Luna For The Demon Alpha King

Luna For The Demon Alpha King

By:  Desertrose  Completed
Language: English
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I prayed earnestly not to stumble upon my mate because I never wanted him to see the mate mark on my neck. A mate's mark is something to wore with pride but I hated mine. I suddenly sniffled the air I recognized the smell, Before I could turn around the petrichor scent hit my nose strongly. It's him! I need to get away from here, I don't want to see him. What would I say to him? I panicked and decided to dart towards the nearest exit which lead to the back of the Mansion but in a bolt he pulled me towards the nearest tree and pinned me to it. My burnt back gave me agonizing pain and I bite down on my tongue, I didn't want him to know about Sander's maltreatment, I don't know him well enough and what he might do if he finds out. "I..." My heartbeat goes wild, Drayce my mate is pinning me to a tree. My eyes met his fiery red eyes and I felt want all over me. I was so tempted to take a whiff of his scent but won't that cost me my senses? He pressed himself to me and the electrifying heat erupted between us. "Why were you trying to run away? Run to the end of the world and I'll find you there" he said in a threatening tone. Drayce leaned towards me his hot breath fanning my face and I shivered from it, his breath was so hot like flame burning my face. I looked away avoiding eye contact but I couldn't stop my racing heart and my drenched panties. *********** Lilac a chosen Luna for an alpha and a mate to the demon alpha king. ******* Novel full of sizzling Romance And breathtaking Suspense which you need.

