You doing okay?” Holly asked, feeling guilt creep in at leaving her friend.“I’m doing great,” Aliyah assured
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