Chapter 52


My eyes snapped open as pain hit every muscle in my body.

The clench in my stomach has been stirring since before I went to bed, but now; it only seemed to worsen, spreading across my whole body.

Sensing my pain, Damien woke up and wrapped his arm around me, taking my hand in his.


“Bloody hell…” tears fell from my eyes as I felt my insides getting torn. The smell of blood filled my nostrils and Damien’s eyes widened when he took sight of the blanket to find that it was already filled with blood, my blood.

He bit his wrist and placed it in front of my mouth “Nat, baby, you need to drink this. I know it hurts, and I’ll get you the pack’s doctor. But you’re losing blood”

Forcing me to drink his blood, Damien kept his eyes on me until he saw that I got an enough amount before pulling his wrist from my mouth. He kissed my temple and grabbed his phone from t

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