Chapter 51


“What is wrong, Rosalyn?” I asked answering the phone. It was very rare for Rosalyn to call when it wasn’t on season or a grand opening of one of the clubs. Therefore, seeing as she did; I knew that something was terribly wrong.

“Boss, the clubs are being ambushed” she said worriedly. I could hear screaming and running around her. Men gave instructions to get out of the building before anyone got hurt, and others were calling to ask for help from an ambulance or the police.

“What?” I asked standing up from the couch. Sebastian frowned in confusion, and I nodded at him to follow me.

“They’re killing off the security teams, and the clubs are being burnt down to the ground, some are just being attacked on random. I didn’t know whether or not you wanted me to call the cops…”

“I’m on my way Rosalyn, get the girls out of there and make sure that none of the costu

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Marked by the Hybrid. Find Mummy dearest and auntie and get rid of them both.

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