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Ayoya Gado
I really loved it and enjoyed reading it so much.. I am really interested to know Bryan's story with his mate .. is there another book coming out? if not please add bonus chapters
2024-02-21 06:05:39
default avatar
loved it, hope there's a steamy sequel too
2024-01-01 18:15:00
user avatar
Worth the read!
2023-11-28 11:46:58
user avatar
Meen Burn
i love this book! i shed a tears when Dray dead and feel relief and happy when he back a life.. Lilac is truly Luna with the right Alpha..
2023-11-27 19:22:55
user avatar
Girl Lor
Awesome story!!
2023-11-27 11:51:41
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Lynn Michaels
This is such a good story...just love the main characters
2023-10-12 14:55:45
default avatar
I'm a new signed author, please endeavor to leave me a review 🥹so I can do better.
2023-07-27 02:43:09
user avatar
Rebeka Godin
I love this story!! Different than what you read elsewhere. I can't wait to read the rest
2023-09-17 02:55:13
92 Chapters
chapter 1
Lilac*Sander edge to me slowly, his lips curled into a huge smirk that sent an electrifying fright through me."Have you now fully understand what I want from you. Sweetheart?!" He asked his tone laced with calmness as if he was an angel but I know better.I turned my face away and back away from him burying my head in between my thighs.I am already used to his animalistic behavior towards me but today, it felt so different, he's rough and cold in a strange way. What is he up to?"Do you feel the fear?"His musculine voice made my whole being shiver and I tremble from fright.He had just peeled off the skin on my back with a hot rod. Is he going to do it again?I heard him as he took a step closer to me,my hand shook with tremor and even though my burnt back hurt a lot I couldn't help but focus on the devil approaching me."Please....go away" I whispered.if you truly do exist please save me just this one last time. I appeal to the goddess, I have prayed a countless time and nothing
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chapter 2
Lilac*My whole body went cold and it felt like my legs suddenly become too weak to carry my weight.He found me!But how?Did he knew I was going to run away or does he have the ability to read my mind?Reality hit me hard and I wonder if this was really my fate.If it's my fate maybe I should stop trying to run away already and just have his children. Maybe, just maybe he might change and start treating me better.He dragged me on my knees to my suppossed bedroom."Ungrateful wench! He shoved me to the corner of the room my head banged the wall, hard."How dare you defile my order and try to run away.huh! Do you think you would find your mate and even if you do find him, who would want an already marked wolf!"He yelled, I found his eyes which was scanning the room and I immediately knew what he was searching for. The whip!Not again...please."It's was a mistake, I'm sorry" I pleaded on my knees as i drew backward away from him."Bitch shut the fuckup!" He yelled as he pointed the
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Chapter 3
Lilac*With my head buried to the ground I stood in the corner of the lounge.I suddenly felt the presence of my wolf, Edya had been so resilience since the day Sander forcefully took us as his mate, and the torture only made my wolf distance itself from me.I felt her anxiety, like she was restless and it's also disturbed my state of mind.I wished that I can communicate with her but Sander took away the chance of ever being able to communicate with my wolf.She-wolf beta can only gain more power and the ability to communicate with their wolf spirit if she mated her real mate not a chosen like Sander.Edya steer dangerously and began pacing around my head, which made me felt so dizzy.What was wrong with her?Well, even when her steers was like a distraction I felt she would quiet down with time.The huge door to the lounge opened and the two men entered, with each step they took I felt the air got so thick.I was suddenly star strucked with the strong immensing smell of the earth af
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Chapter 4
Lilac*"What is wrong with you today!"Sander's yell brought me back to my senses.With hasten footsteps I left their sight, I didn't dared to glance back at them because I already knew Sander expression would be full of disgust and discontempt.As for Alpha Drayce, I knew chosing a Luna from one of the girls was for the best, he wouldn't want an already marked wolf for a Luna, I mean, no man would agree to that.My eyes stung and I kept blinking so much to stop the tears from flowing down.I went to the dressing room where the girls were preparing and to my surprise everyone was trying their best to glamour up themselves, they all wanted to mate Alpha Drayce.Who wouldn't? Just a glance at him made me drool over him and my pantie was heavily drenched with arousal fluid.Alpha Drayce was handsome and with those deep set of red eyes and with that body, the aura that emit dominance and power made him rare and perfect.He was mine, Mine alone. But reality did a rain check on me, I was al
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Chapter 5
Alpha DrayceAll that matters to me was to take my mate home with me, willingly or not, I do not care. I was not one to have such patience and all these charades was because of my pack hybrid witch who advice me not to take her unwillingly.Talia had warned me against dragging my mate back to my pack as she said it will only complicate things for me.She knew how I hate to abide by any rules. I make the rules the rules doesn't make me."I know your thoughts and how you would love to disobey my words but you would do no such things" Talia said with her deep blue eyes which bore through me. She hovered over me and if not for the round glass table which separated us it would have seemed like I was getting an earful from my mother.I stood up with my hand ruffling my hair, I had never been held down by anything nor stoop low to plead with someone to stay in my life.Fuck! Bang*I punched the wall, my blow imprinted on the wall and it tremble with visible cracks."Talia, I won't!" I yelled
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chapter 6
Lilac*My heart was thumping faster as Drayce skimmed through the unmates, I found it so difficult to act natural as I began nipping at my fingers.Why would it hurt me if he picked someone from the girls I had arranged for him.It's shouldn't right.I already felt like my heart have been removed from it's place.My temperature was fast rising and my wolf was losing it.This jealousy.... would surely be my end."Please let us know who had captured the alpha's heart" Sander said with his baritone laced with desperation.I felt so disgusted when Sander asked Drayce to pick as many as he wants, he couldn't wait to show his foolishness. Sander is a bastard that doesn't treat women right, dishing the girls out like some food in exchange for power.How I was able to live with him for so many years still baffled me."That will be after the deal is finalize, for now I would like to rest" Drayce finally said.I breathed an air of relief, why did I felt like I was on a thin of ice.Drayce glance
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chapter 7
Lilac*I looked around after Drayce had left to make sure Stephanie didn't see us."My Luna" she called out at the sight of me."Stephanie, what are you doing here?" I asked her.She had changed into a red short gown and also did some little touch up of her makeup."Alpha Sander was asking for you" she said with a light smile on her face.I asked her to tell Sander am in my bedroom then I rushed upstairs to my room to shower.My heart was yet to calm down from the sweet orgasm I just experienced. I wanted more, I crave for more. I had secretly wished that Alpha Drayce had f*cked me right there.I wanted that swollen huge thing I felt in his pant.Why did he have to make me feel his hard on, now that's all I can think of.I needed to clean up myself because I smelled of s*x, because i know if the naive Stephanie didn't notice anything, alpha Sander will.I so much had the urge to touch myself, Drayce had made me feel what I had never felt before.What happened in the garden was serious
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chapter 8
Lilac*Drayce slowly release himself from my hug and turned to face me.His gaze was full of emotions as he stared down at me, I was at loss for words.He raised his hand slowly to my face and tucked some strands of hairs behind my ear.My face heat up in a blush.I drawn in the attention he was basking me in, I suddenly felt like the old me when am around him, though I knew at the back of my mind that we can't possibly be together.He grab my hand and lead me to the big master bed in the middle of the guestroom and I followed him sheepishly.I wasn't at all bothered about what he had in mind, right now I would do absolutely anything.Nothing was ever my fault, the goddess made him my mate so why would anyone have a problem with it.The goddess and Sander should be blame as they both played a major role in my present predicament.He held my shoulder and slightly guided me to sit down, then he went on his knees with my hands in his.I looked down and I wondered what he had in mind, som
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chapter 9
I banged the door shut immediately I entered my bedroom, tears streamed down my eyes as Drayce's accusations continues to repeat itself in my head.Was that what he thinks happened?That I ran to Sander because of wealth?When Drayce bombarded me with those questions I couldn't say a thing, what could I have possibly say?That Sander threatened to kill my dad,the only family I have?Drayce would have taking my words as an excuse so I ran out of his sight in pain.Staying with Sander was a choice I made to protect my only family, I had resigned to my fate to always protect him.So many times I had thought about running away but the fear of turning feral haunted me, as lost wolf usually turn feral without their pack and gradually fully turn into a wild wolf in the forest, we called them feral wolves, those who loses their other half which is human side and completely shifted into a wolf forever.Besides Sander had threatened to kill my father if I betrayed him.I sighed deeply, as I too
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chapter 10
DrayceThe moment she started crying, I felt pangs of guilt reeling in me.Was I wrong about all this?And why won't she explain anything to me?The anger I felt was so intense the moment she said she was someone's Luna, she act all dutiful to someone who doesn't deserve it.I wish she would just rely on me, I was her mate for goddess sake and I will protect her with every fibre in me.If only I wasn't asked to bring her to my pack willingly I would have carried her on my shoulder and take her away from this mess.The memories of those deep burns on her flashed in front of my eyes, how could she endure such pain?That bastard will pay, I gritted my teeth as anger surged through my veins.Why endure all this horrible treatment?Just how deep is her love for this shit face!?The more I think about it, the hardest it was for me to calm my aching heart.Those days that I have longed for her should have thought me enough lesson not to feel anything for her at all.But here I am, craving fo
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