Chapter 50


I smiled when I woke up to find Natalia laying peacefully in my arms. Her hair was sprawled on my bicep as she hugged the blanket tightly to ensure that she stayed warm. Though she was a wolf and her temperature was higher than that of wolves, her being pregnant might have changed more than a few things about her.

She woke up a few times breathing heavily, and it was due to our baby growing inside her. Her heart would race as if she’s been running for miles making her grow exhausted.

The vampire blood in our baby’s system was draining her as the baby fed off her blood. I had to resolve into having her drink my blood more than a few times per day as not to risk losing her at any given moment.

I raised myself to look at her, smiling at the sight of her relaxed features. I softly leaned down to kiss her temple, letting my lips linger there for more than a few seconds before pulling away to whisper in her ear “I love you, my sweet ma

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